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Jenn Dec 2020
i didn't realize you didn't care.
i tried so hard
to be there for you,
but you blew me off
like birthday candles.
my favorite smell;
next to pine trees,
on a cold december morning,
where i find myself missing you,
it just turns out,
that all the pretty words you said to me
were lies
and thats alright
ill just find myself lying in someone else's bed tonight.
Jenn Nov 2020
do you ever wonder why,
as i drive by,
how i throw my cigarette out the window?
so violently..
it's because i dont want it..
to fly back in.
sometimes i think,
you're just like that cigarette.
you fly back in..
unbeknownst to me
and burn my carpet.
leaving another mark,
so subtle.
yet another reminder,
of my black lungs
and black heart.
no thanks,
to you.
all that glitters is not gold
thelemonpolice Sep 2020
I like you
Wait it’s only been a day
But I’ve spent hours messaging
Talking all day

Yes I rhymed day with day
What are you gonna do?
I’ve wasted all my conversational skills on you

I like you
But at the same time I know
You’re out of my league
And I’ve been too slow

You’re talking to other people
More interesting
Who send better things
Than the things that I think

But I like you
But talking, I’ve figured it out
You’re too far away
And you’re emotionally down

A breakup too recent
You need to find you
Like everyone on these sites
You don’t know what to do

You don’t know what you want
You’re just milling around
But I know what I want
And I’ll stand my ground

And we might talk for weeks
We might talk for months
You might call me up
Invite me out for lunch

But you’ll never meet
Our schedules don’t align
Even though it seems
For your friends you have time

And so you string me along
Because I’m here and you’re bored
And you waste my time
Get my hopes up, good lord

And then you tell me I’m needy
You’re not over your ex
And you say your goodbyes
And then move on to the next.
Sashaa Aug 2020
he swipes the cigarette ashes on his shirt to the right.
he swipes the coffee stain on the table to the right.
he swipes my damp lips from kissing him to the right.
he swipes his hair to the right.
he swipes my blushing cheek to the right.
he swipes my bra straps to the right.
swipe right.
swipe right.
swipe right.
swipe right.

and i swipe my falling tears to the right.

but our love wasn't right.
that i had to find you again as the choices offered.

i still have those pains from the moment that you swipe your invisible knife on my heart
to the right
to the left.
i thought you were right, but you left.
you know... you should never fall in love with anyone that swipes you right on tinder.
thelemonpolice Jun 2020
If im the most interesting
person you know
why dont you ever
pick up the phone?

and if I'm so pretty
and lovely and nice
why do you ghost me
then talk all night

why are you scared
when I'm just me
and it has been months
and i want to see

your face and maybe
hold your hand
but maybe I dont

that some people
dont know what they want
or feel too shy
but act nonchalant

I dont think I like it
it used to be cute
mystery keeping
me on the hook

but this is absurd
if you dont want to meet
then dont play with my feelings
just to help you sleep.
That Girl Jun 2020
It’s that time again.
It’s 2am again.
It’s time to look to the right side of my bed and feel sad.
It’s time to wonder why it’s still empty.
It’s time for me to make a list of why it is empty.
It’s time for me to be ******* myself.
It’s time for me to wonder where I went wrong.
It’s time for me to make a list of all my mistakes.
It’s time to feel sorry for myself.
It’s time for me to break my own heart.
It’s time for me to play over what men have said to me in the past.
It’s time for my old tinder messages to haunt me.
“Unless I can eat that *** and ***** from the back before marriage Christian girls aren’t as fun.”
“Would you be interested in a nice thick 8 inch ****?”
“I’m looking for a more physically intimate relationship.”
It’s time for me to remind myself the reason why my bed is empty.
Men want the one thing that I can’t give them,
And without my body I am nothing to them.
All I am is what’s between my legs and what’s under my shirt.
And with my legs crossed and my top on,
what could I possibly offer them?
It’s time for me remember that while my choice maybe the right choice,
It’s also the lonely choice.
It’s time for me to remember that even though it feels like it’s my fault,
It’s not.
It’s time for me to daydream until I fall asleep.
Styles Apr 2020
I love mouthing off to you;
                            I can taste you,
                            allow me to tip you,
                            as I lick you,
                            you drip too,
                            and leak through,
                            like thick drool,
                            one drop at a time,
                            I feel you.
What if we met early
Two souls
Destined to be in a train station
At 9 am
knowing how I fell for your eyes
Fell once more
In a less heart broken time

What if we met
In a bar alley
when your interests
matches mine
we danced the night away
not as lovers
but strangers
that are  four swipes
late from tinder
To be something more
Than just a one night stand

What if this time
is the right time
How our scars
turn to lines
That form each others names
The words "I do"
begin to spill in our mouths
just waiting
for the right time
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