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Fireflies Mar 2021
I have never been loved
Or maybe i have, i just need to be reminded
Maybe the bad overpowered the good and now my heart has been numbed.
Leaving love to be something i once upon a time desired.
Fireflies Feb 2021
To be loved when its not convinient
To be loved for the hand gestures made when i talk about the netflix show i just got into
To be loved for the way i part my hair
To be loved for making a joke with the waiter
To be loved for taking the long route to get you a coffee
To be loved for being vulnerable
Oh to be loved for the smallest things and the big ones blindly.
Fireflies Sep 2020
Caramel highlights, prettier under the sunlight
Roots grown, dark and discrete
Wipe off the wisps haphazard
Pools of golden brown disappear
Glossy black steals the show
Tangled curls on the floor
Matted up, scarlet seeping through
Light coruscated and it was true
Caramel highlights, prettier under the flashlight
Fireflies Sep 2020
Guilt makes life feel worthless
Worthless when it comes from hatred
Hatred towards the ones you love
Love so hard, that you need validation
Validation that they feel the same way
Way too many thoughts
Thoughts that they may feel otherwise
Otherwise, like wanting to end things
Things that i want to end too, sometimes
Sometimes i hate everyone
Fireflies Aug 2020
A dream, a crave, a love engraved
A desire, a fire, a vision so dazed
Every thought, so fleeting, only this held tight
Every tear, such failure, for this i fight
Such pain, still settling, that road was rough
Such anger, ****** up, passion is never enough
We may be passionate about something, but sometimes just passion is not enough to reach your goals. You need resources, support and a whole lot of talent. Sad but true.
Fireflies Jun 2020
I love when the lights are low
A visual representation of whispers
Fireflies Jun 2020
Somehow everyone has a mental illness
When did a disease become a trend?
It feels like we are in a storybook
The boy who cried wolf
Where everyone cries out for help
But those whose pleas meant something were left unheard
depression is not a trend. Kids need to stop making it sound so trivial. It makes the pain that the actually depressed kids have meaningless.
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