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abby Nov 2021
“you’re so beautiful”
“you’ve only seen my body, don’t forget to explore the mind’s eye”
i don’t think i’ve ever been genuinely loved. there’s always been an ulterior motive. i wish someone would take the time to gently care.
The Dybbuk Sep 2020
In a world of my own construction,
reality bends to my will.
Ancient secrets of ancestral blood
transmute to its inheritor.
The voice of eternity whispers my name,
carried on winds of rolling laughter
to my ear, waiting.
Naive enchantment behind child eyes
is transformed into something magic,
but real; second sight becomes
second nature.
Soon, the joy behind my eyes will return,
forged in inner fire and whetted with love.
Bea Burnett Jul 2020
What if I had one more eye?
Noble with clarity-
A superior eye.

It would see tomorrow,
Not yet set in stone,
So set apart from the world I know-

Distinctive and discernible,
I envision a procession,
Of time trailed before me.

Enthroned on my brow,
The lone eye would crest,
Possessed with its profound unrest.

Clairvoyant, cunning, beaming eye-
Perched above organs of trivial nature,
Adorned, a crown that never cries,
It knows no regretful quakers.

How magnificent!
It would be,
To see so clearly,
To amend early,
To haven from horror,
To have an aura,
Of the triumphs yet to unfold,
If only an eye that bold,
Were part of me.
A collaborative poem with Godfrey Ndlovu
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
And when
Right one comes
Nothing will be the same
And you will be grateful
Saying thank you
For all
The wrongs

So here, you will be
In the journey of dreams
Just how things are
For any act done
With nobel heart
Timing can't be wrong
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Acknowledge
Author's Note: Never regret, when you have a right heart, even when nobody understands
Desire Dec 2019
A sparkling light of hope shines
With a heart rate multiplied by 2
The feeling of comfortability and divine
Is part of that third eye breakthrough
Psychostasis Oct 2019
The first time my third eye opened, the world was horrifying to view.
I could see my entire life, each mistake glaring at me and pounding against my psyche.
Every good moment collided with the bad,
The future turned inside out and bathed me in a gory downpour of the viscera of moments to come.

Now, each time the sparks and fires start in my brain, it reopens
And with this golden eye of the blind gods, I'll stare into everyone's souls.
I'll watch all of you and judge you by the contents of your very essence.

I'll see you in the way you refuse to see yourself.
Because if people see what they want to see,
I've made it my duty to see the truth in all of it's slithering glory
As it encircles the apple, and beckons me forward.
Ndanyanyukwa Jul 2018
Do I believe?
Can I really see?
Or is that what my eyes want me to perceive it as?
It's an energy one said.
It's a higher being as I read.
It will save you they say.
Lately we've been saving ourselves that's how we're able to say we're okay.
third eye is creeping?That's a lie.The people around you they making it blind.
The system deceiving us. That's the truth. They trying to deprive us from the proof. Closed minded people they don't see. All following the systems and being wanna be's. I'm asking some questions. They don't hear. The system wipes their thoughts and now their minds are "clear". They trying to explain things in their rap.
But sadly we can't hear because most of us are trapped.
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