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Chuck Kean Sep 13
On The Edge Of Your Blues

        Once I had a baby and loving her
Came so naturally like leaves turn to rain
But she lived in a world of darkness
And I couldn’t heal her of her pain

One day she just walked out the door
There were no words spoken
She left me with a thousand questions
Why and a heart completely broken

I could never understand her sadness
But it seemed as ancient as Stonehenge
I figured someone must have broken her
Heart and I was the subject of her revenge

So as I see you in your distress
And drowning in your river of sorrow
I know you’ve given up on your dreams
And you’ve lost your faith in tomorrow

As much as I wish I could reach out
I’ve lived a life in your shoes
So please don’t confide in me and leave
Me standing on the edge of your blues

Written By:Charles Kean
Chuck Kean Sep 10
Burning Tongue

     I Don’t know the Answers
To all the questions why
Guess they’ll never be known
Until the day I die

Why did you let alcohol change you
Why did you surrender
They told me once a long time ago
Your heart was loving and tender

But the Demon living inside of you
Was something you couldn’t contain
I lived in fear of your presence and
Your words of steel only caused me pain

I survived the physical abuse
And the nightmares have faded
Darkness no longer surrounds me but
I guess I’ll always feel betrayed and jaded

Jesus saved me from Hell but I will
Never forget the words you so easily flung
Or your red Devil eyes as those words
Were rolling off of your Burning Tongue

Written By:Charles Kean
Chuck Kean Aug 21
Good Ole  DR HOOK

      It’s no secret, I love Rock & Roll
I listen to QFM Ninety Six
They play Iconic Rock and so I
Hear Bands like AC/DC and Styx

I love hearing Boston and Tom Petty
And many such artists as this
The list is almost endless and it really
Makes me smile when I hear KISS

Alice Cooper and Def Leopard
Also fit in with all the rest
And let’s not forget Rush and Led
Zeppelin whom also pass the test

But I’ve mentioned before that music
Is my Mistress and she soothes my soul
And that means I listen to it all
Not just my favorite Rock & Roll

Sometimes I need Jim Croce and Bread
I’ve got Jesus and I’ve got the Good Book
And I can always rely on England Dan and
John Ford Coley and Good Ole DR HOOK

Written By:Charles Kean
Chuck Kean Aug 5
Have You Ever

      Have you ever, I wanna know
Lost yourself in a moment of pleasure
Taken the time to kneel before Jesus
And allow yourself to be a confessor

Have you ever just watched a Butterfly
Fluttering and floating in the air
Taken the time to give your love and
Truly let someone know you care

Have you ever felt a gentle Kiss
On the lips, cheek or chin
Taken a minute to go skinny dipping
Just to feel nature upon your skin

Have you ever been vulnerable enough
To open your heart and let someone in
Taken the time to laugh at a stupid joke
Or just smile or give a quick grin

Have you ever held a tiny life
In the palm of your hand
Taken hold of a baby, a kitten or puppy
If so than surely you understand

Have you ever, just come to realize
Oh no you don’t have to be that clever
Taken the time to observe the miracles
Of God,so tell me Have You Ever

Written By:Charles Kean
Chuck Kean Jun 28
I’ll Make Believe

     I can be anything to anyone
I’m a man of a thousand faces
But what am I trying to hide
How can I gain your social graces

I’m a Hollywood movie star
A superhero on your theater screen
When you cry out for help
I’m the first on the scene

I’m your knight in shining armor
The Prince Charming of your dreams
When you have a nightmare
I’m the only one to hear your screams

I’m a Billionaire I’m your provider
I’m Handsome and I’m Debonair
There’s not a man in the whole world
That can come close to compare

I’m a Magic man and I’ve always
Got a trick up my sleeve
But in my true reality to you I don’t
Exist and so I’ll Make Believe

Written By:Charles Kean
  Jun 26 Chuck Kean
Amelia of Ames
Sometimes when I'm tired,
I'll think that I don't want to exist
This life is suffering, striving,
And why should I continue
I hate the life I've made.

But there are other things
There are dreams
There is presence
There is support
There is beauty

When I'm in these things,
I don't think life is suffering.
I think issues can be managed
I don't think, really.
I just love.
Chuck Kean Jun 26
The Love Snakes

       Be careful of loves bite, for
Loves venom will flow through your veins
The poison will quickly leave you to
Succumb while love slowly reigns

Beware the love Cobra
Their venom is lies
Their target area is straight
Into your trusting eyes

Don’t forget about the love Boa
His love is control and constricting
He’ll squeeze you so tightly
You’ll find his love slowly suffocating

Love rattler he’s a bad boy with a
Clear warning to stay away
His fangs are long his movements swift
It’s not a game I suggest you play

To feed your appetite for love
Please know all of the stakes
The love King is tamable and good
With kids and the best of The Love Snakes

Written By:Charles Kean
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