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TheTeacher Oct 2012
They say it's a free world and I have the freedom to speak my mind.
I see people on television recanting their lines, reporter's at the door and offenders peeping through the blinds.

If speech is free then why do I have to pay?
When someone takes offense to the words I say.

Now this doesn't sound like freedom to me....more like selective or should I say controlled

shutting my voice down like a person on hold....

When I say what I feel, it becomes a problem.  
Funny thing is......resigning or being fired appears to solve them.

Why is it insubordination when i'm using my right that is freely given.....not by man, but the One who has risen.

Although, they are free to say whatever they please..... I really supposed to smile and say "cheese?" ......when I feel like spewing a few obscenities.

I've been given a write up and I have a meeting with H.R.....
They are only referred to by letters because no one knows who they are.

My Facebook has offended many and my Twitter too.....let's not mention Tumblr ....that's a bit much to chew...

Where the Hell is the freedom of speech I'm entitled to?

No freedom online, offline, not even while I'm standing in line.
Some female telling me off because I said something about her behind.

She was fine, but had on see through .....I'm checking her out...because you know how guys do.

Now my freedom of speech is put on delay, because I can't express what my mind really wants to say:

Lovely lady your looking good with more cake than a baker, skin brown like bronze....precious for sure....I don't mind your company...I'm not expecting anything more.  You display a touch of cool....thumbs up like the Fonz.....

I want to take you home and shine you up like chrome.  I'm on my Macaulay Caulkin....I have you home alone.

The teller says "Hello sir and is that all?" snapped out of my fantasy and sadly disgusted.

When they say freedom of speech those words can't be trusted.

I've learned that nothing is free when it comes to man....although freedom can be purchased, so allow the money to secretly fall into my hands.

"Freedom of speech.....It's not really free at all."
TheTeacher Oct 2012
It engulfs me even though it has no times it's like a person that's claustrophobic.  Although, I'm dying to break free.

Haunting me like a secret that shouldn't be told......blackmailing me until I'm really old.

Fear of heights....fear of success.... Fear of going back to school....fear of being called a nerd....although I think I'm kind of cool. Fear of what people will say....fear of standing in front of a crowd....fear of rejection....fear that the finance company has my car up for repossession.

I'm tired of we are about to part ways.  I have things I want to achieve in my upcoming days.

Faith pays fear you have to go.  I don't care how you do it....take the stairs or I can toss you out the window.

You have no place in my only hold me back.....this isn't a required I refuse to purchase tickets to ride on this track.

Goodbye wasn't good knowing you.....but it does feel good seeing you leave.  I'm now the masked me pull another trick out of my sleeve.

Abra cadabra....hocus these words and maintain your focus....these words that I write are medicinal.....take two after you eat and then say goodnight.

The next day you will be refreshed and renewed....just from reading a few enlightening words.....from some poetic dude.....

Fear is the absence of faith. What is your greatest fear?
Once your fear is replaced with faith.......the obstacles that stand in your way.....will begin to fall like leaves.

Goodbye fear.
TheTeacher Oct 2012
We use them so often.....and I believe at times without thought.
You can't return them like an unwanted gift that someone else has bought.

They don't linger in the air like a bird who hovers up above....
The heart is often damaged by words that are supposedly uttered out of love.

Kids getting called names at school and nobody knows the hurt that resides inside.
This has been going on for a few years.....a pleasant school year reduced to tears.

You're too're too know that those shoes don't go with that....
Hey everyone! Did you know (insert name here) mom is addicted to crack?
She makes her living by laying on her back.....I think that was her underneath the bleachers at the city's racetrack.

Your lips are too big....that's not even your real hair....listen as the insults continue to pollute the air.
The negative atmosphere effects the attitude of anyone that steps in.....
How can I win?.......if the words said are's like trying to put on weight....but you aren't even eating.

The pressure is steady soda in a can.  The emotions have been shaken up ......and eventually it will explode.
The adults who were oblivious to the situation or just brushed it under the rug when they were told.......

Have encountered a horrible situation.......something from the words uttered is about to unfold.

The room of a victim of unkind words and horrendous names.....decided to play a Russian roulette game.....written on the mirror and bullet:

"sticks and stones may break my bones....but names will never hurt me.

No one listened as the individual went through a silent Hell........along with the thoughts that began to take life.....they began to feel that maybe their tormenter was right.

They decided to become the judge and jury.....and cut off the lights.

Father....please help those of us who fail to display empathy.  We are so judgemental ....even though you have told us not to be.  Forgive us Lord....and give us to encourage each other......not tear down each other.  We all have to live together.......Amen.

Words.....use with caution or think before you speak.
TheTeacher Oct 2012
There once was a butterfly being chased by a man with a net.
He would try many tricks to get as close as he could get.

He left out her favorite food and plants, but he could never hold her in his hands.  Instead he inherited a family of ants.

One day he caught her as she landed on a leaf.
Her colors were magnificent as he admired her in disbelief.

The wait was now over, but soon he began to see that the beautiful butterfly was not very happy.

She moved from one plant to another searching for the perfect meal to eat.

The collector placed another butterfly in this house of which he had quite a few....
Now this butterfly was different because of it's hue.
The moment it spotted Madame Butterfly its wings became heavy and turned a shade of blue.

Madame Butterfly went about her business with no clue at all.....
oblivious about this suitor who sat affixed up on the wall.

He tried hard to gain her attention, but to no avail.
It was like a sailboat moving without a sail.

Eventually they became a couple, but at times she tended to take flight.
She entertained other butterflies who only moved their wings at night.

He chased her many times.....only for her to flee again.
This arrangement wasn't working for him, so it had to come to an end.

Heartbroken he watched the one he grew to love mill about aimlessly in the air.
Madame Butterfly's attention captured by one who didn't care.

The collector observed the behavior of the two and from his research picked up this clue.

Butterfly females are similar to humans before they commit, they often run from the one who truly loves them.

Butterfly females are just like humans too.....
They often run away from the love that has been proven to be true.

Which butterfly are you?
TheTeacher Oct 2012
The seed had been planted long ago.  The words had been prophesied to give life.  
I'm making deliveries, although I'm not a midwife.

These words are a key to unlock the invisible bars for those who have lost their voice......due to a bad choice.

He observed her movements, like a lion that stalks its prey.
She found him to be quite handsome when he spoke to her that day.

She had been praying the her loneliness would soon come to an end.  The third wheel activities needed to come to an end.

He wasn't a big time star....just a regular dude.  His mother instilled manners he made it a point not to be rude......
He was well aware of the female's who thought that men only wanted to see them ****.

Although, he had to admit there was some truth to this myth.  There was something about this woman ......that had him in awe.

She was a Michelangelo type woman.....rare and precious.  He didn't have any crafty he didn't know how to catch this.

Opportunity that he knew would only come once.  He had read about the Proverbs 31 woman and wondered if she could be.
The addition to eventually make three.

How did he jump so far along in his thoughts?
Just married a woman and had a family......

All this from watching a beautiful woman walk down the street. day he will muster up the courage eventually to speak.

The seed has been planted.....
TheTeacher Oct 2012
I should have been a boxer....the way I stick and move when I write.  The only person I know that can make the sun shine at night.  

I should have been a boxer....the way i fight with words to paint a picture.  I'm using the jab to set you up for the knockout blow.  I'm looking for your tendencies and when i spot it......down you will go.

I should have been a boxer....float like a butterfly sting like a bee.   A sign of honor to a fellow poet.....and inspiration to me.....Muhammad Ali. I should be a boxer the way i study my craft and observe the legends of the game.  It's all all about the passion.....I could care less about fame.

I should have been a can't be good unless you train.  I have my book pen .....ideas in my brain.  I have so many thoughts I may need another brain.  I'm on the speed bag so my brain is quick with the flow....switching styles like a southpaw.....which way is it coming? I guess you will never know.

I should have been a boxer....because i really like to fight.  Instead of gloves I utilize my pen to pulverize the paper and annihilate those foes and lost loves....father's who left their children at start.  They couldn't finish the fight .....was he a coward or a scarecrow.....born without a heart.

I should've been a boxer.....because my defense is always up.  I hide my poems inside a book's highly guarded so don't try to look.  The thoughts inside are g14 I'm hiring security guards.....if you want to gain must present an identification card.

I should've been a boxer....because I'm always fighting.  My thoughts are knocked to the paper and bleeds black or red.  I write about life .....because I know nothing about being dead.  Although, I been knocked around .....and have had to take a standing eight.....I leaned on the ropes and learned to wait.  Still working the jab......which are the words i write.

I should've been a hitter quitter and then it's time to say "Goodnight!"

Ladies and Gentlemen......we have a unanimous decision.  The new poetic champion of the worldddddd!!! ......I should've been a boxer.....Yeah right.
TheTeacher Oct 2012
They say...."good things come to those that wait".....
They said "you shouldn't walk in the kitchen, while baking a cake".

They say "you shouldn't talk with your mouth full".
They also say it's rude to eat and run.

They have often said...."you can't sit too long in the sun".
They say only live once and I think to do they know?

If they never died and had family cry.....following the hearse and their family to disperse their final good byes.

They say "the good die young"....but I know people who were not so good....matter of fact.....they terrorized the whole neighborhood.

They say "you are what you eat".....and that's kind of neat.  I love Bon appetite!

They say "don't drink and drive".....and I can understand why....
We have seen so many news stories.....where innocent people die.

They say "look before you leap".....and I hate suicide.....which is where people have given up hope.  

They say "it's hard to live" .....but is it easy to die?
Is it worth it .....when your abandoned child cries?

They say "**** them with kindness".  I was taught that love is kind and it conquers all.
They say that the bible was written by man. They say they don't believe the story about man's fall.  I'm not's not my call....They said it.

They say "you should call before you come", but didn't Jesus tell them he was God's Son?

They say that the old styles always come back.....there may be some truth to that.
They say "when you get married "you should have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

They never say "I'm going to pay off this wedding for you".

They say "good things come to those who wait".
I'm guilty of not realizing the goodness God creates and the blessings he creates.....but they say "It's fate".

They say you should " you should look both ways before you cross the street".
She wasn't paying attention he was able to sweep her off her feet.

The light was green, so they were destined to meet......when the light turned yellow......I knew they had to take it slow.....Red light they decided to stop.  It became official when he produced the rock.

There were no Jay-Z sightings, although they said "He was there!"
I didn't see any rock signs being thrown in the air.

They say " anyone can write a poem", so I gave them my pen.

They never said another word, but I heard they wrote a book titled "They say..."

They say " It's okay..." everybody's doing it.

They say a lot ....but at times don't say much.....They are always saying something......sometimes I wish they would just "SHUT UP!"

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