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Zack Ripley Oct 2021
It's not about the love or the hate.
It's about being able to resonate.
It's not about the fame, fortune, or gold.
It's about trying to tell a story in a world
where it seems every story's already been told. And don't be afraid to tell us
if you don't understand. We get it.
No one is going to relate to every painting, movie, or band.
At the end of the day, all we want to do
is help you escape.
And if we inspire or entertain you
along the way, then all the pain is worth it.
No matter what the naysayers say.
Zack Ripley Jul 2021
If we had just one more hour, one more day, could we find another way?
Could we find the words to say
what we've always wanted to say?
Could we find a reason to stay?
And yes. It's true that one more hour,
one more day could make things worse.
But isn't it worth the risk
if you can find closure? Worth?
Gemma Mar 2021
You know it will burn,
but you bite it anyway,
because it tastes good.
Ouch, yum.
I'm sorry I dragged you down
and let you fall in love
I'm sorry I'd rather drown
than look into the sky above

I'm sorry I deceived you
and made you think I'm perfect
I'm trying to get through
and make this all worth it

I'm sorry that I'm wrong
in every way that isn't right
I'm sorry I'm not strong enough
I'm not able to win this fight
Zack Ripley Sep 2020
This is not the end.
It's not the beginning.
It's not even the beginning of the end.
Sorry to say,
but you're stuck in the middle.
But the middle's not a bad place to be.
You learn what you didn't know
In the beginning, and you find the skills you need to get to the end.
It's where you learn
From your mistakes
And meet your friends.
The ones who make everything worth it. So don't feel stuck.
And don't be so anxious to get to the end. You never know. It might ****.
Spadille Aug 2020
Sleepless nights
Breathless days
Tear filled eyes
Drowning minds

It is an eternal winter
Or a thousand year darkness
Perhaps a never ending storm
It is every bad thing that can happen

It is hard to not feel hopeless
It is hard to not doubt
I have no assurance
I could only hope

Hope for spring to come again
Hope for sunrise and daylight
Hope for a clear, blue sky
Hope for the best

But for now,
I have to feel the coldness of winter to appreciate the blooming flowers of spring
I have to be in dusk to see the sunrise and feel its warmth
I have to bathe in the rain to get a glimpse of ocean blue sky
I have to experience hell
To be in heaven
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
I'm going to take all of my scars
And build a highway to the stars.
I'll learn how to love myself
And stop living like an elf
Stuck on a shelf.
It will be the hardest journey
Of my life, no doubt.
But in the end, I'll find something
Worth writing about.
MSunspoken Feb 2020
What’s the big deal?
Those who obsess
Over the cruelest thing
And continue to address
All the problems it brings
Why even bother?
With that grueling temptation
That scars you so
resulting in a lifetime of medication
Who wants that?
Hurt set so deep
Forever a bleeding memory
Intruding on those nights hollow of sleep
Is it really worth it?
The sort of warmth you may feel
Although fleeting-
May it be real
May it be a memory worth keeping
What’s the reason?
For letting oneself fall
Right on their knees-
Becoming so small
As  light as the breeze
But maybe?
They might not want it at all-
Those pesky butterflies,
That siren call
Bringing your soul to life
Is it forced?
The speed of their heart
The feel, that warmth-
The pain of being torn apart
Why do it?
All one can ask for-
Is a companion in life
****** be the people-
Fate carries on no matter what
And love?
Always demands an encore!
May we never forget those who left us, hurt us, or just couldn't care less?
Of Course!
But that feeling of remembrance is too sweet to deny...
until you find yourself alone.
eva-mae coffey Aug 2019
another name
To add to my page of heartbreak
another name
To keep me numb
Another name
To romance, for a second chance
Though he is second to none.

another face
To associate with love
another face
To curse with praise
another face
to rehearse each small graze
On our downward facing days.

another heart
to submerge in anticipation
another heart
To learn each crack of pavement
another heart
To bleed dry, with a needle to the eye, when all my energy is spent.

another day
To pay for the holes in myself
To jump off of the highest shelf

another fate
To hate with an upward trend
Well I don’t need another friend.
Rozey Mar 2019
I was left soaking in my sorrow
Hoping there will be a better tomorrow
Constant check ups to see how he's doing
But never once was I one he was pursuing
I prayed and cried hoping he'd regret hurting me
Coming back apologizing for deserting me
Until someone else came along and reminded me of my worth
I'm stronger and pray for him to stay far from my turf
I'm so glad Biboe came into my life. for the past couple of months I cried or sat in silence hurting for what another did to me. Biboe gave me the attention I longed for. I realized through him I am beautiful and strong. And he's the one that deserves my heart. Not someone who cheats and leaves me to questioning if I'm ever going to be good enough.
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