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Roberta Day Jun 24
Allowing the dust to settle
And the hovering mist to part
You can't live inside of my mind,
There's more space for you in my heart

I keep myself busy to stay aflame
While the world slowly turns
I'm sprinting through days that blur
And suffering through the burns

Toggling between elation and insecurity
Emotions aren't permanent, only temporary
Experience has taught me everyone goes eventually

Resilient to adversity shrouding me
In its tethering web of prickly hairs
Mourning the nascence of elation
And all of the splendor it bewares
A cocktail of hormones straight to the dome
Nostalgia hitting in waves

Dragging me back in time to those hopeless romantic days
Anxious attachment style here.
Roberta Day Jun 6
Remain Open with
Your Self, Your Heart, Your Mind, and
Happiness you'll find
I'm back.
Roberta Day Jun 6
The rhythm has finally changed

You never expect it so soon

Suddenly neither one cares

When one has an open wound

From where it came matters not

What steps will you take to heal?

Disappearing in the imaginary abyss won't help

unless coming back with something real

The winged sap wades alone

equipped with a razor sharp edge

only when she flies does it dull,

softening to become fully fledged

Singing to herself across the break

as she coasts closer to the peak

Time passes by another week

Another long time and still no sounds

And in that silence, she drowns
Wrote this so many years ago but it never felt *finished.* I think it's ready to be shared.
Roberta Day Jun 5
I feel this is going nowhere

And I’m just here for your ego

To know I’m still a fish on the hook

For when you’re ready to eat

You make no efforts of security

Or curiosity, and preached about depth when

You’re standing in the shallow end

I should know your plagiarized speeches

And your fake woke phrases

The grand risings happening are the realizations in my head

That you use your mouth for talking but not giving head

The energy faded as soon as you had your cake

That post-sugar high come down

Spoiling your appetite for something sustainable, savory, and fresh

The only thing you’re craving

Is the sweet taste of flesh
Another one bites the dust.
Roberta Day Oct 2022
Developing plans,
Analyzing projections
In more ways than one
Roberta Day Oct 2022
I seek to transmute
my essence into loving
yourself and others.
This never posted for some reason.
Roberta Day Aug 2022
Sharpening the mind
by living on the edge of
this stainless steel world.
For Klaus.
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