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My heart is truly humbled
I can barely speak
Listening to angels voices
Raising me off my feet
Lifting my heart to Jesus
Let not these sounds be muffled
Sounds of angels wings
Love abounds so gloriously
His Love encompasses
Those who Hear Him speak
Oh Lord I am so thankful
To know You care for me
Humbled at Your presence
Loving my simplicity
Always admiring You so
Now being Yours completely
I'm at Your beckoned call
Lord allow me to serve you always
As you have served us all


🐑 “With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace”
In the beauty of His Light
Appears a road to Grace
Majestic is the sight
Behold such fire is His face
Touching my soul with piercing rays
Teaching my soul to obey
Highlights whisper praise
Moments of prayer gratitude array
Angels singing lullabies
Glory fills my being
Amidst this road less traveled cries
Melodies inwardly flowing
Lost but now found I testify
My soul radiantly worships
The Lover of my souls cry
Jesus my Savior our Fellowship
My best Friend
My Eternal Husband
Christ in me the hope of Glory never ends
Lying in perfect peace waiting in His Land
Love is awesomely glowing through every divine thought
My prayer is thankful
Honor and praise humility wrought
Basking in the after glow of His Presence Graceful
"To my hearing thou shalt give joy and gladness: and the bones that have been humbled shall rejoice"
Our wants are what stops us from receiving our needs
Ability to overcome this evil nature we were all born with
My heart being tenderized occasionally bleeds
Then the warmth of the glow in God’s comforting sunsets calm all my inhibitions within

Sharing words from across the globe
Not really knowing the individuals state of mind
Sharing our deepest intimate truths inwardly we have been told
Emotions from either side sometimes collide

We do our best to keep peace backing away
Sometimes people need space because their world isn’t in the same wavelength
Time after time when the pain is gone the person is wanting your fellowship again today
Being cordial prepared with armor and a clear discernment we pray Lord please give me strength

“A single moment of self-communion, of love, and of the presence of God, will enable us to perceive and understand the truth, better than all the reasonings of men”

People all races colors and creeds have been brought up differently
God brings them into our lives for a seasonal engagement
Keeping conversations dedicated to react spiritually
When we can’t hold on to the limb we are hanging on to foreseeing entrapment

Letting go is our personal choice no condemnation
Peace is the main goal always to stay composed
Easier said than done when wildfires endangering our soul to vexation
Praying for the rivers to flow in and though the damaged relationship healing wounds that scarred over so many times exposed

Can we bare the open wounds time after time
God is the One bringing these tests for our benefit for patient endurance smoothing each stone
If we always had our way it would be a crime to slip from our climb
How can we ever walk firm on the foundation He has paved for us Himself first all alone

Lord please hold us in your radiant light
Exterminating “Self” to stand strong in Your presence firm
Loving because You Loved us first while we were still night
Give us the precious virtues and fortitude for our election confirmed

That is my hearts desire
Loving yet knowing people are vessels filled with whatever their life planted unaware
Going through the holy intense controlled fire
Embracing Your stairway to heaven one pace at a time always prepared

Loving everyone yet space is the saving grace when it’s just too hard to face


🐑 “Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you”
I love everyone but there are times when childhood ***** is too hard to swallow
What are you waiting for my friend
Satan’s standing at hells entrance passing out E-tickets
Since the beginning we knew there would be an end
Even the demons believe as they are warming up their briquets

Our Lord doesn’t want anyone to suffer
That’s why He came Himself to show us the way
Left a guide book and a personal instructor
Everything on earth in heaven and parallels remind us deep within our souls that there will be a Last Day
Obedience to His voice is our protector

There’s a fear within the soul
Deniers play it down because they don’t want to believe
Afraid they have to give something up like a vice’s control
Just because you can’t see behind the curtain doesn’t mean it isn’t there to deceive

My Daddy said he was going to live till he died
He suffered more than anyone I ever knew in so many ways because of his stubbornness
He did believe but not enough to prepare or let down his pride
My Daddy was one who would do anything for anyone as his kindness was for everyone always

But on his death bed he was mean and angry
Not like him at all
That’s why pastors go to try and save people on their death bed as there is a fight for the soul like a cliffhanger
It took me years to even fathom that he was gone and wasn’t going to call

Please prepare your hearts for your last day
It’s a fact that after we are born someday we will die
Some people have longer than others to stay
Why not take the chance before it’s too late to try

I’m just a spark in the night
A flame burning as a lamp
Hoping to maybe ignite
someone like me that was lost now found in the dead of night
Maybe there’s a shaky hand looking for a match to light and revamp

Doesn’t everyone deserve the chance to know there’s a beacon searching for them right now

I’m not religious
I don’t go to the church
I’m just a person who loves the Lord more than my selfishness
I’m just someone a mere grain of sand who loves enough to make a stand for your souls worth

Sadly we see all the tragedies more often as demons last hurrah
It says in Habakkuk that they will occupy vessels not their own
Devastating destruction of as many souls as possible using precious children’s insecurities into mind games to ****** them like outlaws
The victims are not only the wounded and dead but the ones in whom this evil is corrupting unknown

I pray for people to wake up and see this world cannot be fixed with superglue
We need to repent and turn our souls inward
Distractions from everything outward only deludes
Focusing on prayer to the only true God and Savior Jesus is the last and sure saving card

Love the Lord with all your heart
And believe in His promises
Allow Him to clothe you for when you depart
He’ll take off those rose tinted glasses

Rest In Peace
In the mind of Christ
A stable foundation
Found in His Life
Not just here and now
But Forever
In His abiding Light
Never again to be found in the dark
But to be the light on this rescue team to search for other survivors
In this darkness
and ask them
Do you need a light

🐑 "Light is risen to the just, and joy to the right of heart"
Carol Rose James Nov 2020
Oncoming trains stop in ghost towns
Riding the rails searching for a cozy habitation
High minded bright future let downs
All aboard! This trains on a mission
Seeking out souls with open invitations
Unaware of evil thirsty and dry
Creeping through tainted music, games that ****** the minds limitations  
Subtle is a hobo catching the line
Suffering in silence
The victims of evil onslaught
Driven into oblivion’s ice
Petrified convinced naught
Gravity builds these towers
Captives chained for loss
Never a spark of light as these wallflowers
Crippled within tracks of albatross
Loved ones just roll their eyes
Misunderstanding the tormented soul’s daunted pain
Doctors give meds to subdue disguise
Exchanging hallucinations to the already traumatized shackled in shame
Such wide spread casualties swept under society’s carpet in legions
Doctors don’t have a clue
Jesus said demons like these
It’s with much prayer that they can be rescued
Darkness lies and deceives
To keep the Light at bay
Force feeding anger towards themselves misleads
As gangrene eats at its prey
Whistle blows to gather momentum
Picking up speed aborting sleep in endless nights
Hungover in a lifeless form of
incompetence within them
Despair heightens as curtains close melting in paranoia bites
Listen to one who escaped
Through a crack in the light of day
Waiting on the Lord as the whistle blew I begged to liberate
Believing in POWER of Jesus there’s a way
Knowing and trusting is a firm foundation
Don’t anyone tell me it can’t be done
Even Christian drs said no way impossible denunciation
My God performed the impossible and then some
He changed my way of thinking
Not an overnight quick fix
Gradually through His Word continually seeking
I’m off the demons list
Still the watch keeps on daily
Focusing on Jesus INside
No more dwelling on dark evil history
Just beaming in the afterglow never allowing that whistle to blow out my light
Your hearing from One who knows
The sufferings painfully endured engineering suicides
I’m telling you there is help to those
Who believe and want to end their oncoming train at the core and deride
All aboard!
Or not
Skip the train ride’s *****
Let her pass on by with a blind spot
Your riding on a different wave
High on the power
Being a survivor Jesus saved
Enemies are devoured
In Jesus Name
"But by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, we believe to be saved, in like manner as they also"
Carol Rose James Nov 2020
Dusty roads well traveled
Spreading seeds along the way
Who knew it's when life unravels
Someone took the time to pray
Lord who would care enough for me
To add me to their list
Kneeling at their bedside
With favor in their midst
Please thank them for me won't You
As You placed me in their heart
Knowing the seed was planted by You
From the very start
I’m sorry I’m unable to be on here reading your beautiful poetry I hope to be well soon
Carol Rose James Oct 2020
Such a beautiful array of highlights
Encompass the delicate few
Graduation is the natural entrance into twilights
Being shown before you

Stepping out to view a new horizon
Where the twinkle in your eye is inspired to dance
Your heart is the focus beyond compromising
Lift up your eyes to the opportunities perchance

Heartstrings tug but they are not always trustworthy
The one who ignites your halo
Shines a lighted path for your Journey
Always immaculate innocence your inner being will know

The changes are so rapidly affecting each mornings song
Trust the Lord to always enhance the view
Giving you strength and courage to press on
His Life will always sustain you

Treasure the pathways illuminated
Listen for His voice
Love rules as His heart is dedicated
Ultimately suggesting each little choice

Mountains move when we focus on the Light
People honor silence
As their questions never get entrance to your mind
A women’s beauty is in her ability to be timeless

Never feeling the pull of the uninvited circumstances
People try digging for dirt in the golden vessel
The less a person knows about you is priceless
Lips that kiss this innocence will be strong and sensible

The entrance of this new adventure is at your fingertips
Play each tune well enough to decide your futures best endeavor
Be persuaded by the Love within your souls glimpse
Giving all honor and glory to our holy Father

Our Love is for His likeness
To be treasured beyond all inspirations
Nothing in this world matters except His graced presence
Carefully preparing you for Life in His chosen occupation

Walk on precious granddaughter in God’s grip
Follow the purest guidance
Prayers are always on our lips
Knowing your in the best Hands as you persist

Beware of flashy imaginations
Night time extravaganzas in the morning fade
All that glitters isn’t gold but negativity’s imitations
When everything is in the light you’ll be lightly led by the grace that’s been prayed

tinhearts ~©️
Carol Rose James Oct 2020
Life is just a breeze
One day through the window
Our eyes are open to SEE
Dust floating in the rays of the glow

From then on our memories bank
Measuring who comforts and who lets me bleed
Storing our emotions in rank
Turbulence trembles while a passionate touch relieves

Seasons of winters and fall
Summer doesn’t come to mind
Always looking out a window
I recall
Searching for what I craved inside

No one understood being too bottled up to breath
Loneliness is a gift to stir
Not a remembrance but a need
Always stepping away from a crowd seemingly insecure

Learning to put on a facade
Tucking in insecurities
More likable became an acceptable fraud
Unaware of the switch in personalities

Becoming and being got lost in despair
Finding nobody to hear my desperation
Home alone grew longer than thin air
Sinking in was devastation

Why do some prosper
With happiness and freedom with friends
Was God saving me from a disaster
Or just another oddball making no sense

After all I always prayed
To whom I wasn’t sure
As time flew out the window in masquerades
I’m Thankful He saved me on purpose as life’s journeys are a mean vapor

Knowing God is aware
His Love is what I believe
Joy now comforts the heirs
That used to steal my relief

New wave lengths long or short
Riding through time with a promise
Nobody can ever make me abort
The Love I’ve received through His Kindness

Floating now in Living water
Overcoming the swells on the Way
Thinking of taking that last big wave rolling closer
Or if it’s meant for me to wait, let it pass, away
Carol Rose James Oct 2020
Fires screaming for violence
Disobedience in the hearts morally debased saying bad is good has a recompense
Lawless minds beyond the twilight zone deteriorating the state of common sense
When Moses came upon a burning bush it was  on holy ground God calling His own

The wildfires are on evil ground enemies out of control
Nature fights back to punish the selfish uncontrollable
Such a sadness fills my soul
For the ones just caught there in between the violence unavoidable

When the abomination of desolation has filled up the cup
Evil begins its wars with vengeance
Because it has vessels (people willing) to do the ***** work unknowing they are the puppets rising up
The separation has to take place

He isn’t saving flesh and blood “the human race”
When Jesus was raised up on the third day
He was raised a New Creation for us to follow at His pace
Killing the old nature if it tries to rise up even while we pray

Our destiny is in His hands
If we fall into traumatizing trials we can’t possibly live through
It’s His plans
Though it doesn’t seem right because we think in terms of man

But every evil that gets away with injuring Gods Sons
Is part of His perfection plan
The way humans act so out of control how else can we be humbled to be His Holy Ones
We may not understand

And I pray for strength as I can’t do anything without Him
Depending on His Love in each happenstance
Crying instead of rejoicing is my downfall I feel the dim
But He is so full of kindness He comforts in every instance

Once the Sons of God manifest and people melt in their presence
The outward world will gradually Lighten up and follow
The transformation of a generation instilled in kindness
Darkness will be gone as illumination’s glance simply swallow
So when you see these out of control enemies behaving badly Through winds or fires or rain or an earthquake fall down and pray like there’s no tomorrow

There might not be but in all honesty we have to go through hell to find heaven so time is wasting
The more obedient we are in an everyday flow
The less the testings will be if we have come to an end of our “selves” replacing
Everything we think we know

Learning to only do the will of the Father
Oh my heart skips a beat
Just to know this to be true in each other
Come to the Living water where the essence of peace and Love don’t have to compete

Simplicity is the stillness
Life just flows in all purity
Grace is a soothing silence
The soul in her new glorious Light body
Tenderly bows to Her Husband in honor and humility

Love will conquer every enemies space
As the same power that raised Jesus
gives us
His Divine purity through grace
Love to embrace
tinhearts ~©️
🐑 “The potter also tempering soft earth, with labour fashioned every vessel for our service, and of the same clay he makes both vessels that are for clean uses, and likewise such as serve to the contrary: but what is the use of these vessels, the potter is the judge
Carol Rose James Oct 2020
Become Little

The whole world is suffering
Rabid dogs running social media into a horror flick as believed to be true
Energizing the evil surmising
Burrowing indecency to the point beyond red or blue

Whether it be tornadoes or hurricanes
Fires with billowing smoke
Unhealthy living in traumatic methods remains
The world is trying to **** us one way or another as we isolate ourselves in an increasingly questionable options to cope

Always we pray for the presence of His Mighty Arm
To comfort the suffering little ones not understanding what is happening to their security
Parents unpleasant about being cooped up with a family they never took the time before to experience their charm
Love is sliding through holes in the pockets with the onslaught of uncertainty

Stammering sleeplessness devouring dreams of all is going to be ok
Trusting in the Lord isn’t in many who just don’t know where to turn
As the rivers rise and masks run out the questions in between the tears may come to some as a last resort to pray
With all your heart and soul believe in the only One who can help you repent and discern

Times have come and gone since Jesus rose out of His tomb in all Glory arrayed
Go tell your brothers I have arisen as the scriptures spoke of
“Do not let this one thing escape your notice, dear friends that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years are as a single day”
We are now in the early morning of the third thousand day where darkness is still ruling with a firm glove

Transformation so unforeseen by skeptics
Believing their own lofty lies
The grandeur of personified Holy Ones searching for those who believe and waited patiently for eternal aspects
Inwardly fulfilling the unfolding of mysteries known since the beginning recognizes

No outward observation
The world is at its wits end trying to revive a dead corpse
The Word has been spoken and will faithfully be revealed inwardly to those with this honored invitation
Evil will burn out of “self” reproach

“Our real idea of God may lie buried under the ******* of conventional religious notions and may require an intelligent and vigorous search before it is finally unearthed and exposed for what it is.”

The most significant message in silence is often more eloquent than speech
Sitting at the feet of Jesus being filled with the virginity of pure Truth
Preachers have made publicly a carnival of leavening poison in the loaves and the fishes they teach
Though the unbelievable rise will be the innocence of upcoming youth

As the Son begins to rise on the horizon in hope filled eyes
The changes taking place are rearranging the stock exchange
Bringing peace to the poor in spirit and love to the simple I emphasize
The Light will burn in the hearts of the promising few who believe people need a nature change

“Only after an ordeal of painful self-probing are we likely to discover what we actually believe about God.“
People have fallen from believing in God because of the way Christianity has degraded the holiness in their message
Saying they believe yet they do the same things as the unbelievers in their dishonest sinful walk
The taste has soured but the children will hear the true inbreathed essence

Truth doesnt ever have to touch the tongue to be expressive
The anointed light within the soul is our genuine Life giving Spirit whispers Living waters like an artesian well
Once the Love deeply impresses into open hearts there is nothing to stop the intense manifest progressive

Inward journey of unveiling the Divine Mind of Christ
Spreading like wildfire this metamorphosis filling all with the promised new Life
Like a worm transforms into a butterfly
Light swallows up the outward sight
Bringing Life to new heavens and new earth as in the beginning immaculate purity intensified

All emotions aside
We must die to natural carnal mind
Becoming who we were meant to be in Christ Alive
Gracefully this will turn you inside out as everything is inside

Don’t be alarmed or hide
Ditch your pride
Fulfill your purpose
to survive
All will certainly realize God if they are earnest

Reach for the prize
Become little
In His eyes

“The Christians conception of God currently is so decadent as to be utterly beneath the dignity of the Most High God and actually to constitute for professed believers something amounting to a moral calamity.”

tinhearts ~©️

🐑 “If anyone  says  to  you, ‘ Look here  is  the  Christ ! or , ‘ There  he is!’  Do  not  believe  him. For  false  messiahs  and  false  prophets  will  appear and  they  will  perform  great  signs  and  wonders  so  as  to ­ lead  astray if  that were  possible even  the  elect”
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