Amanda S Mar 23

kisses turn into monsters my
mind can't conjure up
they leave an ocean of pinks, purples, and blues,
yet I say nothing

this sharp - teethed demon
comes after me as fast as
a bullet can go

in my head,
i run rapidly, to the edge of the world,
but physically,
i stay as still as the sea

if I move,
he will come after me at supersonic speed
and i'll drown deeper
under these pink sheets

*for all of those whos consent has been violated*
Pauline Russell May 2016

Vibrant orange clouds against a baby blue western sky
Signals that the night is drawing nigh
The steely cold fingers of the darkness will soon be around my neck
That leaves me with the unnerving feeling of being a miniscule speck
Like the pinprick of light in the heavenly sky we call stars
It leaves me in pieces like I've been hit by runaway boxcars

Night time is when the world falls eerily silent, and my mind sets to roaming
Down the hallways of my memories I start floating
Soon like fireworks they begin exploding
My mental state quickly is eroding
My nights are always a coal black foreboding

Ormond Mar 2016

Winter birds gathering
White sea spray clouding the bay
Before the snows come

Pauline Russell Mar 2016

Driving to work today
This is what I saw along my way
Vultures sitting on top of utility poles
As I traveled down the hot dusty road
Kinda makes me worried how todays gonna go
Not one, not two, but four I spied
Makes me want to turn tail and hide
They did not fly but had that look in their eyes
Patiently waiting for a great demise
But on I pressed with great foreboding
Wondering what the futures holding
Made it to work, everyone here is still alive
Thank God,because the old man is eighty five
Maybe the vultures are for me insteed
Maybe today is the day I'll end up dead

We are a dying race,
And few will live to face,
The dark days that are to come,
For if romance is to be dead,
Then please, first smash my head,
I wish not to be the last one.

Last one to value a mind,
To see where you fail, and where you shine,
and not just to position for bed,
Oh please before then, please smash my head.

For if i find myself slave to lust,
Without love, romance, i will be worth less than dust,
Reduced down to a mere action, don't let that day come,
Please, PLEASE, don't let me be the last one

Pauline Russell Jan 2016

I cut myself for you tonight
Maybe I'll fit inside your box
I cut myself for you tonight
Slicing pieces of me off
I cut myself for you tonight
I'll let my blood just flow
I cut myself for you tonight
For love you never show
I'll cut myself for you tonight
Giving you what you sought
I'll cut myself for you tonight
I know it's what you want
I'll cut myself for you tonight
1,2,3, I'll make them deep
I'll cut myself for you tonight
I'll go to that eternal sleep

Pauline Russell Jan 2016

My chest compressed, I can not breath
And everything around me bleeds
Trapped in the rabbit hole
Where no one's supposed to go

I think me and the Mad Hatter will get along splendidly
We climbed into the tea pot boat and sail the crystal sea
And dine upon the walrus hide
We just can not be denied

Oh what fun we had sunning on the shore
All the clams gather round us,we was so adored
Oh look over yonder there is a door

Well Mad Hatter I've got to go but I shall be back
If I have to put that rabbit in a sack
To make him bring me to this wonderful place that I adore
The Mad Hatter looked at me sadly, don't open up that door
Your being silly I won't stay gone long
But something was very wrong

I opened it quickly
And what I saw made me sickly
For behide that forbidden door
In a pool of my own blood I was lying on the floor

Molly Jenkins Oct 2015

you touched your wrists
to mine
and a rash blossomed
across my skin
red and dry
ran across  
indigo hills
fields of turned-over soil
in the night-time
to cool my
strangled sweat
to find a sink
a light in the kitchen.

im sorry, i promise
i'll buy a slice
i just need to use your sink, please.

i put the water on the hottest setting
and i scrub and
scrub, and scrub
fast, and hard
i rinse the raw
i leave.

when I wake up
for all my scrubbing
the rippling rash, the buds
are still there
under my skin.
a lone fungal stalk
of crimson
a fruiting body
rises from my wrist.

this does not belong
like a broken bone
bending in the wrong direction
under the skin
like the voice on
the other end of the line
this is not real

I wrote an iteration of this in November 2012; I've kept it largely the same with minor edits and revisions. Imagery rooted in a recurring dream I had all that Summer and again that Fall as well.
Ormond Aug 2015

Before hurricanes
Wind stirs about treeless plains
Little things matter

Keith Miller May 2015

Her weapons of war are so carnal. Her smile flashes like the shimmer of swords. Her shape reaches out like a spear. Her battle cry like the look in her eye dares to raise the dead in me. But the beast is slain each morning, nailed to the cross I bare on my way the grave. And I am satisfied in the rising tide of strength that comes from not being my own that fills the vast beaches of my weakness and washes away every trace of her haunting footprints in the sand.

not a poem, more of a observation and then meditation. It was the way this random girl looked at me that told me she was trouble. this was a stepping stone toward my decision for sexual abstinence till marriage.
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