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    She’s stunningly beautiful
From head to toe, without a flaw
As if she was created with the universe
And her beauty was part of natural law

In her conscious she’s always worried
About looking her absolute best
Her hair and makeup and the clothes
She picked had to pass the mirror test

Her outer appearance meant everything
And slowly she became ugly on the inside
And those within her presence began
To wish they had a place they could hide

She became so obviously obsessed
And getting old sent her into a rage
She constantly was having plastic surgery
In countless attempts to hide her age

She died alone never did she comprehend
True beauty comes from within
Time will always take its toll on our outer
Appearance in a battle we can’t win

Life is so drastically short in time
And outer beauty will rarely remain
the moral being we should worry about our
Inner beauty and not be so vain

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 09/27/2022
All rights reserved
Inspired by Faces
By:Lori Jones McCaffery
Ripple Effect

    With my words usually there’s
Little to nothing one needs to dissect
And never do I ever write words
Intended to harm or disrespect

Most generally I’m not focusing
On any particular type of subject
And never do I require from my
Readers their deepest intellect

There’s things we do, positive or negative
Like ripples on a pond, we must respect
Our ability to be kind is a serious thing
And it’s something that we can’t neglect

Each day as we just go through life
We can encounter things we don’t expect
Our tempers rise and disaster
Occurs and things can get wrecked

But if we pause and take a breath
All of the boxes can be checked
We can search our mind and heart
And we can find any type of defect

If we all infest in ourselves
And become our own personal project
We can be better humans when we’re
Always aware of our Ripple Effect

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 09/24/2022
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Sep 5
The Hummingbird & Butterfly

     Like a Hummingbird he was swift
He was smooth as he stole her heart
Like a Butterfly she was graceful
With her fluttering flight from the start

But the nectar made him high
It changed who he was inside
Slowly over time the love they
Had withered and died

She stayed by his side until she passed
Even with all the damage done
Shattered hearts love destroyed
See the path of the tears as they run

Some will still argue that love
Can be beautiful and full of magic
Even though the story is repeated
Over and over and it ends so tragic

I for one can testify on the behalf of love
With a hand on the Bible not to lie
Love can triumph and we can learn from
The story of The Hummingbird & Butterfly

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 09/05/2022
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Aug 20
Internal Combustion

    No need to worry about WW3
Or about an Asteroid from Space
Or being swallowed by the Sea
Or the invasion of an Alien Race

Don’t worry about a biblical flood or fire
Though Jesus will return
Humans have lost their hearts and desire
History lessons they didn’t learn

Loved ones turning on each other
Because of Political divide
Father Son, Mother daughter, sister brother
Separating as they choose a side

Born to love, innocent child
Grow up to hate as an adult
The world is in chaos Neanderthal wild
Be aware of the blind assault

Heartless no remorse in killing
Get in line behind the Antrustion
So easily and so willing
Disaster comes with Internal Combustion

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 08/20/2022
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Aug 20

Chuck Kean Aug 8
The Best Is To Feel

     In the middle of the the night
I’m in rem in the middle of a dream
Nothing is real but it’s what I feel
And oh how real it can seem

With my eyes closed, I take a journey
Into the unknown everything is a mystery
Even if I’ve been down the road before
And it’s just a part of my history

When the day is over and I come home
To my love and we embrace
It’s amazing to feel her love and my
Troubles she can easily erase

With my eyes closed we come lip
To lip and lock into a passionate kiss
It’s always like the first time
Like I’ve never felt anything like this

When I bow my head and I pray
I feel the love of God in my soul
The warmth overwhelmingly comforts
Me and I know he’s in control

With my eyes closed I see his kingdom
So beautiful and so bright
I feel so wonderful inside and
It feels like a big hug nice and tight

Everything  in life that we experience
With touch and smell or sight are real
But the best things in life with our eyes
Closed The Best Is To Feel

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 08/08/2022
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean Aug 6
Do You Still Remember Me

    I can remember the days
When physically you were mine
I can remember your love
Still within the realm of space and time

I can remember when you held me
When I was just your child in tears
I miss you more now it seems
With the passing of the years

If I close my eyes, I can see you clearly
With your fading smile and your sad eyes
I wish I could hold you once again
And like a song over and over I’d reprise

Not a day goes by without you
And I wonder if you look down on me
Can you tell me Angel
Am I just a faded memory

Does time stand still, does your mind
Still think and your eyes still see
Can you tell me Angel
Do you still remember me

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 08/06/2021
All rights reserved
In memory of my Mother
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