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Life is a garden
               plant your seeds.
Remove those of
                whom are weeds.
Nolan P Jul 20
There is still a piece of my heart that beats for you.
No matter how far I travel
Or how long ago you left,
There is still a piece of my heart that beats for you.
And although I wish for it to stop,
The memory  helps keep my heart pounding.
Is it good to be strong?
Is it bad to be weak?
Is it wrong to fit in?
Or right to be unique?

Are you selfish if you want help?
Are you selfless if you give it?

Is there altruism in amicable lies?
Or selfishness in a fake smile?
Do you even know who I am?
Do I?

You always have both hands out ready to help anyone who needs it
I want to be like you, and I’m starting to see opportunities, but where you act on them, I do not. I guess that means I’m
Tony Tweedy Mar 21
Truly it inspires me to visit the ether on which you pen.
To speak of things of who I am,
and of my times of "when".
To see the universes you've painted all revolving there.
To understand that not all voices,
are tainted by despair.
In a universe of darkness no shadow could I see.
Shouting words into the pitch,
I thought only heard by me.
I take the time to thank you all whether you write or read.
For in my place of darkness,
you have planted starlight's seed.
A genuine thank you to those who share their worlds and have taken the time to see mine.
I won't do anything,
To help those in need,
But I beg and plead,
Put the weight on a stead,
To carry me,
Into a sight to see,
Of all this hatred,
This pain,
This suffering,
"Solved" by me,
Although I can,
Help a lot,
I have before,
Haven't been caught,
I just don't,
Wanna take credit,
For others work,
And then forget it,
I wanna be remembered,
In a friend's heart,
For a welcome embrace,
Or a friendly start,
Not the one,
Who made them feel ****,
About their insecurities,
Then say I fixed their heart.
I'm a good enough therapist, I won't push on teen life bored games, I will give you things from experience.  I still need to do other formats of poetry, so I might try a Haiku or something like that.  There is also slam, which I have been very curious about.  Can't wait to tell more emotions and stories through the arts of poetry.
A short time ago I stood at the crossroad of my life
having lost my wife faced with uncertain
but believe through amazing support from people on this site encouragement
And to be able to write
poetry which is really Stories of my life and so much of my
Though gone still had such amazing Influence on my poetry tremendous Inspiration that she has and still gives
I've found a home In poetry writing spend hours engrossed In the love of writing a gift I never knew I had
But a gift that has been helped so much by the fellow poet on this site from the beginner as once I was my
To those who have written for years wonderful people who spread so much love around and are always here to advise
And gives wonderful encouragement
that helps us all to be much happier
And much more loving appreciating the talent of other poets truly amazing people I say bless them
A poem to show my appreciation for wonderful
support for my wife and myself marvellous people
who help me so much through
my writing and me to Improve so much bless you all
Personal problems consume me,
nobody gets the fears I have.
The clock counts away the time to live,
ticking before I know the true feeling of love.
The clock is about to fall off the wall
and lose all of it's time.
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
Have you ever considered that what you're going through is not for you
it's for those watching for how you respond?
Give them hope.
Jessop Nov 2018
The kindness of strangers,
An unimaginable force,
Stopped by nothing,
It is the kindness that we need not ask for,

The door held open,
The friendly hello.
We rely on people we have never met.

And they answer our silent cries for help.
I hope you like it :) its quick and ***** but it works
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