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Luna Maria Apr 26
it's been 21 days without you
but not one of them I didn't think about you
I wonder how long it will take
for this to become easier?
when does the pain stop
Luna Maria Apr 20
I did not write as much
not because I don't care or because
it did not have an impact on me

just because I've been escaping and avoiding
instead of writing and feeling.
distracting myself from the painful feeling in my chest
Luna Maria Apr 3
after all the lovers

I realized

it was now my turn to love

I feel so alone
Luna Maria Apr 3
oh for someone to be out there to love me the way I deserve

oh for it to be you
I kept wishing it was you
Luna Maria Feb 14
sometimes I have a hard time
perceiving myself;
the person who I actually am,
I am used to be filled with negative
and draining thoughts
but who am I next to that?
some days I forget that I'm actually
under a surface of anxiety and thoughts
under a layer of the weird way my brain functions
maybe I find her again,
I hope to meet her soon.
I would like to get to know myself
Luna Maria Feb 14
god I missed your lips
oh to stumble all upon the
Feeling of love again
your lips taste so sweet
Luna Maria Feb 7
every time my phone lights up
I hope the notification says your name.
you make me smile more than I would like to admit
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