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anne collins Jan 2020
For you on wires I’m walking
Tightrope and your throat is
You’re arbitrarily clocking
Seconds between hearts
Arrive sweetly we’re embracing
Ace of spades in my pocket
I won’t die tonight im tracing
The lines of your face and
anne collins Dec 2019
No, a heart isn’t locked when the sleeve is on display

And the moon still shines when the wolves are at bay

And you never wondered once why my smile might fade

As your words turned to swords with my neck to the blade

Yes, the stars, they still twinkle above the blinding city lights

And your dashes to dances always become flashes to fights

And I’m still picking daisies in the heart of the park

As you shiver from summer, your eyes in the dark

Maybe, the nails in the coffin were ashes on dust

And the coffin itself was just air against rust

And there was naught to bury for there was never an us

As we wonder as atheists in whom we should trust

No, a dream isn’t free if you wish it to be

And hope is not a valid form of American currency

And we both wasted wonders on kisses and clashes

As moments expired and locks changed in latches

It was you, sweet thing, that caught my eye
In the blink of a wink my throat went dry
Before I knew how or why
We were too enthralled to laugh or cry

And then it was I who smiled at you
You said I made the winter new
Eyes of green and cheeks a rosy hue
All was well because one became two

And then the day became dusk and bottoms up
A cheers for heaven, hell and lust
anne collins Sep 2014
A sugar crush, a stroke of luck
I'll be in Tennessee when you vowed to give love up
And you'll find in all due languid time
That roses are red and so is wine
And I'll hold your hand as you hold mine
A dawn, a spring, a summers eve
Blossom so blue even in between
The skies of dusk and other's lawns & grasses far too green
What life, what joy, a simple task
All my heart needs is to make yours laugh
And I hate these words- cliche and undisturbed
There's no romantic pain you see in thrills and breeze
It's not like we don't believe in hope
It's that it always demands such note
yes, yes my dear we hear your fear
The gods have no interested in
The doubts and dreams of souls who sin
who glean nothing from what they've sought
You're free you see if you'd like to be but if you're brave there is a battle to be fought
What fields and rivers we cross to discover
The lands of promise and the eager gaze of another
I'm sorry I'll need one more cigarette
To inspire me to recove and not to forget
Hearts are potentially true and romance has not been slain yet

anne collins Sep 2014
I dreamt of you last night
confusing left and north from south and right
And it dawned on me then as this summer ends
Perhaps. It was all a game of house and pretend

But no -I know the valor of
Sacrificing your sacred defenses in the name of love
And you were the knight I knew you to be
A gift of bar crawls, museum miles and memory

Those sheets,those walls, that room we held captive
All in the name of romance as our captain
That ship you fled- a deserter or sorts
But there will be no Calvary or death by sword

I know you remain a face in plastic frame
A scar on my knee and a free wandering name
You swear you're still here
But this word falls deaf on one ear
Quite a bold assumption to swear
Not knowing the if night sky is clear

Walk briskly my sweet there is only defeat
In the crosses we bear & the poison we reap
I sit in tragic new affection drowned in nostalgic recollection
By the corner where you vowed that in love there is no protection

In herald square you'll find me there
Still musing our despair and contemplating the burden we share
Of all the tidings of love and no kiss to spare

I'm right where you left me but I've travelled so far
I'm no longer the waif you kissed love drunk by the  bar
I'm no longer a wish - so ignore my star

Breathe lightly, good sir it would do you well
To remember that earth is both heaven and hell
And the only things you know are the stories others tell

You intellect is both vast in it's expanse
And short in it's relevance

It wasn't either of us who broke such a vow
The honor of love should never have been allowed
To a girl with such ideals and a man on the clouds

But it's sweet in it's way - you still saved the day
That night in Madison square when my soul ran away
But to save a heart in a park just to throw it away?
What kindness is this? It's only a delay

When you cried sitting on my bedside
Assuring me that  our love had both lived and died
You don't know what I had compromised
To break and to wait as our harmony committed suicide

So take it now and wear it proud
You found your love in a violent crowd
And adored her once  in sidewalks and sun
Now she writes poetry wondering whom has won
This race to be the people we took oaths to become

It's all all-right- a swift flight
From Florida to the northern fight
In all those words we exchanged and misheard
I do recall we both feared this world
Of petty change and unsaved gain
A treacherous sea with no hope to tame
iPods and screaming along the 6 train
No doubt the results of pubs, psychology and *******

So I'll conclude this pain, this rant, this reign
We created infamy but never fame
And all the ashes
They look the same

It's sad even still that our happiness took Ill
And none of our efforts, our hopes or our will
Could reassign the crystal ball to something more beautiful

Goodbyes are slow and forever vague
I won't say it was all in vain
Only that Cupid
should be ashamed
anne collins Aug 2014
Spring's suggested sentimentality was cruel to you and lost on me
In black hospital beds and unlock doors
trading hallmark cards and rain soaked words

To brokers and lovers of lifetimes past
ionized coins and abandoned churches of ash

I was lost and found and blind except for what I could see
Darkness blankets over apathy

The ocean's mirth was kind to some
but also acidic to it's sun
it erodes you understand- the flesh and the sand
How beautiful that sport called demise can achieve
Such vicious assaults on halcyon seas

I'm not adrift in your departure, I don't request your gaze any longer
What an anomaly to requited memory
That gold is not golden and air is not free

Goodbye, goodbye, farewell, my doll
The world continues to spin afterall
anne collins Aug 2014
Envelopes and elevator music can explain
Why we clutch our horror and flee our name
A watchtower and alarm clock sang their lament
Across the concrete we rejoice and the paradise we repent
And as we signed
we denounced allies
In favor of the forbidden
what artificial blood and absinthe love
could deduce the lies we've hidden?

Mistletoe in the greenery of late july
and honor's punch drunk alibi
Reinvent the wheel that streets had broken
but its all another poker deal
a bet from the same token
Why do we abhor the delight to adore
what is written across the table?
If we read it as love we read it as a fable
and who still gives a **** about Cain and Abel?

Forgive my verse I tend to curse and my pentameter could benefit from consistency
But pardon your barometer I never intended to study calculus or chemistry
The commodity of obscenity and the gardens of Versailles
It's not a question then of who or when but rather a matter of how and why?
We buy and slash with words and cash all of those we enable
Why not, my love, give whiskey and drugs it's honestly more stable

The aftertaste of lust and lace
Grim fairy tales and telephone sales
The absence of the rhythm
That transforms mere words to singing
but format this or format that that isn't a life worth living
The morning connives with sidewalks and vines
while dark eyes sit and stare we are but wine and air
What is this routine we have fought to acquire?
No sweet perfume can sweeten the flame of fire

so kiss you reflection and hold close to the glass or the mirror
Objects that appear far away
they may in fact be nearer
anne collins Jul 2013
Small talk & eye contact- this ignites veins in a heart
Unaware of invasion
You spin innocent arts as our reckless lips will part
Like oceans and blossoms

Whirling street signs we gaze as night air embraces our daze
Broken small syllables
You whittle us jewels that raise our eyes to the phrase
Love is still broken

You're a sip of a kiss
A well with only one wish
Unrequited and despised
Unclaimed but allied
Slap me your affection
And make love in a hurry
Kiss me with hate if you worry
Leave me your embrace
Forced but not untrue
Waste this tired fairy tale
Abandon me in love with you
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