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Internal movement
Up liquid
Cotton loose
Of thin hue
Extra silk
Today in which we feast
The cross sacrifice the sins
Worship him
He has risen
Amen sins
Evil rose
  Apr 14 Vanessa Gatley
Ty J H
my entire life would feel complete
if you did nothing but embrace me.
i thought there a life we were to know eachother.

my tears of millenia

would release. all my tension, depression, dark thoughts

would be nothing to your starry glory.
i hope to reflect that same warmth
in any dreary snow-storm.
your cloudy wear.

i love the person you are
more than i have ever
loved another.
i see you in the puddles or
a flower, or a rainbow.

a kiss would **** me
and i could be born anew.

you are the sun
and i am but the sprout that grew.
Stole the empty memory
  Apr 9 Vanessa Gatley
i used to trace stars
around your spaces
& kiss your neck with hope
now i’m doing shrooms,
getting a masters diploma,
& listening to too much Lorde
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