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Mr Mojo Risin Oct 2018
God knows I am no Saint, I have a whole host of follies and sins to answer for, But if I could, and I believe I do it as far as I can, I would wipe away all tears from all eyes.
Mr Mojo Risin Jun 2018
May the sun forever shine upon you with a warmth that brightens your days.
May our love be your guide and the stars as your light when darkness falls along its way
May you fill your life with challenges new, seeking new adventures, new places, untouched by the hands of man.
May you seek freedom for all mankind and champion justice for those to weak to peruse it
May your courage be a beacon of hope and your love a shelter for those in need.
May you look upon this world through those who came before us and become lost in its romance and joy.
May you seek to learn in this life and may you learn to live it, may you live to love, and may you love, always.
For some people see things as they are, and ask why. I hope you dream of things that never were, and ask why not.
Mr Mojo Risin Jan 2018
My love for you is like the sun, that rises slowly upon this world. Beautiful, warm and eternally true, my love the keys to my heart are held only by you. If my love was the ocean deep, I would bask within your waves, floating around in the paradise of you is where I’d long to stay. My love is like the starlight sky, with you as my brightest star, whenever I’m lost I look up to see, that my love you are not that far. You guide me along this unlit path, of life we all must follow, but as long as I have you my love the path will be bright for tomorrow.
Mr Mojo Risin Jan 2016
And in that moment of death are the true secrets of existence laid bare before my very eyes
Mr Mojo Risin Jan 2016
The man in the forest is frantic with prayer, the wolves call all in the dead of the night! He prays for an answer but no one is there, his meat is sweet by the boodthirsty bite. Lord you have forsaken the one who called you friend! but you've cast me aside in the dead of the night and the wolves will feast till my end.
Mr Mojo Risin Dec 2015
The dead don't rest within the layers of our earth or the urns that we keep. They roam within the passages of our heart and come alive when we sleep.
Mr Mojo Risin Dec 2015
For I am but a weary traveller, this earth holds no home for one such as I. I was young now old, once brave and bold, but in loneliness and fear I die.
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