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she may have claimed
that she would always
find one of those rare
desperately sought
four-leaf clovers
amongst any cluster
that had sprouted
amidst the grass
and **** growth
of park or pasture
but never once did she
try to find one
for me
It doesn’t matter
how much weight you carry.
It’s about how you distribute.
Pain diffusion
is like sunlight through leaves;
it takes courage
to let brightness pierce through
and kiss you.
So stay with me,
right here,
by your tree roots,
where cyclamen grow.
Hold my hand
like you always knew me.
Forgive my shyness
as I fidget
with toe rings of clover -
I promise;
  I’m less and less scared -
I still love your wildness.
I feel you,
all over.
of Pure Water.
My lack of sharpness
is yearning to soften your edges.
I’m floating above your garden,
The ripeness of fruit
that your highest tree bares,
smells like a rose
you delivered.
If we really are here
to mirror,
all I want to do for you
is shimmer.
morseismyjam Apr 2021
i spent
the afternoon on the
lawn in a clover patch
plucking the 4th leaf off

because last month
was so clouded
and i shone too bright

too gaudy

but now i'm here
fixing these little *******
taking their 4th
leaving 3

increasing their chance of survival
like i did with that worm
on the sidewalk this morning
picked her up and
hurled her into grass and
I didn't look back.

sometimes salvation is violent.
eat this **** up you ******* emos
Kerli Tulva Sep 2020
You shatter the windows
and hold your hands
under the falling pieces
of my cracked heart.

How does it feel to feel
the millions of fragments
from every unlike window
of the once glowed heart.

How does it feel to feel
the pieces glowing now
to look at the reflection
of past, present and love.
Poetic T May 2020
Find a penny pick it up,
       With this coin
I ran out of luck...

Bent down just as car drove past
            clipped me and
                           now I'm


Took a while but I'm back on
                                        my feet..

what are the chances a four leaf
   clover and a horse shoe neat..

No... the horse shoe was still
connected to the feet...

I shouted four as flew through
         the air....

then it licked my face before that
               shoe stood on my piece..

I'm out the hospital, and I saw a
           ladder, na I'm not having that.
On the outside,  but I never say the
                                           black cat..

I came to, and she was there,
             are you an angel..
        No love, You've just been served.

My luck is less my future short,
              but ill carry on as how
can it get worse, is that thunder
                               I can hear??
Mari Jul 2019
You are the four-leafed clover
in my garden.
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
True friends
are like a four-leafed clover.
Hard to find,
lucky to have.
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