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neth jones May 2021
..............there’s such a clamour
         so much choring
    memory thread
I sit
rocking head
receiver of motion
    bleaker of putty trauma
                creator of mammary craving take up knitting or wood carving

the fortress of thought
(in strict connivance with a bewildered host)
compiles the 'person idea'
protects the fragile calculator
               from biting at its own exposed
                  and useless self mating psychology
               from glutting on its own tail 
                   and merry going mad
                        in a tune of hoops...

..stammering to achieve valuation

for our decent management
may you continue operations falser still
defeating our own polygraphs and making fools of our internal courtrooms

i sit on this chair
things go still
thoughts occur elsewhere
am i left to not be ?....................
[no rocking horse
conveyer belt
tank tread
rock rearward and forth
the thinker and the head]
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
"I fear of having my turbulent waves crash down upon you. I fear of having my chaos entangle you in it’s mess. I fear my darkness enwrapping, engulfing and entrapping you in it’s depths. I fear of leaving you bewildered by the cryptic words that slip my tongue."

- excerpt from an open letter
Joshua Penrod Jul 2019
Bury me up to my neck in water

Soothe my like you would a preachers daughter

Like someone who’s sore from bowing at pews

Who’s secretly ****** up

And never amused

“Nevermind” -JP
Human amused tired bewildered alive dead acceptance process religion religious sin truth lies deception real
Jennifer DeLong Feb 2019
Upon my soul
he gallantly walked
he gave no mention
nor sensation
so here , I am left
to question
what , I couldn't feel
no warning
that I was his victim
he'd leave me questioning
ever moment
how'd I not know
this stranger I thought
I knew
So gallantly he walked
So to never make a sound
so I never could ?
till he was out of sight
that I'd then dare find
All that was never true
© Jennifer Delong 2/2019
Under the crimson moonlight I see,
A smile on your face, unbound and free.

I held your hand under the maple tree,
And I got down on my knee...

I humbly asked you "will you be my key?"
You smiled and said "we were meant to be."

With a sudden blackout I found myself in a void sea...
I was bewildered into reality...

As I wake up the ceiling is what I see...
And I realized my dreams were mocking me...
It was indeed a fine dream...
Lillian Harris Nov 2016
She clings
With lonely hands
To thorn-ridden
And yet
She is
When her hands
Begin to
Ayeshah Dec 2015
I literally felt the pain rushing through
my body while reading your email
I'm so sorry to read
what you must have felt
that day and that moment
I can't say that
*I know how you must have felt
because I never had this happen to me,
but I sort of know how it feels since
I've been cheated on plenty of times
But getting an email like this  
Nope this hasn't ever happen to me
I know you assume
it was due to you lacking
in so many area's
Truth be told
I've not a reason
why things happen as they have
nor can I
explain why I took
away from you
what would of been your fairy tale romance
I don't know you and never planned to
I didn't even really know him
or that he was playing this silly game

I hope you will be able to forgive me
pray too you'll find a new love
and a new happy ending for yourself
because you deserve it

As I've stated I-I don't know you
and never planned to
I didn't even really know him
or  I'd of know you were

*His wife

Copyright ©
Ayeshah K.C.L.N
All right reserved
when a man fails to tell you he's married and makes you his unwilling Mistress these are the things which can and often do happen. I feel bad for the ladies and Wives who end up in this mess!
My mind is a                ghost house,
Haunted by souls still trying t
   still here
o be found.
Some live
       mere vapours
still here
Exhale, then die, and resurrect in technicolour,
Only to expire


Like candles in an unexpected breeze.
The windows were left open

In the dark, the spectres
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