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Bekah Halle Jan 25
From the alarm to Instagram, FB, TikTok and beyond
The external world is screaming:
Watch me! Follow me! I’ll show you where you belong!
We’ve been led, by the piper, into 'other' consciousness,
Happily, we submit to its authority
Because this world is too much.

We stuff every gap, every silence with ******-fanatic thoughts,
Running further from our true selves
How did we get swallowed in this chasm of chants;
That said we are not enough?
It’s time to do something revolutionary!
It’s time to sit in silence;
Befriend the bewildering quietness,
And accept with loving kindness.
N Pescador Jan 3
Somewhere between then and now,
It went from “Mom, stop telling me what to do”
To “Mom, please tell me what to do”

Somewhere between then and now,
It went from “Mom, you don’t understand”
To “Mom, I don’t understand”

Somewhere between then and now,
It went from “Mom, stop asking so many questions”
To “Mom, I have so many questions”

Somewhere between then and now,
It went from “Mom, leave me alone”
To “Mom, never leave my side”

Somewhere between then and now,
I realized the other half of my heart was always
The person who created it
Anais Vionet Feb 2023
I’m chilling and doing homework tonight. Leaning into it.

Last night one of our suitemates (Julia) turned 21 - she’s barable. Not that we get carded anywhere - I’ve never had trouble getting into clubs or ordering drinks - I mean never have I ever.

She had her birthday party at a place called Mory’s, in New Haven, which is very Yale themed. We ate dinner in the “captain’s room,” where every picture on the wall is a Yale team captain of some sort. They even have a whiffenpoof plaque. It’s so Yale-core it’s funny.

Have you ever heard of a drink called a “Singapore Sling?” Me neither, until last night. Then, somehow, there were undrinkable oceans of it. I had six of them, sitting at a bar and I felt nothing. Then I stood up and my bones seemed to liquify. Leong and Anna reeled me in.

I was hangin this morning though, I mean rocky-socks drunkover. My senses seemed sharper, my optical nerves dialed up all the way. The air seemed bright and I swear I could’ve heard the sun burning if people would’ve just stopped all that annoying breathing.

I had a biochemistry quiz at 9am and I can’t wait to see how I did. Later, at breakfast (I had a piece of toast), Peter felt free to offer his sensible, 26-year-old, bropinion. I said, “You’re so wise,” as I steel-eyed him, “I-guess-you-never.”

By the afternoon I was back on my toes. Almost every night my roommates and I sit around a low table in the common room of our suite, crossed legged, on cushions and do our homework. It’s less claustrophobic than sitting in our rooms alone and we usually have some music on, lowkey, in the background.
We’d just heard “Love Story,” by Taylor Swift.

“I like songs that make love sound easy.” I stated.
“Oh, because it IS easy,” Anna says sarcastically, “grab yourself a physicist and make a TikTok song.”

“Hey! I’ve got a beef with TikTok artists, I said. “At first, they release these stripped down, intimate, acoustic songs that feel personal, and then, if a song hits, they put out a new version that’s totally overproduced.”
“Right.” Leong agreed.  
“Oh, yeah,” Sophie said, putting her hair back out of her face with a comb, “and some artists' voices are suited to simple accompaniment and the newer versions just don’t hit as hard.”

“I think Phoebe Bridgers is an example of production done right.” Anna said. “Her material continues to sound intimate and stripped down even though it’s no longer just her and a guitar,”

“On Tiktok,” Lisa adds, “when a new song works, I feel a connection, like it could be me recording a song with my guitar - so, I support them.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” I updogged, “there’s a place for overproduction but sometimes the instruments don’t even sound real, like when they go all out electronic - then they lose me.”

“The big-music might drown-out the artistry we liked,” Anna opined, “but maybe that’s how they heard it, as songwriters, in their imagination, but they couldn’t afford it - the new version rectifies it.”
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge:Rectify: “correct something that’s wrong.”

barable = drinking age
whiffenpoof = the most famous Yale choir
hangin = hungover
rocky-socks = really hungover
drunkover = still a little drunk but hungover
bropinion = when a guy gives you a "brotherly" opinion
I-guess-you-never = you're a f-ing hypocrite
updogg = supply a comment to an ongoing dialog
Jennifer DeLong Oct 2021
It's become a crazy world
Grown men addicted to TikTok watching girls
Pretty wives now ignored
Single and aware how
last year changed me
Gained weight
and now feeling a bit shy
And the world's gone
shootings everyday
People still confused
we all are not sure
of what's ahead
and here , I am
still wondering
will it all end soon
will all the music
not be heard
and will I ever
feel pretty again
will all the media hores
stop teasing the men
and put on some clothes
and will we start reading books and enjoy it
It's got to change
Or we will just go insane
where's the days
when men acted like men
Where's the days women
felt desired
When people cared
when we got together
not in vain
when family's gathered
to share and catch up
When neighbors watched
out for each other
When we could feel safe
we could live really live
How , I miss it
How , I miss me
guess it's all changed
can't rewind
So move forward
trying to navigate
the craziness
the way it used to be
So , I sit write a letter
and make a call
and think about
how crazy it is now
Funny how it has
all gone a bit crazy
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Daisy Ashcroft Jun 2021
midnight and i'm still here
tapping out words in the hope
that i'll write something worthy
of reading.

the instructions aren't clear:
am i supposed to sleep
or work on word therapy

i don't care now
just turn on tiktok
and i'll slip into my beloved
mind coma
Magnificent Jun 2021
Why do u hate me
What have I done
that is so atrocious.
I can see through even
Your most perfect

Happiness seems so vague
Like a distant euphoria. The
Thought of it anguish's
Your entire entity. It harms
Your very existence.

Your soul bleeds compassion and rages
Like a whimpering caged tiger.
It hurts so fierce,  I worry you
May lose yourself in the pain of it all
My dear friend.
Turns out my friend hates my very existence
Funny how the most trustworthy people turn up to be the one who would voluntarily betray you.🤦‍♂️
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Fireflies dance pretty
well, byte-sized fairies' tale
long & twistle: a tongue's whistle
In the dark, dark arts made
bright lights sing like a clock:

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"

This chime, time circles
red like Asian kings: vultures
tightening the noose like Zeus
on Douyin's long neck. Hands dance, bytedance on a fairytale clock

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
A fairytale clock goes: "Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
Max Neumann Sep 2020
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you

where's my mobile, without you, i'm not global
if i'm not global, i'm not really mobile
good heavens! it's twenty-four to eleven
i have to call shannon but i can't find my mobile

what can i do without my mobile? life is trite
don't know the difference between day and night
without my mobile! i freak out, suffrin' from a black out
i'm prayin' to god, lightin' up a candle, hopin' to find it

where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
a m a n d a Sep 2020
i completely
it is a direct
of the time
and is responding
to a clear
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