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ashley marie Feb 2019
looking back at my previous poems
published, deleted, drafts...
its become clear that i have forgotten part of my identity,
who i was before i left my poems in the dust.
observing the transformations in my words
reminds me of the words of my inner saboteur.

I remember the person who supported my writings,
my thoughts, my feelings...
someone on the other side
who wanted me not to succumb
but to compose and understand
why I felt such sorrow each day.

re-entering my world of poems,
the emotions i archived reflect
periods of my life.
One day i hope to recognize
the impact i made on myself
and the progress that has been achieved
throughout my year of words.
Been a long time since ive written anything :)
ashley marie Oct 2018
What you have done for me
has saved my life
thank you

these dragons are no longer my terrors,
they are my friends
how grateful I am for you showing me
that I don't have to hide who I am
because of the wolves that stalk me
and taunt me

To Imagine Dragons
ashley marie Oct 2018
I sometimes forget that I do work hard.
I'm no Einstein heaven knows
I do put in the effort though
And when the results come back
I tell myself I deserved it
for not practicing enough

But when I reap what I sow
And life starts piecing itself together
I feel good
I don't hesitate to show my accomplishments
Because there are only so many aspects of life
that one can say they have conquered
I feel blessed to say that I will aspire to be greater
And I will continue to challenge my intellectual muse,
Mentally, Emotionally, Physically.
We all will study the music,
and one day we will harmonize.
Happiness takes time, sometimes its hard to remember.
ashley marie Sep 2018
its not a good sign when
you stop writing your words
for those that may be willing to lend an ear;
its not a good sign when
your computer doesn't recognize the hello poetry url
that used to be so deeply embedded into its system;
its not a good sign when
you feel your poems no longer have meaning
it is pointless to write anonymously to no one
its not a good sign when
you have to fluff your scripture
to make it more believable to readers,
or maybe yourself.
ashley marie Sep 2018
I feel chained to the couch
Mourning something bigger than me
And once I turned off the background noise of the tv
I felt my lungs collapse with it
never have i felt so hollow
and swarmed with silence
until this moment.
losing people in your life is hard.
ashley marie Aug 2018
thank you,
for reading my words.
this community is so welcoming
and im never afraid to show what i feel.
every like, love, repost,
makes me feel proud
(not something i feel often)
and every comment
makes me cry
to know someone spent their own time
on my poems.
and those comments move me and my poetry forward.
we are all evolving together,
and we are working towards something greater,
and you poets are inspiring
individuals like me
to express ourselves
so thank you,
to all the poets before me,
remembered or forgotten,
I will always remember how you've embraced and lead
communities like us,
and still do to this day.
thank you,
to all the poets of the new century,
for opening our minds to something new,
nothing stagnant.
thank you for accepting yourselves and your words for
what they are.
continuously remember how much you influence our generation,
the students,
the teachers,
the parents,
the children.
thank you
from the bottom of my heart.

Ashley Marie
I am so thankful to poetry and you artists for inspiring my daily life! An ode to you for listening to other's words, perspectives, and ambitions. I truly love you all and hope you can continue to write knowing that your words are heard. LUV U ALL
Each one counts.
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