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an eternal search
a perpetual urge
a deep inner sigh
subsequent to a "high".

a low-key loner
once flew higher
the flaring fire
of an unfeterred desire.

here i roam
to find my home
a key to sire
peace before the pyre.

an unknown quest 
the soul, yearning to rest
searching for the path best,
life's an endless test!!
मेरी रूह का परिंदा फड़फड़ाये.......
To forget is freedom in a mind like mine
You ever ask the tall man if he is happy?

A genius can't deny like the focused one
Cursed connections left abandoned

Although the view is beautiful
Blood painted battlegrounds lie in the background

He shuts his eyes and the mind's stays open
Rest he may, awakens in the dark

Colorful patterns dancing without reason
Pausing to remember a moment seconds past

Why does it move the way it does
Isn't it mathematical as the stars

Why does he think the way he does
In these hypothetical regards

And if time is illusory then what is space
Tears fall from my mind's eye in this lucid dream

Billions in one
One among billions

I looked back from Voyager 1
So ******* obvious that we're all one

Come on now let's go we'll be late
Okay I'll pretend there's not enough on my plate

Paint on Smiles only last for a while
Good luck acting as if you're asleep
Tonight, I wish I knew who to blame, the crooked nuthatch responsible for the eggs I can see strewn even through sky from over hillside. Shattered before their time, now spilled sunny-side up, with innards beaten and assailed to the open air. Where, like a pact, each curbs their own messy shine before meeting eye to stormy eye.

I’m unaccustomed to it all. This unspoken honor system (or was it embarrassment all along?). I’ve never seen a people so wary to count their chickens before they hatch.

In the daytime, I still don’t know where I am, but am flooded by the fact that I have to see it. Where honesty with heft enough to knock the wind from any stray body is convection (sorry, convention), stowed near the bullets in every back pocket.

But what a good thing it is, to have a friend at the other end: muted in her gleaming, but gleaming just enough.

At least these lights are good for something.
Dedicated to the mornings that are truly unforeseen—where harbingers are kind, your solace is your bother, and there's your own ******* drool on the car seat.
Rowan Jul 19
Sleep is a beautiful thing, sadly I can't ever get enough of it
She seems so close, yet she is always just out of reach
She taunts me gloating of how heavenly she is, torturing me
Others can easily get to her while people like me struggle for even the smallest of touches
She only appears when she isn't needed
In my classes, during practice and when I need to go out
Then and only then does she grip me tightly not willing to let me go
She knows what she's doing and yet she won't stop
Yet still when I need her most she disappears
So sleep child and leave your fears behind you
Create a world of your own design
Live and thrive there
Let it become your own, because when you grow
Your monsters will follow you and sleep will abandon you
I close the shades, but wait
The lightshow starts at 1
Music comes in at 2
At 3 is the buffet. Chalk full of great dishes
Full and tired I doze off
Time to rest
Zywa Mar 12
My monkey mind jumps

between superfluities –

unable to sit still.
This senryu goes together with the preceding [ My heart beats action ] and [ If life is boring ].

Collection "Wean Di"
Ian Feb 1
its a comforting notion, this feeling i feel with you,
when i look at you, the constant buzz ceases,
the uncertainty melts, and the worries quiet,
i'm able to put it all aside, just for you,
and would it be selfish to say,
that i do it so i can see that soft, loving smile?
maybe so, but nevertheless,
my drive to see your joy is limitless.
LPpoetry Nov 2018
When I’m with others,
They leave me alone,
The thoughts that haunt me,
When I’m on my own,
“You’re gonna die alone,”
“Everyone hates you,”
“You’ll never be good enough,
No matter what you do,”
These thoughts among many,
Keep me up all night,
Because coping with them,
Is a constant fight.
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