A H J May 30

when will I burn passionately as a star?
the way I am now, only a tiny sparkle in the vast milky universe,
waiting to fall and destroy the mystic creatures of the earth.

A H J May 21

Every midnight
I close my eyes to see you smiling
But you were on top of clouds
And all surrounded by hazy blues,

I become a cloud chaser
But the wind blew you away
As I reach for the sky
I touched your soft grasp.

But you were never in my morning
every time I wake to a nightmare.
Every day, I fail to see you,
even up the sky.

written 3/3/17
A H J Jan 15

The sparkles of hope
Left me with bitter aftertaste
Left me thinking I shouldn't have tried
Left me with endless cages
Maybe I shouldn't have hoped.

A H J Jan 12

Every breath you took
Were the stars
Drawing the constellation
Written every bits of
happiness you gave me,
Whilst you are the gravity
That kept me alive
Were the stardust that
Liven up my universe
Widen my entire galaxy
So when you fall,
I’ll take you to space,
The place of our promise.

A H J Jan 9

Pure, white roses,
Surrounding you as I feel your hot air,
Soft, gentle, sweet as you are,
And the hot red on your cheeks as you tired smile,

In the cold degree celcius in this closed space,
You were precious as I hold you tightly in my embrace

We, harvest,
Warped in the colour of your soft hair,
We were in the creamy night full of stars,
My love, let’s enjoy this moment for a longer while.

subtle poem about uhm... I didn't mark it as explicit because it is subtle and probably need to read twice to understand it blink blink
A H J Jan 4

An angel with a wing to cut the strings I long to escape from,
With heavenly smile and your voice singing to melt out my hardened heart,
Warm and soft as you continue to guide me out from this mess,
Your eyes shining as I confessed my love comparable to the size of paradise.

Even so,
You were only a guardian angel.
Calling me out from the depth of nearing hell.
You weren’t my lover,
You were never even supposed to be mine

A H J Jan 3

Your back is blurred,
And your existence is yelling
you are about to dissipate.
I can no longer see that vision of us together
Soon, you were to disappear
Away to the haze not even flocking birds could trace
Your atmosphere however, left an inkling in these fog in my memory.

You were in my dream, fading.
Disappear, diminishing,
without explaining why you left me half-alive.

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