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Andrew Layman Aug 2021
There so many questions
that my daughter brings to life
it is overwhelming
yet, endearing
I have tasted pain
not wishing her to know
or understand it
these emotions
have always threatened to end me
so do not blame me
if I will not forward them
to your address
my daughter, in this life
I want to answer truthfully
but walk the edge of an answer
as carefully as I would a knife.
Andrew Layman Aug 2021
Broken toys
don't sleep at night
they sit in corners
and stare with one good eye
wondering, collecting dust
quiet rejection
turns to mistrust
with dreams just as broken.
Andrew Layman Jul 2021
There is no need
for cattle to understand
they do. they live. then die.
cast not pearls before swine
neither mine nor thine
serve them inferior supply.
let them eat cake.
live then die.
it is not necessary for cattle
to understand the ways of life
nor curse of being man.
Andrew Layman Jul 2021
I've outgrown the rage
and fallen into God's design
all the hurt and pain is gone
I've left that part of me far behind.
Andrew Layman Jul 2021
I remember
despite it being crass
what my wise grandpa once said
"You've made your bed
Now shove it up your ***!"
while that is disturbing as sin
however, the real problem is
I forgot what nursing home
we stuck him in.
Andrew Layman Jul 2021
It's getting better all the time
not the struggle
it always stays the same
but the difference is
truly I am now
a more accomplished liar.
Andrew Layman Jul 2021
Think about it---
with so many things left undone
and so many words not being said
no wonder there are so many ghosts
and so few bedsheets.
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