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World Of Blackhearts

  I’ve journeyed long and far
Through the valley of shadows
I’ve been to Hell and come face to face
With the Devil and took his best blows

The Demons I face each day come
In a variety of disguises
Each one with tricks of kindness
But my shield is ready for their surprises

My armor has stood the test of time
Evil is no match for my sword
Because my faith is strong and I know
I can trust in God’s word

I will continue to fight evil
With the power of his light
And I know I’m always prepared
For the darkest night

I know soon I’ll be in Heaven for the end
Is near, for love in humans has become sparse
Each day it’s more noticeable
We live in a world of Blackhearts

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/25/2021
All rights reserved

    It’s funny when I look back now
Oh how much things can change
Yet I still find myself an outcast
And I carry on in my world so strange

Everything else has changed but people
Still live life like High School
There’s all the clicks and you’re in or
You’re  out and then there’s me the stool

No matter how nice I am and no matter
What I do, I still just can’t win
No matter if I always treat others right
There’s not a click that lets me in

I poor my heart out and open my soul
And to my face they say I’m the best
But my guidance they discard when
They join with the rest

I’m there for them when no one else is
Around and I let them use me
As soon as others arrive they disappear
It’s always the same they always abuse me

Two faced people taking pleasure in
In someone else’s pain
Especially when they know your past
Because you told them about the rain

But I just come to the realization
That their lives must really ****
And it’s me that they envy
So I must always be my best Chuck

Because I truly have God and my Angel of
37 years, they are my rock keeping me strong
When the rest of the world can be so cruel
As they treat me oh so wrong

It’s funny when I look back on the past
My head would whisper of Suicide jive
But also the voice in my ear would be
Telling me that I must survive

So here I am living life to its fullest
Soon off to Hawaii and after to see KISS
And those who shun me will always live
A life that’s meaningless

Because they care for nothing and no one
And it’s obvious that God doesn’t exist
Though they know he’s there knocking
But to open the door they still resist

So the bottom line is I’ll never let them
Bring me down and in conclusion
I know I don’t need them and I am okay
Without being a part of the inclusion

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/23/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Jul 20
The Rise Of Socialism

     In America, the land of the free
From Sea to shining Sea
No longer do we need to worry about War
To the Devil we’ve opened the door

Other countries build their military will
Have no mercy, No prisoners, just ****
Our soldiers, that’s offensive to me
When I don’t have a special place to ***

It’s not fair, there’s the rich and I have none
But their so stupid to see what has begun
America is now divided as we stand
And together in the fall of our land

In lands of socialism in the gutter and street
Loads of money is everywhere at your feet
In Venezuela it is worthless the Bolivar
That’s Socialism and the way things are

Our world will certainly crumble to dust
If we give our Government control and trust
Our America will be a land of Communism
If we surrender to the rise of socialism

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/20/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Jul 16
I’m A Zombie Tonight

    Baby I’ve been working like a dog
And I’ve been thinking of you
And you know that I really just want
To make all of your fantasy’s come true

Because when I’m with you
You make the world go away
So forever in your arms
That’s where I want to stay

I’d give anything just to make you smile
I wanna kiss you and hold you tight
I wanna be lying next to you
When we awake in the morning light

I wanna be the one that you desire
Like a legend from a new frontier
But baby tonight I’m afraid that I
Would be something you fear

Because I’m a Zombie tonight
Nothing feels right
Don’t turn on the light
I don’t wanna give you a fright

Baby I’m a Zombie tonight
If you come closer I’m afraid I’ll bite
Baby nothing feels right
I’m a Zombie tonight

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/16/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Jul 14

    I love to write, it’s in my blood
Been that way since I can recall
But life experience can lift you up
Or it can make you take a fall

When you fall, you reach out to try
And catch something to hold on too
You try to save yourself but with so
Many lies you can’t see what’s true

You find yourself losing your faith
In mankind and fear for the youth
The media and other influences is
Making them become so uncouth

Adding to that life for me personally
Has taken a spiral downward trend
And then you find a knife in your back put
There by someone you thought was a friend

So please forgive me for my absence
There’s just no spark for the fire
My friend darkness has surrounded me
And I just don’t have any desire

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/14/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Jul 7
The Dog Days Of Summer

     The Sun is high, the Sun is hot
The heat is relentless, the heat is real
If you’re not strong enough
It will surely break your will

The summer for some has its moments
Some say it’s great fun
But I’m in the minority I guess
For I can’t stand the heat of the Summer Sun

The winter is cold and the winter *****
The winter is harsh and the winter is long
Between the Summer and Winter for me
They’re both a like a very sad song

I’m a Spring and Fall man
I’ve always been that kind of guy
The extremes of Summer and Winter
To me is like nature gone awry

So if you were to ask me, I’d say
Give me Spring or give me Fall
If you can’t give me one or the other
I don’t want anything at all

I know you don’t care to hear me whine
And you may take pleasure that I suffer
But I won’t back down on my statement,
I hate Winter and the dog days of Summer

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 07/07/2021
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Jul 1

      Well I don’t know about tomorrow
I’m just just living for today
I can’t waste anytime on yesterday
It’s gone and far, far away

You keep thinking about tomorrow
Precious moments are slipping away
You can’t enjoy yourself if your mind
Is wondering and if it has gone a stray

Thinking about tomorrow
Well it may be alright for some
But I know the reality and I know
That tomorrow may never come

If you have some one that you love
Make sure that they know
Because our time is something that
Is sure to come and sure to go

We just had to say goodbye to a loved one
And with the joy of love also comes sorrow
Her time is gone from this Earth so know
There’s no guarantee of tomorrow

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 06/30/2021
All rights reserved
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