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William Marr Dec 2020
at the very beginning
a bass horn hummed from the left ear
merging with the shrieking violin from the right
climbed to the mountaintop
then howling and roaring
together they rushed down and swept across the wilderness
soon they were scooped up and held in midair
waiting for the conducting baton
to drop
teddy Nov 2020
your constant, unending noise
i rebuke thee, '*******!', beautiful mind strangled into crude curses
profane in nature,
rituals of execration in the dead of night and stillborn morning,
lit by a brazier of an ungodly hued red,
as you roar like thunder into delicate ears.

'please be quiet'
i petition to the wailing angels
stabbing at my eardrums with harpy claws,
rip my brain to shreds in echoes of outraged confusion
'tearin' out your hair like a banshee'
Spacecadet Dec 2019
My ears hiss and hum,
they fizz and they freak
Like a song with no melody
week after week

You hear sound
and I hear distortion
This ever present noise
is driving me to exhaustion

I may never hear quiet,
or stillness again,
I wonder how long
till it drives me insane

a chord played by a corpse,
a factory, a machine,
an electrical substation
with a piano wedged between

a never ending, mind bending
permanent drone
its like 16 simultaneous flatliners
that wont leave me alone

An orchestra of electrical tools
A theme tune stuck on the e-cord
Dear god, I am tired now,
Please change the record

Distract me, but loudly
Give me a release  
From this burglary of sound
I want back my peace

But don’t take away my sound
My connection to living
Just ease up on the howlers
That sound so unforgiving

People say ahhh
and they tilt their head,
This just makes me want to batter them
And let them hear my sound instead! J

Please remember my challenges
Even when I look happy and beaming
The volume is right down on my world
And the noise in my head is still steaming

Those times when you forget
you whisper, you mumble
I try as I might but I can’t reach
You through this rumble grumble

Have courage to speak louder
Direct your words to my face
This is an act of love
It is a kindness and a grace

Try not to lose patience
With me and my noisy faulty ears
These are tough challenges I face
These are my troubles my tears

I love and I laugh still
I try to forget it
Your remembering, and your sensitivity
Really helps me not sweat it.
LEE Dec 2018
You hum your song day and night,
Intrude in my solace without fail,
Persistence to rival time forever.
You sap my will to fight,
One day I shall set sail,
But your time comes never!
neth jones Nov 2018
Under the curse
There is a loss of humour :
Childlike excitement is friction in memory
and become
a tinnitus of love
upon your compressed exhaustion

It takes a persistence
the insistence of the stubborn
a guesting
to transverse the yawn within
to make you a new spell

This could bring about your
day-to-day skills and willingness
Regain the hum
Observe the silliness and the tune of your make
Recognise the scope
and think a smile.
Written after reading 'When the world lost a smile' by Poetic T.
LeV3e Feb 2018
The day drifts by
My mind seeking it's
Routine fix with
Nicotine dreams while
Sirens sing in my ears
your cherry lip gloss packs a punch.
i never wanted to sober up
from that punch drunk lust.
prom night while i lie on my left side
i hear tinnitus flirting with my right ear
she breathes into me heavily
the memory that you've been here and
i'll never feel pain like that again.
so i'll bite into my own lip until i come to understand
that wet metallic sensation
and the throbbing skin that
is passion.
Vexren4000 Jul 2017
The ringing of dimensions,
The sound of air flowing in your ears,
the whispers of ancient times long buried,
Voices of family passed away,
Whispering deep by your eardrum,
The ringing of the telephone,
When no such phone is ringing,
An infection of madness in my ear,
The tinnitus,
Ringing a sound,
Almost like the haze of a radio,
As if my mind can not find a station with a clear signal,
Disturbing the sleep,
The modern world demands me to have.

Äŧül Dec 2016
This eerie silence make me hear tinnitus,
My own brain buzzes noisily as always...

The saddening grief & the aggrieved sad,
Both terms are mine and am myself so..

There beats a heart of mine in her chest,
Seated in her ribcage between the *******.

I might be able to smile someday again,
And the smile be creditable to satisfaction..

The silence scares me & is so deafening,
Beeps continuously the tinnitus within...
HP Poem #1321
©Atul Kaushal
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