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sarah Feb 2018
i think i’ve always known deep inside that you and i was never going to happen
but even though my mind is telling me that
my heart is telling me
yes yes yes
because everytime i look at you i feel something inside
that i haven’t before
and i know how cliche that sounds but
i truly cannot get my mind off of you
you are unlike any other boy i’ve ever seen
and not just because your eyes are bluer than all the rest but
because you make me feel like sunshine
even though you’re not even mine
can you imagine how bright we’d be combined
DeAnn Nov 2017
I'm rising
Then falling twice as fast and twice as far
There is a presence that follows me wherever I go
He always taunts me, intrigues me, leaves me
His touch is clammy yet satisfying
Yet the more I enjoy his presence the less of myself is here
It moves to a happier place
Full of love and life
And love

I am not there
I can see it but it is unattainable
I have become chained in the darkness by his presence
A caress of my cheek
An accidental nudge
To the point where even a look feels like his embrace
I sink deeper

All I can do is sit back and watch the cycle continue
There is hope
It is right there in the light, where I am
I am there
But I am not
A piece of me is still chained in the darkness, never to return

Because I can save him
I can save the presence
If I stay long enough maybe he will join me in the light

Is it possible?
Adrian Nov 2017
I suppose
I might have liked you more
before you liked me
when you were a
castle in the sky
a faraway dream
for others to have and to hold
but not me
certainly not me
when you were a
shining vision
of unattainability
I suppose
I've always been this way
always wanted more
wanted what I can't have
bored when I get it
always wishing
always wanting
dragging myself through the pain
in order to say
"look, I survived it
look, how strong I am"
that I caused it
so I don't know
if I can deal with
your sudden attainability
don't know
if I can coerce myself through
the boredom of
Tommy Randell Oct 2017
If you were alone on a mirrored floor
Could only see yourself in strange perspective
Looking down at yourself always
Making judgements about faraway skies

If you were alone on a glassy ocean
Could feel the dark depths below you *******
Your leaden heart weighing you down
Yearning for a wave to throw you aloft

If you were alone falling through space
The wind in your lungs like liquid glass
Spinning in turmoil with no beginning, no end
Confused forever in some bright genesis of light

Then you would know
What standing near you
Does to me
Christian Bixler Feb 2017
Spirit, yearning so
waves, the cherry blossom hangs
so high; so my love.
Perfect Love, the highest ideal, hangs above me, forever unattainable; yet I strive, and in doing so I am filled with awareness, and through this, peace. And so I am content in my striving, though it may bring me to tears, at times. For I am doing my best. And that is enough.
Carolina Sep 2016
Friendships are more difficult
Because you can't find an easy way
To separate love from lust.
A hug is never just that...
Because for just a split second,
You can feel the connection, the trust.

You project an air of sensuality.
You can't help it...
It's in your talk, walk, the way you move.
Your rawness scares them.
It makes you unique, different.
And they're left craving only you.

They think it's a good thing
Because you're blessed with the body.
You could make men fall at your feet.
But you don't.
Kind, gentle, soft, you're not of this world.
Paradise is where your mind and body meet.

You will always be a heartbreak away
From the anger men will impose
On your delicate soul.
In the end, you'll be alone
Because you fear intimacy.
My Perfect Angel, whose heart he stole.
Inspired by the woman who has it all, but can't give to all.
Guen Sy May 2016
they take pictures for u
paint portraits
and write
all i can do is pray
that someday youd notice
the future i built
supposedly for u
& i
Guen Sy May 2016
i find pleasure in chasing,
wheres the fun in it
if its bound to happen
im in it for the thrill
of the uncertain,
a delicious ambiguity.
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