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IdkLove Jan 9
The soft woollen like you is precious derived from Kashmir origin sheep;
You and woollen are both warm and deep.
Like when woollen is collecting from sheep's body;
She reveals her inner beauty of nature embodies.
Likewise, you cover your naked body with cashmere you;
Looks like an angel covering her wings as two.
I'm just staring your curved back through,
My unseen eyes.
Seems like you just born from nature ashes and rise.
I think I'm the only lucky person who,
See you as new.
My lips are craving for a taste of your wings
Which are unseen as our heartstrings!
IdkLove Jan 7
Wake me up!
When everybody was gone 
By God line was drawn
Wake me up!
When he was here with me as an armour
And he harvests my body with life seeds as a farmer
He was my jewellery maker and I'm his melted gold
Only he can mould me further like an old 
Wake me up!
When my soul was with you
As a New!
IdkLove Jan 6
Mothers are a blessing from above 
They are angels of love 
Sacrifices of their life cannot be count
We can't see their divine karma account
Picked up from grief and supports our
Lives they love us every second of the hours.
In front of their life diamonds are worthless.
Because in them all creatures exist like in our mother earth.
Mothers are blessing from above
And we always worship their never-ending eternal love!
IdkLove Jan 6
She doesn't need me that's I assume
Cause she is not in my room
Laying on my bed waiting for your text
I'm afraid what's coming next?
I need her but she doesn't 
Waiting for her buzz
Too drunk and too high but why?
Cause I need her eye
Feel so many toxins in my room can't breathe
On my way is death
My only wish to pass out in your thighs for the last time!
Might be for you this is my only crime!
IdkLove Jan 5
That night I was the moon .
During the month of June.
Having beautiful scars on my body.
All surrounded stars embrace me as an em-body.
Everyone is sleeping under the light of mine .
Only she did not look at me because there was a line but it's a fine.
Her naked body reflecting on mine .
I Wonder How She Was So Divine!
IdkLove Jan 4
You think I'd leave your side.
I tried but can't decide.
You think I'd turn you down!
Don't worry about your crown.
You can cry out.
I'm here to wipe out your tears no doubt!
When there is cold outside.
I'm always as a blanket by your side!
Even I died!
IdkLove Dec 2019
Burning tobacco has an unreal fragrance of tobacco leafs
maybe I'm addicted to her like cigarettes
or I'm in grief
in brief every night I smoke
to cut down my life by Six minutes
and rest in peace with your grave !
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