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Tara May 2020
When will it end, the sorrow, the pain?
What will we lose and what will we gain?
When the guns have no bullets and the missiles no fuel,
When the bodies start to mass and the blood starts to pool.

What will they create, but chaos and war?
How could we win and who sets the score?
When friends become enemies and we lose Wisdom’s sight,
When the battle is over and both sides lost the fight.

When will it end, the anger, the hate?
When will we learn from our past mistakes?
Are we to be remembered as isolated and weak?
Cowering from the prejudiced differences we seek.

Where will they go, the forsaken and lost?
How will they live and what will it cost?
When the land becomes barren and all hope disappears,
When the love and ties of family are no longer revered.

When will it end, the sadness, the grief?
Who is the hero and who is the thief?
When they build a big wall and send more men to fight,
Taking more lives in the dead of the night.

Who will we blame when the tears come like rain?
Who will be responsible for humanity’s slain?
When the finger is pointed at leaders and their deeds,
Where justice has fallen to corruption and greed.

When will it end, the suffering, the hurt?
How many corpses shall we leave in the dirt?
When will we choose peace, when will we choose life?
Choose to shield each other from evil’s sharp knife.

Will it be worth it, the famine and death?
Will we know peace before our last breath?
When we cast out our brothers, both by arms and by blood,
Loyalty and honour, left in the mud.

If we end it with battle and fire and lead,
We’ll end it in disgrace, and we’ll end it dead.
If we end it with war and anguish and guns,
We’ll end it in terror for when judgement comes.


If we end it with allies and fealty and trust,
We’ll end it with dignity and we’ll do what we must.
If we end it united, and make them understand,
Perhaps humanity’s salvation may yet be at hand.
Entered this into a competition a while back (didn't win). One of my favourite poems.
Tara Apr 2020
Little scorned outcast,
all grown now and strong
Finally found somewhere he could belong,
but little scorned outcast could not forget
the toil, the tears, the blood and the sweat.

First he came for father, old and weak,
took his shotgun and pointed at cheek
The trigger 'twas pulled, Daddy was no more
but there were more than he to come for.

Mother was next, humming in her chair,
when she saw him her eyes bulged in stare
The scarf she doth knit for beloved son
wrapped tight 'round her neck before she could run.

Brother was out, throwing hay in the field,
strong and broad, poor wretch would likely be killed
But nimble and quick, took rusted scythe in his hand
spilled brother's own blood on brother's own land.

Lastly was fair sister, slept by the fire,
a quaint pretty girl nonetheless fated for the pyre
Her innocent face free from her deserved guilt
the wretch took knife from the table and buried its hilt.

Finally free from burden of the past,
the poor, little outcast looked his last
at last complete in his vengeful plight
the wretch no longer; disappeared into the night.
Tara Apr 2020
Helpless and forsaken,
runt in the mud
Cry for your mother,
call for your family mistaken.

Left in the cold,
left to die in the rain
Cry for your father,
as you feast on the mould.

Shivering small wretch,
surely soon dead
Cry for your brother,
while you sleep in the ditch.

Forgotten and famished,
all alone in the world
Cry for your sister,
as you shake in your anguish.
Tara Apr 2020
Her delicate hands, her soft blue eyes,
lose yourself to her beauty
Give her all you can; she is
the only one you will love.

So you promise her the world,
she does not accept
She thinks little of this world
and does not hide her distaste.

Her long, blonde curls, her lithe figure dancing,
she enthrals you so you pursue
The chase continues,
but this mouse does not fear the cat.

You find her mocking you, poor mite,
chasing and chasing
She lifts her beautiful head high, tosses her mane,
she will never be caught.
Tara Apr 2020
She wanted me first, always a lust
for me
Coaxed me to her side, always so
curious to me.

She desired me then, the impossible conquest
I was
Opened to me like petal to a rose, so
beautiful she is.

She hated me next, the guarded sentinel
she saw.
My heart was protected from her, so
scorned she was.

She loves me now, her one true soulmate
I am
I gave myself, in my being, for always
happy we are.
Tara Apr 2020
Hair entangled in your grasp,
feel your power in her lust,
tease her with your strength and tighten
your hold on her want.

Encourage her need, feel her melt for you,
touch her, don't touch her,
you are the master of this dance
she must learn, to stay.

She is willing, make her wanting,
taste her flesh, mark it,
she is yours now
make her know it.
Tara Apr 2020
Sing to me, little angel, show me
your way; show me the light
of a thousand days
Keep me from harm, little angel, keep me
at bay; keep me from going
too far astray
Tell me you love me, little angel, tell me
it's true; tell me thus always so
I never lose you.
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