"lotus leaf, shamrock, pale cypress,"
joe g trevino jr 

On a late summers day before the sun has set
we walk alone in solitude . . .
my love and I amid the quiet of a wild woodland preserve,
the rustle of leaves, the murmur of insects
the only sound around . . . we pause and calmly listen,
to the magic of the silence molecule my molecule
reveal a symphony in green, all the colours of the forest
a shifting verdant monochrome
quantum bits and particles,
random abstract chaos . . .
in twinkling shades and tint of cool moss, serpentine
lotus leaf, shamrock, pale cypress,
emerald, jade and malachite . . .
every new born leaf and blade of grass
an organic mosaic of absolute intent
in versailles in the woods.

Entranced by every sigh and article of sound
we move in step as if possessed
to a wordless serenade of ambient design,
where patterns of colour whisper change, shadows grow
and clouds fade . . . a measure of degree how all too brief
is summers glory as we heed
our senses tuned to the spirit that pervades,
every tree and stone in membership
to this arabesque cathedral grown from seed
versailles in the woods.

The summer sun expires,
an August moon illuminates the sky . . .
like two figures out of myth
we leave the sanctuary of this sacred place,
my love and I forever blessed by the memory of a quiet walk
amid the soft rustle of leaves and murmur of insects,
the quiet rush of crystal streams . . .
a kaleidoscope of colour, wild flowers and the scent of pine
all touched with magic on a summers day
in versailles in the woods.

August 1980

"turdy Pole barns shelters surrounded in shamrock clover , the clanging of cowbells as Da"
Randolph L Wilson 

Period homesteads line Peppercorn Road , meticulous working farms of corn , cotton and sorghum cultivars , rugged gravel drives cut into dried , red clay ditches , Charleston architecture cooling her Summer residents . Double story barns with white washed brick silos , picket fences and blue ribbon cattle .. Sturdy Pole barns shelters surrounded in shamrock clover , the clanging of cowbells as Dairy cows return from her glistening fields ... Catfish feeding frenzies over field corn and evening mayflies , gas porch lights illuminate the family garden with activity in Summer well into night , Crowder peas and Fordhook butter beans , Okra and Butter peas harvested free of Red wasp and Bumblebees as opposed to hungry mosquitos , red chiggers and Crane flies ... Silver washtubs on hot , humid nights , the instant relief of cool well water relieving the pang of harvest .. The creaky screen door and porch ceiling fans , white rockers and good books ...Mason jars filled with sweet tea , hearts filled with adventure and young eyes with sleep .. Coonhounds sing to the ever rising gold Moon .. All was well .. All was most certainly well ...

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