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Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2021
Imagine your worst nightmare and watch it come true
Imagine being tortured until you are a blue
Imagine your light being stolen at the darkest point of your view
Imagine being physically mentally and verbally abused
Imagine having nothing absolutely nothing
No money or food
Imagine having no heating or energy
In your house or your body to puke
Imagine cold baths cold meals cold ******* heart too
Imagine losing love until you are completely numb through
Imagine losing your friends your family too
Imagine losing the sensation of pain and replacing it for pleasure
Imagine being conditioned
To not know any different
Imagine being me but I imagine you don’t care 🤷🏼‍♂️
nick armbrister May 2019
Things are wrong when there are more tigers kept as pets
Than living in the wild in their natural habitats
Human greed kills them off till they're extinct
Chinese herbal medicine using the tiger for alleged medicine
Hunters paying a million dollars to shoot one dead on a fake hunt
One of the most majestic animals ever to exist almost extinct
Fact and photos captured in history books and photographs
When they're gone they can never ever be recreated
That is only for script writers and authors in their stories...
N Schulte May 2019
Running through the jungle
Bounding over fallen trees
Trying to escape

When will we leave them alone?

Staring at the moon
Golden eyes shining
Ears flicking at every unknown sound

When will we leave them alone?

Pacing in a wire trap
Roaring out of pain
Bleeding, just for men's gain

When will we leave them alone?
My friend wanted me to write a poem about tigers.
Ryan Seth Cole Mar 2018
Dastardly and reluctant I have came to speak for the wretched things that have made me weak. Sit silent as I speak, it softly settles as I move to quick retreat.

Bare in all that is me to be the might of examination. If that is so what you please? But also remember you are just as evil and ****** up as me.

I am so quick to want to be worth more when I treat myself less. Intolerably suffocating the idea we should all forget. More or less of a forfeit.

Stranded in solitude of the ever deepening abyss. Complete consciousness in adrift.
So much remorse, so much regret. Who am I?

Where off am if I eventually forget? It seems intangible be it that you are not here. The sound of her voice Start's to disappear. Albeit there seems to be more to this. Than a lost soul and lost mind driting into the abyss. No. There is defiant tendencies that do exist. A reason to run from the part of me I do not want to adress.

I cannot seem to just carry on and forget. It eats at me like locusts latching on to my neck.
So I write to capture the moment to quickly relinquish it. Only you can picture this.

Imagine we are somewhere beautiful. Imagine we were better off than this..?? Imagine I was someone who could offer you advice, someone who has also dealt with this.

Oh wow that sound's great. Yea here is a prescription. This should handle it. By the way this pill gives you the ****'s. So you might wanna also take this. Whats this?

Oh this? This is a pill that will offset this. Thats two signatures.
Two pharmaceutical trial drug checks. Well it seems to work I mean other than the nausea or the frequent headaches. It is also free to me because the insurance pay's for it...pays three hundred a month for insurance. Just thought I would add that.

Face yourself alone, find your weaknesses and eradicate them.
Small changes eventually add up to a big change. Start where you are.

Lets network! If you have a talent lets see how we can work together to achieve that. Falcons increase their chances while flying in trio. So it is a fact in many instances that you suceed together greater than you do alone.
Jeevan Oct 2017
“Hello, and welcome to the show.
My name is Captain Sin.”
As Dancers tumble to and fro,
protected by thick skin.
“Release the snare!”, the Captain yells,
gripping a chair, metal strikes bells,
The audience roars with anticipation.
And the tigers temper, is just causation.

But Captain Sin is never through.
Lacking neither whip or mood.
He swings his crop and hits it true,
confidence is what he exudes.
The tiger rears to claw his face,
But Captain Sin just seems displaced,
too quick to see or venerate,
a cause for cheers to celebrate.

Another crack across the skin,
the beast now seems subdued.
Another smack across it's chin,
the monster takes review.

The cage is closed to mournful eyes.
For those who thought of Sin's demise.
And Captain Sin, takes a final bow.
He removes his hat, to cloak his brow.
Sin shades the line of red they missed.
As music plays, the show persists.
Let me know if it reads smoothly.
I got dumped on by a blue jay
While out sitting in my yard
The fact that I'm a Tigers fan
Made the bombing rather hard

I do not like the red birds
I mean, the team can't pitch or hit
But, I'm sure that if I pick on them
One will fly by me and ****

The Orioles, I do not like
I guess you've got the scoop
If I pick on them as well
One will fly by me and ****

There's a ball team down in Mexico
The parrots, to them I'll tip my cap
Because you know, if I 'dis them
One will fly overhead and crap

There are other teams named after birds
I don't know them you?
So, I will let them off the hook
In case one comes by to pooh!
You are air
The wind
The sand in my bed
As you flow
So  B a r e
And you care
And stare
As you brush through my hair
You are my ocean  B l u e
You look so good in  B l u e
My boy
As I stroke through your hair
We can be vain
What can we say
We're tigers not bears
Baby  R o a r
And I'll roar for you
Only ever for you
You  W o r s h i p  me
And I  W o r s h i p  you too
I'm the  K i n g
But for you I'll be your  Q u e e n
And you are my  K i n g
You are my  K i n g d o m   C o m e
Baby, set me on your  T h r o w n//.
Light House Aug 2016
Black birds flew, across a bright blue sky...

Not lions, but batta
of once-solitary animals --
the remaining tigers --
had proven to be social.

Although gradual, they did emerge
– together – as if contractual.

But their reaction was only natural,
even for such animals of predation
-- of blood --
of relation.

Salvation - they found
through alleviation of self,
via a translation of feelings –
the very same vibrations
that they all felt.

The same inhalations, the same exhalations --
the same preservation --
they all had longed for & sought.

They awoke together constituting a tribe
-- a risen nation -- built upon foundation
far stronger than *pride

Engineered to escape dismay & damnation
through an ambush on heart ----
                                                            ­ attacking "the inside."

From the swamps & the grasslands,
from thick, rainy woods... even down
from the mountains -- they had prowled --
but now stood.

Each - tall, on all-fours.
Diligently, through liberality --
patiently, through humility –
after having followed a trail dotted with notes of morality -

vague striping had now arrived.

Forced to decamp -- to leave --
in a moment - from a moment,
from a place - to a new place,
from home - to a strange place...

had to move on - to relocate,
to a new home – collecting (recollecting) -- like lost pages --
together, through the author's life & death – forever,
                                                     as one total tome.

Rather resettle in ferocious & muted memory.
Rather stay (in silence), in caskets
– with all of their wishes -- boxed into a dream -
they awoke, increasing their probability
of survival, of stitching torn seams.

Nectar perfumed -
performing magic – making real such a thing,
re-revealing things wrongly assumed --
saving them within their tome,
rather sealing them within a collective tomb.

A treat for rusted senses – the smell of something so sweet.
Vague striping -- once-hardly seen -- now certain,

these r --- (@) --- ys

shined as one streak.

Beasts of orange, white, & black
were accepted by tiny, black & yellow machines
-- striated from dark to light -- the last remaining colony.
The grist of surviving bees had “stood" back in return – buzzing, hovering.

But they had not drawn their lances (or one single line).
They formed a union -- committed to peace --
allowing all sexes to live - all males & females to bee
equal, as if all seen
through one, shared set-- the same set – of eyes.

For here -- in this saved-life -- even in death, no more would die.

Neither workers now born,
nor just one queen.

The colors bled together so --
each sides' striping now ran so deep.
The sides intersected, came together so --
each color was forced to bleed...

                                                       ­     ...out & die;

                                                           or together so -
                                         alternatively, as a whole,
                               they all could decide
                      to breathe.

                                                    *­Black birds flew, across a bright blue sky,
mimicking the colors below –
the honey gold & tiger’s eye.
Ran through it once. Apologies for any errors.

All of my love,


I would also like to thank Papaya for aiding me with this. Any work connected to or following my piece "The Confluence of Tigers & Bees" shall share credit due with this author. I advise you to check them out.
Light House Jul 2016
So many voices & all ring true....
(Yours, mine, those that hide...)
But I'm here to offer a point of view --
Not a voice, but a course to set - to dive the depths,
                                                         ­                     across
                                     ­                       so-called divide.

So many different ways to say...(?)
 ...what is on one's mind....(?)
(?)...even when fundamentals, make us the same....(?)
....Even when, like light we've all come - from that place within
                                                        ­                              through space
                                                           ­                ‘cross spans of time.

We are a city, nation, world... alliance; we are more.
But our thoughts oft come so neatly furled,
hiding our hearts,                          ...our honey...
                                        - our universal core.

Imagine if your eyes could see = “totally” = rather only partially,
                                                      ­                                  or individually....
There's so much more to you & me - only 2 parts - parts of it all,
                                                          ­                         adding to it all,
                                                            = summing
                                                  it all,
This is a collaboration piece. Any & all credit (besides myself) goes to Papaya. I am sure they will comment on this piece (not to sound arrogant); if they do, I would suggest browsing their page. Papaya is a skillful writer with a gifted mind.

This began as 8 lines, then turned into sonnet, & then became what it is. It has retained some of its sonnet-form's qualities. I cannot promise that I will leave it untouched. I may come back to this; I am sure I will. I would like to expand on something this preludes to. This was my first successful collaboration. This was a pleasure.
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