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Idklove Dec 2020
Girl, You saw every kind of pain
Yet still, you shine
Every time I overwhelmed when I heard your name
I have to wish to see your body in front of me
Every night
Every night we kissed under the sky full of stars
We both felt butterflies in our stomach
I regret it when I see you alone
Tears in your eyes
I know you want me
I want you that is how we become a happy family
Idklove Dec 2020
Dancing with the stranger
Along with the red wine 
With your smile on your lips 
Is the only thing I need to satisfy my thirst
Idklove Dec 2020
Poetry is the blessing 
Like a girl standing under the sky full of stars
Tell all the truth
Just right in front of me
And kissed me 
Hold my hand until I recognize her touch 
Down to my core
Idklove Dec 2020
Love is like the ocean
In which our lives drifting apart
In the forms of wave 
In every full moon night 
Our life gets change
Idklove Dec 2020
Touching your soft skin
Feel your hair on my chin
You are just beautiful like What I need
In this night
We lay under the stars
And pray this night will never end
Cause I never want to lose you
From my sight
Your back shines like angel wings engrave when you are naked
In the moonlight
Idklove Dec 2020
Saw the moon the yesterday night
Laying on your thighs till I see your flaws right
Lingering my hair with your nails on point
The fragrance of your skin touches
Enlightening me till the sunrise
Idklove Oct 2020
Having you in my arms 
Alongside marlboro lights on my lips
Under the moonlight
You looks like an angel 
Without wings on your back
Anyway you look more beautiful
When you smile along with your tongue
Between teeth
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