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Cyril Jan 26
Sometimes I'm the wave that spills to the shore,
Sometimes I'm the child who runs away from it
Sometimes I'm the sun that beams with so much light,
Sometimes I'm the dark cloud that blocks it
Sometimes I'm a book with a predictable plot,
Sometimes I'm a stranger in my own home

But most times, this is all I know;
I am neither a yes, nor a no
•Humans are too complex
•Life is full of questions that don't have definite answer.
Cyril Jan 19
When is too soon, when is too late
When should we trust the power of fate
Forward, backward, the path I take
I sleep and wait, I rise, I ache

I left some clues for you to find
I wait for cues, then stars aligned
I asked my cards, they are my guide
It showed a picture of hands intertwined
Cyril Jan 13
I wrote your name on a paper
One gloomy December
Old love, new letter
glowing ember
Hello, past lover.
Cyril Jan 3
Time did not help me to forget
I would still recognize you with my eyes closed
Cyril Jul 2020
The world has gone dark that you can't really tell
If your eyes are shut or wide open
Cyril May 2020
Self-loathing finally came to an end,
the stranger in the mirror is now my friend
Cyril May 2020
High above the leaves,
a world for you and me
Nestled in the arms
of a big, mighty tree
Secrets are spilled
on a pleasant afternoon tea
Soft giggles and sleep so cozy

Shadow and light danced on our skin
A thread tied on finger, our promise ring
Time may weaken
the wooden flooring 'till it creaks
But here we stay,
for countless autumns and springs

With ease swayed our body
to the birds' melody
Our names and a heart carved
on the bark of the tree
In this height we dreamed
and prayed in peace
Up here we belong
the treehouse, you and me
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