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Strying Oct 2020
Music blasting,
Skin tingling,
Face frozen,
Eyes cold.
Am I dead yet?
Haven't been so active on HP but I have been writing book ideas so I'm still passionate don't worry :)
Sad little poem, been overwhelmed with homework and tests recently.
Marri Dec 2019

Can't you hear the creak of the floorboards?
Can't you hear the faint call of a name?

The house still thinks you're there;
The rooms still think you're breathing.


Can't you hear the crunch of the frost coated grass?
Can't you hear the turn of the engine?
(Roaring to life)

The earth still thinks you step there.
The car still thinks you drive there.

Feel it?

Can't you feel the sweat building up between tightly grasped hands?
Can't you feel the head so gently laid upon your arm?

The hands still think you're coming back--
The heart still thinks you're beating together.

The image of you and her dancing barefoot throughout the house still flashes.
The sound of you and her whispers still linger.
The feeling of you and her still in love is there.


The sound of the radio still statics in and out.
The feeling of warm love still beats inside.
The sight of a smile and laughter still is engraved in the mind.


You and her together.
You and her forever.


She remembers.
She still sees you dancing through the house.
She still hears you whispering love melodies.
She still feels you there with her,
Lingering, tingling, staying forever--
Haunting her.
Nomkhumbulwa Feb 2019
One minute fine,
The next minute not,
It may be freezing cold,
But my brain is boiling hot.

The tingling sensation,
And then the trembling starts,
I cannot feel my legs,
Yet how I feel my heart!

The environment is spinning,
The air is getting thin,
No matter how fast I breathe,
I cant get enough oxygen in.

Things enter my mind,
I try to force them out,
But the harder I try,
The more they come back and shout.

I feel im going to faint,
Im feeling so sick,
I cannot run away,
All my legs let me do is sit.

My legs get weak and heavy,
My brain doesnt know whats going on,
Everything becomes something to fear,
The floor, my clothes, hair... and so on.

My mouth is dry like paper,
My body is sweating yet cold,
Where did all of this come from?
Is this what its like to get old?

My body feels frozen,
But my brain is running around,
Playing tricks on me,
Where there is no danger to be found.

Breathing exercises dont work
Though they make sense normally,
In the moment of panic -
You lose all sense of reality.

The images enter your mind,
You try to force them out,
But the harder you try,
The more they refuse to get out.

Everything becomes a danger,
I will say one more time,
Every object becomes a weapon,
And slices through your mind.

The nausea causes more panic,
The panic responds with more nausea,
What a horrific cycle,
How to stop it I have no idea.

****** functions fail,
The digestive system especially,
But now your afraid of the toilet (!)
Though you need it in a hurry.

The trembling is so intense,
The fear so intense,
You struggle to make a call,
Your mind and body losing control.

Diazepam becomes your best friend,
You'd worship it if you could,
Its often there to save the day,
..Although at other times you just wish it would...

The adrenal glands are to blame,
Im not the Adrenalin rush kind,
My adrenal glands are evil,
How can they be so cruel and unkind?!

I dont like my adrenal glands,
Im an ***** donar - but if I die please be warned,
...then again, with the right brain, they could be your friends?

Its the "brain- adrenal gland" combination,
Which is of the ******* kind,
Perhaps if brain sent out the right signals,
My adrenal glands might understand.

There is a time and place for adrenalin,
I have sampled many myself,
But this is just not one of them...
Yet - subconcious brain fears itself...

That is it.....the brain "fears itself"...
Well, I tried to put words to the panic...
Not sure if i did it justice.  I could have written more.  So much more.  Anyway...didnt really know / plan on writing it at all! :/
stopdoopy Sep 2018
A Fix


It's either euphoric or revolting,
what some would call love.
wrote this back in june, now it reminds me of some friends (lookin at you Cait-Cait and Trix)
Jo Barber Jun 2018
You kiss like it's going out of style.
You kiss like you're already inside me.
Heavy breaths, panting,
arms and legs tingling.
No need for words
with kisses like those.

Those kisses are poetry itself.
sweet ridicule Oct 2015
first of all I would like to apologize for my
loving demands of utter complicated simplicity
the extent of my complacent attitude can only
last a few minutes before it is over and there are veins in my brain coursing with salt water

apathetic towards nothing

after the rain fell
and all I could focus on were
my legs intertwined with magic
--funny isn't it, where you can find magic these days--
there were clouds behind my
telltale eyes (not rain clouds
but thunder)
in the purest form

secrets enveloped in my throat
bound to my fragile
but the tips of my fingers are tingling
like I am standing
on the wing of an airplane
and heights
don't scare me as much anymore
things  are happening
kailasha Nov 2014
I like to believe that ugly hands
can create beautiful things
that they can paint oceans wide and deep
that they can scribble words that make the soul weep.
I like to think that ugly hands,
with darkened knuckles and twisted bones
can make someone want to hold them
and trace patterns, and leave tingling jolts.

This took a different turn than the one intended.
Juliet Escobar Aug 2014
As I look at short films based on love and happiness a feeling of pure want flows deeply into my chest and spreads through my whole body.

To look at someone in their eyes and not give into my instinct of looking away is foreign.

I miss the comfort of love.
I miss the smile love creates.

I miss the me that had someone to fight for, someone to defend.
Someone to jump off a bridge for.

when your in love the air is different,
gravity changes,
priorities change,

I miss the person i was when i was in love.
A non broken smile
A filled heart

I've been alone for quite some time now
the only time i truly miss it all is when i see love in peoples eyes
its crazy to me how when someone is truly in love you can actually see it in their eyes...
i guess thats how powerful it all is

I believe to have forced myself to forget how amazing it is to be in love

i feel so dull now
i feel so filled with everything that has to do with absolutely nothing without love we cease to have any purpose.
i want to love
a genuine pure honest and crazy love
i remember what that feels like and its the best feelings i have ever felt. i want it.

relentless butterflies
Flowing through my veins and making me weak to my knees
Shortness of breath
like if nothing else in the world matters at that specific moment when you are looking into her eyes
her oh so beautiful memorizing eyes
Forfeit to all the walls your monsters and your past have built in you for so long
The end of the superficial world you live on the outside and the reemerging of the everything you are on the inside
The universe within you that you work so hard to hide from others coming to light and making home in the visible world

Being in love does all this to you

Oh how i long for that greater power to infect my blood stream, unfreeze my heart, brake everything the monsters have built, and bring the real me to light so that the whole world can see that I'm still there

One day
I can't wait for that day
Antonia Apr 2014
To Love
is to have a faraway land, full to the brim of blue sky bliss,
To kiss
Is to have a chain reaction of tingling nerves, the taste of sweet champagne,
To smile
Brings happiness to every corner of your heart, to soar sky high with not a care in the world.
♡What it is to Love, to Kiss and to Smile.

— The End —