Hannah Dec 8

A long walk home
with regret in my eyes.
I kissed your lips
as I said goodbye.
Killed the moon
with a bump or two,
and smoked a cigarette
until my heart turned blue.

How I imagine most girls feel after a one night stand.
Hannah Dec 8

She’s a restless bird
inside a cage
with fragile bones
and broken wings
her eyes were pierced
by her lover’s sting
she trusts
though she cannot see
her beak was tied
by her lover’s string
she waits
to be set free
she weeps
like the moon does the sea
begging him
let the caged bird sing.

Set her free.
Hannah Dec 5

I can feel her pulsing
through my veins
she’s a silver sun
without a name
her love is like
a fire untamed
a burning breath
of summer rain
she bound my heart
with a silken chain
and held my soul
as she stole my pain
her loving light
hides no shame
between our gaze
there is no blame.

Hannah Dec 5

has set
me free.

It is
can ever
take away
from me.

Hannah Dec 4

Though her eyes
were filled with sin
they touched my soul
and burned my skin
her love was like
the strongest gin
drunk on light
our clothes wore thin
she kissed me hard
and I held her chin
as she let go
I pushed in
and heard her moan
with the slightest grin.

Hannah Dec 1

I may
be soft
but at least
I’m not
of my own

Hannah Nov 30

This journey
has awakened
something deep
inside me
for the first time
in my life
my heart is full
from the cold
with love
for myself
and the scars
that mark
my soul
will not
go untold
but instead of
ripping me apart
they’ll be let go
reclaiming my divinity
my tarnished spirit
is forever whole.

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