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Aizzur Festejo Jun 2016
White fur
pink paws
green eyes
fluffy body
cuddly behavior
sweet little buddy.
Together we sleep
And together we eat,
What a lovely feline.
In cold weather
Our warmth you seek
Your soul we speak,
Its our paradise.
Play nonstop
Can't make you stop
That was your rule,
Its unbreakable.
But you bid farewell
We grieved
And grieved,
Its painful.
Our hearts bleed,
Eyes' weep.
Your sisters' leap,
Where you might have been.
The times we shared,
Days we've counted,
The joy you brought,
Love you've given.
Thank you little angel.
Our furry living ball,
Night bed crawler,
Our family.
You will surely be missed.
We love you.
Dedicated to our cat, our family, Kimmy.
Aizzur Festejo May 2016
Oh lady please.
Making poems 'bout you,
now I've tried,
Sing dedication,
haven't tried.
Being nice af,
that I've tried.
Being kind and sweet,
god, I tried.
You see friends are everything.
I want to be all kinds to you
The same goes for you
No malice shall be involve
No ill-motive lying.
You're my friend
But please stop and listen.
Aizzur Festejo Apr 2016
Its been awhile
We're happy, oh my
I shrug you sigh
You joke I die.
Under the sunlight
I hug you tight
"Oh you got fat.."
I got a knock and a pat.
Together with the league
I laugh and gig.
Our team's back
Feathers are ready to flock.
Aizzur Festejo Dec 2015
No words can explain
This emotion, is this joy or pain?
I'm not happy but not sad either
Maybe just because of the weather?
I might be playing with words
And strumming some piano chords
Or maybe lying to myself
Telling lies until I turn deaf.
Whatever it is, I treasure what is now
I think this is contentment so I'm taking a bow.
Aizzur Festejo Dec 2015
Its been a week
Have we stop talking?
No, it just became less
I wonder why
We've talked again
Its exaggerating but
I felt relieved
Sighing heavily
It was the greatest sigh ever
We greeted like before
I smiled ear to ear
At that moment,
I wanted to write this feeling
Imaginative and motivated
Alas, I understand now
I did write, did I made sense?
But I'm happy
That's all there is to it.
Aizzur Festejo Nov 2015
I'm doing good
But you ruined my mood
You ask me why,
How can you be so sly?
You make me smile
But I need to lie
Aizzur Festejo Nov 2015
Oh lady, the hardest
To let go shall be my sin
Thy remnant shall be my cage
For this heart of mine
Shall not break
Please talk no more
I shan't love it
For this mind will wither and
Heartless shall be my moniker
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