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I want love
and then I get it
And Ive fallen out again

So I want touch
without the meaning
All these messages we send

Theyre superficial
Don't have energy
To go deep now today

But then I feel used
Just a fool
Thinking I can play this game

I want love
And then I don't
And I am stuck in love with you

I want depth
I want talks
But then I can't tell you the truth

I want meaningless
to make me feel more sane

But then I know deep down
I don't think nothing
Means nothing to me
all it takes is a match
and a little bit of friction
and chemistry
and I'm up in flames
EricM Feb 25
Two years since we've talked
And your picture appears
Uncalled upon my screen
For untold scores to leer

You lie about your age
You go by a different name
You have a new tattoo
Spread across your frame

But your lips are still the same
Your eyes quite distinct
As the diamond stud that
Rests high upon your cheek

You're more beautiful
Than I dare to remember

More beautiful than I dare
To remember

Still your kiss
Can't be out done
As every girl since
Has come to learn

As if they felt your absence
When our bodies meet
Far more than my presence
And know they can't compete

Yes, your absence is felt
Far more than my presence

I'm not so surprised
In some small way satisfied
Was the money you left me for
Not enough to keep you occupied?
To "Lacey"
Xaha Feb 20
There’s a brilliant world of words and wine
Hidden behind the curtain:
A barrier of stares and smiles
Shyly given, modestly strained.
Each subtle push
Met with an even gaze.

Tell me more about yourself -
Your secrets
Your lies
Your favorite memories
Your darkest times.

There’s much more here
Than society allows we breach
On a first date meeting
In the middle of the week.

Sure, you swiped right
And that means you think I’m cute
But do we have a connection
Deeper than this Champagne flute?
I don’t want to talk about the weather
Or what your roommates do.
This isn’t an ad on craigslist,
You have nothing to prove.

Now you’re checking your phone
At every silence
*** we’re hardwired to our handheld
And if we aren’t leaving together
The night's been a bust.

No gain, no loss, no truths to wrestle -
No point finding a soul
In a hollow vessel.
Shlomo Jan 18
I swiped.
We matched!
I hyped!
We latched!
And patched. Yet another broken heart.
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.
dating woes.
Shlomo Jan 17
Part I

When in doubt blame the black man.
Doubly so if it rhymes with that man,
the crack man. The cap man, the rack man. We got you on a lock man.
Shoot em, **** em, **** em up, all the way up!
Till he's nothing but black, man.

*** what could be worse than being black?
A half-man.
Ubiquitous; everywhere, but fits in with no man.
Woman? The last said there's something off about that man.

Part II

All I did was swipe right, and now it feels like a wrong turn.
"Maybe it's just not your turn yet."
Or maybe I'm trying too hard, with nothing but bad bets.
Feelings of desperation, manipulation is **** near perpetual.
**** it. I'm just tryna get another quotable, man.
Northern Poet Oct 2017
When you're with someone
That you don't love
What will you do
When push comes to shove

Do you sit there in silence
In these self-hurt times of violence
Or do you cut the rope
And lose all hope
'Until death do us part'
Or will you go back to the start

Do you lie and cheat
Until you start to spy
And then you can't eat
You can't even sleep
And you never felt so cheap
And *****
It was only
A bit of flirting

What started out as lust
Is now all about trust
When the happiness fades away
It all turns to dust
Amanda Francis Dec 2018
If my dating account was real it would say...

None of you people are the person I'm in love with.

You're just a distraction.

Then I ask myself.

Who are you in love with?
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
i think i'm doing fine but my friends think otherwise
i only called you once yesterday
and thrice today but that was only because i had to make sure you were still there
because last time i had called the phone cut out cause you went through a tunnel

my friends say i need to open my eyes but aquarians are dreamy types and i broke my glasses so what difference does it make if i’m sleeping anyways?
i'm 20 years old and that's not a lot
boys think i'm cute
but they think my friend is hot
cause she ******* is

i keep getting high and redownloading tinder
when i'm home alone in my living room
with the office on repeat and my cats
attacking my feet

meanwhile i'm getting annoyed because i'm just trying to eat
and everyone keeps telling me i need some thicker meat
on my bones
and telling me i should watch my texts
and to call if it involves **** or ***

my best friends are sleeping together
i wish i could make this thing between us better
but you kind of **** dude
and i’m sorry but i don’t think i can talk to you
without being rude so..
i guess i don’t really wish to change things after all
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