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Curt A Rivard Sr Dec 2019
Separating myself from the outside world and that's my choice, as I'm penning these words, I'm listening to, my inner voice.

I'm fighting for my freedom, I'm fighting for my life, I'm fighting real hard so again I can then be with my kids, and my beautiful wife.

It's in times like these, that you feel the pain from all your falls, so no one sees my tears, I hide under my blanket and weep at night, deep within...these concrete walls.

Curt A. Rivard Sr.
Curt A Rivard Sr Dec 2019
The song of the swallow is heard, I listen as the angel sings. Pleading for love from thee, please no more, don't cut my wings.

Words of love are written you are the author, it is your inner voice. The lessons in life you taught me, now makes my heart rejoice.

All your dreams I'll give unto you, each and everyone. You are now free to fly. Follow your heart, chase the setting sun.

If you should ever get lost along the way and later find your way back to me, it will only prove to thee... Yes, we were always meant to be.

(Curt A. Rivard Sr. 2014)
Curt A Rivard Sr Dec 2019
I stood there watching you as I left.  Trying hard to memorize you, knowing it would be so very important to me.
The way you looked, the way you looked.
Soon someday, I will hear your voice again and that days singing will come soon.
Man can not make a pill that would let me sleep without your memory or written erotically enough to forget about you.
These months will go by-
for all I'll remember is...
what it was, as well as, what it will be...
And that my love, you will want to see.

(Curt A. Rivard Sr. 2000)
Curt A Rivard Sr Dec 2019
Tonight my love, I seek out to fulfill my most passionate dream,
capturing your beauty with these words, I'm now penning this poem, for laying before my eyes, heaven has now been seen.

Thy locks of hair are finer than the finest feathers of all the flocks.

Thy eyes are diamonds that saw and found favor in thee,
my promise to you, I'll prove to you, just what you mean to me.

Thy lips are soft and taste so sweet, nothing in this world can come close to compare like when ours gently touch together and then slowly meet.

Thy ******* are well rounded and are so full of life, the love they produced sustained life, the perfect mother, my beautiful wife.

Thy hands move in such a caring way, forever will I long for there touch, each and everyday.

Thy hips have carried and brought forth fruit unto me, so deep the seed planted as were together joined as one, we will live on forever for you let me plant inside you, our very own, family tree.

Thy feet have walked side by side all along the way, never will we forget, for in all our hearts your nurturing memory will always stay.

For all that you are and for all that you have done, I just want you to know, I will always love you and you will always be... the only one.

(Curt A. Rivard Sr. 2014)

Curt A Rivard Sr Apr 2017
Beatrice was the object of all his desire
Immortalized by Dante to love forever
She stole his eyes and now he walks through fire.

To see her again, he now must be clever
Overcoming obstacles along his path.              
Save me from crawling, give me wings of feather.

Nine circles this pit, I see the devil's math
Show me now, will I ever be free from here
Why this inferno, why this God burning wrath?

The sight of his love is now close, it's now near
Walking through the valley, the shadow of death
He's on a hero's journey, he has no fear.

Smitten with her beauty pure as baby's breath
He's walking all about in a flame filled haze
Remembering his vow, to love her till death.

Dragging my left hand on the wall of the maze
Can sins be forgiven, how long must I burn?
I have been on fire now for two long day's.

Tell me Lord all the things you want me to learn
Whisper to me so I will never get lost
After this quest, give her back, let her return.

So lonely, upon the flames my dreams are tossed
Shrouded in mystery she makes my heart pound
Let me, I'll care for her no matter the cost.

My hearts screaming out to her, it's screaming loud
A lifetime long ago we made a promise
From high up above she's ridding on a cloud.

Never be apart, we sealed it with a kiss
Free me from all this torment, come break the chain
Am I dreaming, how did it come to all this?

A work in progress  by Curt A. Rivard Sr.
Curt A Rivard Sr Feb 2017
The flowers of evil are spreading and spreading,
the pollen is blinding, as the stems are dividing.
The flowers of evil are spreading and spreading,
the vines are protecting, and the thorns are injecting.
The flowers of evil are spreading and spreading,
the roots are now squealing, for they possess human feeling.
The flowers of evil are spreading and spreading,
the Genesis 30:16 is no mistake, *** was traded for mandrake.
The flowers of evil are spreading and spreading,
the magic lies in the blossom, feigning you just like an opossum.
The flowers of evil are spreading and spreading,
the cloud now has you choking, for them you had to start smoking.
The flowers of evil are spreading and spreading,
the petals are now closing, around you who's rigor frozen.
The flowers of evil are spreading and spreading,
the nectar just took your last breath, so enjoy the dance of death.

(Curt A. Rivard Sr.)
Curt A Rivard Sr Nov 2015
Doubled upon me twice and within the same week
As the cloud of death overshadowed over me
I tried to shout but could not speak.
Fleeing for my life as the debris and splinters were flying all around
In the midst of all the destruction
Great hail stones were also crashing down upon the ground.
What is my trespass? What was my sin that thou has so hotly pursued after me?
For upon my heels I felt your holy power and through the matrix, I then exited my ivory tower.
Lying in a cold sweat I'm trembling and I'm shaking
My heart is sore with great pain and is also aching.
Gazing up at the ceiling, I’m searching for the reason why
If I don't learn the interpretation soon
The next time it happens, my silver cord will be loosed and I will die.
As always in need of help I go and I take a look
Thank you Lord for giving me Samson's strength to open up, my five letter book.
For there it was right before my eyes the answer was revealed to me
It has to be the truth for the Lord tells no lies.
You’ve shown me countless visions and many marvelous wonders all along my path
If I turn my sights and away from you now I know I can expect to reap
Your whirlwind wrath.

(Curt A. Rivard Sr.)
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