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Tylor Oct 2021
Every night as I go to bed with my conscious filled with remorse and my heart so heavy
I feel like a side of my body cries out in pain, and the other one feels wholly empty
Tears roll down my eyes as if I hadn’t cried enough during the day
Still, I wish there was a way in which I could just make the grief go away

My mind seems clouded with a million things, each of them ripping me apart
I feel so emotionally drained that even keeping up with my sanity seems so hard
Wanting to break free from the shackles of my mind, I now realize I can no longer carry
Carry the fear of futility, the fear of failure, the fear of everything. I just want to spend my youth in a merry

Insecurities forge the unrest I sense within my chest, they make me feel like nothing to the world I could give
The emotions that I have been suppressing have now left me suffocated, my ribs can no longer protect my heart by instilling all the pain, at any moment they might split
And though being thankful for everything I am blessed with, I feel like I don't even deserve a bit
With this constant thought running through my brain cells, I realise that I am slowly turning into an under-watered withering flower, with no desire to live
Tylor Oct 2021
My insides are freezing, every ounce of passion I have is boiling down to nothing
Echoes of chasmic silence have me surrounded
I am overwhelmed by this sudden surge of intense self-loathing
By the strong rusty winds, my existence seems grounded

I am turning cold and fragile every second, and all I long for is a wake-up call
A call harsh enough to burn my freezing insides
I am sick of the urge that wants me to hit my head against the wall
Cause now I am well aware of how in my head, the demonic hurting creature hides

I breathe in fear, it rushes through my blood so I could feel it in my bones and veins
Anxiety is like my shadow that lingers with me everywhere I go, I feel burdened
Feels like I am getting drenched alone in the nagging emptiness,
the whole of me drains
Even in the happiest of moments, everywhere it just pains
Tylor Dec 2020
In the cozy corner right by the lake
Let's enjoy the sunset and make love
Let's cherish the days gone by, let's hug the ache
Whilst sleeping with the moon above  

Let's lay on the sand, soaking up the sun
Let me plant a kiss on your cherry lips
Away from the worldly mayhem, let's just run
Let's learn to live in the moment, let's learn to live for us

For the rest of my life, let me love you
You have set my heart on fire, ignited my soul with passion
I can't imagine my life without you, I need you
Let's live a life filled with love and compassion
Tylor Nov 2020
Wrap me in your warmth, it's cold out here
Keep me locked in your embrace
By the bonfire, allow my body to caress yours
From the curves of your lips, the flavor of love, let me taste

Let our bodies be entangled, our souls interlocked
Under the starry sky, let's engage in a passionate play
Delicately I will touch, the most sacred corners of your body
Allow me to remind you how it feels to be loved, let me take you away
Tylor Nov 2020
I walk in the woods with the wind
As the sun sets and I am left on my own
I talk to the tress all night and they whisper back
Making me realise, I'm still breathing and I am not alone

As I step towards the city in the morning fog
The rays of the sun fall on the tress, the leaves shine brighter than ever
They light up my soul with hope, that had once gone rotten
As breathe in the fresh air and release all the stress.
Tylor Nov 2020
When I first saw you
I felt as if you were the girl I've been looking for
I had waited almost all my life for this moment to arrive
And when it did,
All I had to do was spread the colours of love on my canvas and seize the beauty of the moment forever.

But never in my heart, I felt you were mystifying  
The harder I tried to love you, the more you slipped into your shell
There was something special about you, something I couldn't decipher
And for the very first time, I failed at art
Tylor Nov 2020
In the journey of my life, I will encounter people many
But nobody will ever be close to being who you are to me  
I am looking for words to define your greatness
But I don't think I will ever find any

I look up to you in ways you can never comprehend
That is how great you are, mother
You wear a smile on your face, keeping all the pain quelled  
How strong of a woman you are, I wonder.

You have loved me a tad more when I have burst into tears
With colours of passion and warmth, you have filled my life
I have vicariously lived through you, my whole being, with no anxieties, no fears  
You are the only one without whom I will fail to survive

If ever I have to go miles away from you
Remember, I will still be the closest to you
Nothing can ever get in between you and me, I am nothing without you
And for everything that you have done and you will do for me, I thank you
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