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Hating obey
It's estranged
Santurary today
Demons is ******* prayers at you
Beware they love the night and
Are blinded during the day
Each morning I try become better version of myself
I try to think of this box
Lid over my heart
If it's opened it doesn't contain my feeling
The box is purple
Each morning
I try become better version of myself
Time doesnt allow me
To grasp the change I want
So I will try remember
My heart is fragile
And I think of a box around it
The box is purple
Ever changing colors
Resemble my calmness
There are 4 sides to my wall
Each represent family and friends
Although there's only one little opening
From my supposed
Who I don't trust o so much
His choices are not my walls
To break down for him
This cloud is not from the sky
This is actually a person
Someone I care about enough
But he clouds my judgement...
From school..
That's priority of education
He's my second but lately
He crept his way into first
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