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Jennifer DeLong Oct 2021
It's become a crazy world
Grown men addicted to TikTok watching girls
Pretty wives now ignored
Single and aware how
last year changed me
Gained weight
and now feeling a bit shy
And the world's gone
shootings everyday
People still confused
we all are not sure
of what's ahead
and here , I am
still wondering
will it all end soon
will all the music
not be heard
and will I ever
feel pretty again
will all the media hores
stop teasing the men
and put on some clothes
and will we start reading books and enjoy it
It's got to change
Or we will just go insane
where's the days
when men acted like men
Where's the days women
felt desired
When people cared
when we got together
not in vain
when family's gathered
to share and catch up
When neighbors watched
out for each other
When we could feel safe
we could live really live
How , I miss it
How , I miss me
guess it's all changed
can't rewind
So move forward
trying to navigate
the craziness
the way it used to be
So , I sit write a letter
and make a call
and think about
how crazy it is now
Funny how it has
all gone a bit crazy
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Daisy Ashcroft Jun 2021
midnight and i'm still here
tapping out words in the hope
that i'll write something worthy
of reading.

the instructions aren't clear:
am i supposed to sleep
or work on word therapy

i don't care now
just turn on tiktok
and i'll slip into my beloved
mind coma
Magnificent Jun 2021
Why do u hate me
What have I done
that is so atrocious.
I can see through even
Your most perfect

Happiness seems so vague
Like a distant euphoria. The
Thought of it anguish's
Your entire entity. It harms
Your very existence.

Your soul bleeds compassion and rages
Like a whimpering caged tiger.
It hurts so fierce,  I worry you
May lose yourself in the pain of it all
My dear friend.
Turns out my friend hates my very existence
Funny how the most trustworthy people turn up to be the one who would voluntarily betray you.🤦‍♂️
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Fireflies dance pretty
well, byte-sized fairies' tale
long & twistle: a tongue's whistle
In the dark, dark arts made
bright lights sing like a clock:

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"

This chime, time circles
red like Asian kings: vultures
tightening the noose like Zeus
on Douyin's long neck. Hands dance, bytedance on a fairytale clock

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
A fairytale clock goes: "Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
TIZZOP Sep 2020
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you

where's my mobile, without you, i'm not global
if i'm not global, i'm not really mobile
good heavens! it's twenty-four to eleven
i have to call shannon but i can't find my mobile

what can i do without my mobile? life is trite
don't know the difference between day and night
without my mobile! i freak out, suffrin' from a black out
i'm prayin' to god, lightin' up a candle, hopin' to find it

where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
where's my mobile, i been missing you
if you were here, i would be kissing you
a m a n d a Sep 2020
i completely
it is a direct
of the time
and is responding
to a clear
A couple likes here, and a few comments there.

All I want you to know is that I actually care.

When I look for your follow, I'm constantly asking "where?"

All these newbies, posting some pics, you follow them instantly I swear.

Not even four hours on the gram, and you follow her.

I'm goin five days now, I ain't no ****** amateur.

I tell myself to be patient, but it's getting harder everyday.

I swear things are turning gray.
Ayee, I'm a fan of an underrated tiktok rapper check ✌
Anais Vionet Aug 2020
(a Senryu story)

Trump is attacking
TikTok - let him **** goodness,
let him be a ****.

He works for Russia,
is that news? He cages children
- some adults love that.

That fat bag of lust
has put his soiled, immoral
hands up the law's skirts.

Now he attacks youth,
- no, fun itself - in TikTok
- there is no justice.
Trump is attacking TikTok - because it's Chinese and it's clever - but is there anything more slimy and corrupt than Trump himself?
E Aug 2020
TikTok comps
Russian bots
Makeup tutorials
"I'm not like other girls"

Trolls and incels
BuzzFeed articles
Gay fan fiction
Many a pun

People hiring hitmen
Buy some hair clips

Twitter ramblings
Flat earthers
And a partridge in a pear tree
E Jul 2020
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