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Always first interest
That doesn't bore my soul
But when I wasn't what u expected anymore
U for bored of me
Like the summer warmth
It just went away slowly
I was blinded by the died out heat
We met was like a purchase of
My heart
The pumpkin was round
Like my *****
And u liked it when you can carve my outline of pumpkin .
Today marked 18 years ago terror
Was upon the east side country
Where safety is biggest issue now
Due to  evil people
Where's God to just wipe off bad people from this earth
Fame ur love created my Fame
But fights took a turn for me the worse
Fame died shortly after
The week I tried get stardom
As September starts the summer
Fling disappeared like a ghost on Halloween
U became sleepy
Of the relationship
Now I had no choice to rest my sleepy heavy heart next to yours
September crawled back to me
The vibes died out like summer flame
Now we rest covered in cold breeze
Where vibes r hidden the electric love
Once I was on deck and
U showed up
Fast for no reason u came close for a kiss
This kiss didn't have the juice and
It just has dryness
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