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Arturo Hernandez Jun 2018
There was a girl
With a plaid skirt,
A red bow,
And lovely pink cheekbones.
She carried a smile,
Sometimes a laugh,
When we ran through
The church parking lot.
She was so fast
In her white stockings
And little black shoes
That it became hard
To keep up with her.

I wonder when,
I wonder why,
She stopped playing tag,
I wonder how it was
That she forgot
How to run.

I miss you, my friend,
You were the best there ever was.
Arturo Hernandez Sep 2017
A game,
Thats how it began.
I never suspected
One with your face
Would come
and ask to play.

All of us
Staring unashamed,
Me specially
As I slowed time down
To watch you
Frame by frame.

My eyes kept looking,
My hands were shaking,
"What do I say?"
My heart was yelling.
I pretended I hurt my hand -
My first instict
Was to run away.

I never told you how I felt,
And yet you knew it anyway.
I won't forget the day you came to me,
And told me you felt the same.

I purposefully walked away,
But you chased me,
You made me say
How I felt since that first day,
And now I wish
We had never met.
Arturo Hernandez Mar 2017
It was us two
With arguments
That weren't new.
It was us two
Minus my ego,
Just yours.
Was I right,
Or was I wrong?
My chest caved in,
I can't breathe
Out of my lungs.
You left me,
And I missed you;
I needed you,
Not just a picture
From my cellphone -
All I had
Were some tissues
To cry into.
I was lost
And you forgot me,
I called out to you
In the darkness and
Now that my eyes
Have adjusted
You want to call me.

I'm good here,
Thank you for asking.
Arturo Hernandez Jul 2016
I've been wanting to cry,

Not for any one particular reason,
I don't really know if it's because I'm happy
Or sad.
My life is great,
My family and friends are beautiful people,
But I feel out of place.

I'm here,
But I'd rather be elsewhere,
I am satisfied
But I'd rather be overflowing with joy.
Everything I eat
Had never tasted so bane,
Every color had never been color-less.
I'm am grateful
For what I have,
But there is something else
I haven't felt,
Not in a while.

I think it's Love.

Love that's not earned,
Love that isn't a word,
Love that doesn't want more,
Love that is grateful,
Love that is genuine,
The kind of Love
That hugs you so tight
You cry because you are reminded

That you are not alone.
I don't know.
Arturo Hernandez Apr 2016
Why do you feel so far away?

I wish that you would save me.
I cry out by day, but you don't answer,
I cry out by night and you're not there.

There's people looking down on me,
They make me feel like less of a man.

Do not be far from me
For trouble is near
And only you can help me.
Arturo Hernandez Mar 2016
I saw your neck line.

I felt a wind
Being blown to my chest,

We were in a crowd when
We were the only ones there;

The earth stood still
and for a moment I thought
I could hear my own breath.
Arturo Hernandez Feb 2016
Saturday Morning -
It's a little cloudy,
It's a little windy.

Text: We're going to get brunch
So get ready.
Thoughts: I'm hungry! It's getting late
and we have to go to a birthday party.
Baby. hurry!

Menu: I can't have anything heavy,
Me and my girlfriend were out yesterday.
To the lady: Strawberry crepes for me, please,
I'll also have a caramel macchiato, and...
Can you add a Perrier? Thanks.

Across the table: What is this moment?
It's not butterflies, there's no knots in my stomach.
I think it's's definitely happiness...
This is straight out of a movie...

No, nothing speacial happened.
It was just a cloudy Saturday morning
But there was enough Sun to hit our window,
And I just couldn't believe
I was living that moment.
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