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Front Line

   We don’t have the evidence if this
COVID-19 Was an accident or deliberate
But the fact remains that it is real
And it is able to mutate

So this is not technically called a war
There’s no Bombs or Bullets flying
But all over the world, reports are coming
In with thousands of people are dying

We hear China talking but we all
Know that they are lying
And quickly we have a Pandemic
And the world is crying

The numbers could be astronomical
And I don’t want to sound like a manic
I am not writing this to cause chaos
And certainly I don’t want to cause panic

But I do want to stress, in these times
Well I’ll put it like this
I want you all to stay home
Stay calm and listen to KISS

Seriously though it is getting scary
And it’s not something anyone would pine
But here we are the people in health care
Standing on the front line

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 04/08/2020
All rights reserved
God Bless everyone!!! Stay safe!!!
Police/Flashing lights

  It is just another day
And we are on our way home from School
But good or bad
We had to remember the golden rule

Well there was really more than one, never
Make too much noise coming in the door
Never leave your shoes or toys
In the middle of the floor

Never bring a friend over
To spend the night
It was always best if we
Kept them out of sight

Because we never knew when
There was going to be Police/Flashing lights
Chaos/Confusion-Pain and tears
Another day with on of his drunken fights

Like the time the Refrigerator & Stove
We’re in the yard and he was on the porch
With a Shotgun Holding the Police at bay
Or the time in the middle of the night
My sister had to run across the street to
Get the Police so they could take him away

Paddy Wagons and slurred words
Sights and sounds I’ll never forget
Though I pray that they leave me
But they haven’t yet

I think the visions of my mothers face
Every time that he made her cry
Will truly stay with me
Until the day I die

I guess even if I lived a life of illusion
I would still not escape
Police/Flashing Lights, Chaos/Confusion

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 2009
All rights reserved
Another poem from my past from my
First book (New Angel) as I am sifting
Trough it to decide what I want to put
In my new book (Heart Felt Flight)
The events in this poem were a constant
Way of life for us.
He drank all day and by afternoon it didn’t
Take much for the whole neighborhood to
Know that our dad Joe was at it again and
It wouldn’t be long until there
Was Police/Flashing Lights
Babies & Love

  Yellow Roses and Butterflies
Ice Cream and babies & Love
These are the simple things
She held dear, along with the Lord above

She had a beautiful smile
And we could make her laugh until she peed
She would laugh so hard
And be unaware of the liquid she freed

She had a heart of gold
No one can deny
Sometimes I scream to Heaven
I cry, why, why, why

But the world keeps turning
And we all know the drill
We all have to keep on living
And understand that it’s God’s will

So now I cherish the simple things
She held so dear, along with the Lord above
Like yellow Roses and Butterflies,
Ice Cream and babies & Love

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 2009
All rights reserved
I revised this today 04/06/2020
For you here at Hello Poetry
I wrote this about my Mother after
She passed away.
I miss her every day!!!
God Bless anyone who has lost a loved one
Away From The Lights

  I live in the City,life is lived
In a whirlwind, a quickened pace
I’ve never felt like this was the life
For me, no I feel so out of place

But it’s been this way for all my life
And I’ve learned to adapt
But there’s always been a yearning
For a simpler way, to be untapped

A slowed down way of things with
A porch and a lemonade or tea
A place where the Rooster crows and
Stars fill the sky like the water of the sea

Away from the sirens and crowded streets
Away from the concrete highways
Away from the skyscrapers and malls
Away from the this mental craze

Away from the life of the fast lane
And all of the City sights
I just once want a life of peace
Somewhere far away from the lights

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 04/04/2020
All rights reserved
All That Matters Is You

  Where I work this is the way we roll
This is deeply planted in our soul
There’s things in this world we can’t control
We give comfort and we console

I do what I do because I care
I transport patients in a wheelchair
Still health care it’s the Cross I bear
Proudly my uniform I wear

From total knees and hips too
Drug abuse and alcoholics and the flu
But now the world is a scary new
But one thing will remain true

Doesn’t matter your religion Lutheran, Hindu
Doesn’t matter your race, black, white, Bantu
Doesn’t matter your political view
All that matters is you

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 04/03/2020
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Apr 1
When It Gets Real

   On stand by tonight until ten
Ready for PPE
None came my way
Call it a victory mark it down as a win
Tomorrow though confirmed for me
Tomorrow is a new day
Tomorrow I will come in
I will  transport patients with COVID—19
So for them, for me I pray
No need to worry
No reason to know what to feel
All that matters is I do what I do
When it gets real

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/31/2020
All rights reserved
Happy Birthday baby!!!
Sorry I had to work so late tonight
Love you ❤️❤️❤️
Chuck Kean Mar 31

   The desert is long, the desert is wide
The Sun is hot, the Sun is high
The Tarantula and the Scorpions creep
The Buzzard and the Eagle and the Falcon fly
The Canyon is large, the Canyon is deep
The Cactus and the Joshua tree grow
The Tumble **** rolls and spirits call
The night is cold, the night is long
The Moon is bright, the River winds
The Rattle Snake and the Coral Snake live
And the Mountain Lion Stalks
The Shadows play tricks
And Men lose their minds
The Wind blows, the Wind howls
The colors are like the Rainbow
The time stands still.

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 2009
All rights reserved
From my book “New Angel”
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