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Lee Aaun Feb 13
I am tangled
in your
head to toe.
if you remember me
remember me curled up in your duvet watching you play guitar
remember my hair caught in your mouth and the way we'd laugh in between kisses
remember our firsts and how wonderful they were we couldn’t help but come back for seconds and thirds
remember how the parts of me and the parts of you kept getting tangled in each other
how when we walked away we were both left trying to separate the two
remember me and I hope it's easier to breathe knowing the kind of love this world has to offer

if this is what the wrong love feels like can you imagine us when we find the right
Frances Taylor Dec 2018
I pull them from my pocket
I'm sure this is not how they were left
In the short time since breakfast,
their wires have become a mess

I tug and tug,
which just makes matters worse
only with logic, patience and care
can these wires be coerced

At first a ball of irrationality,
a blemish on your day
Just a little bit of love
can help it go away
shåi Nov 2018
shot after shot
i let myself
slip from reality

as i traded shotglasses
into trips down
to the local liquor store

liquid happiness
turned into liquid sadness
as i wondered if
i could feel such tranquilities

ever again

i used my
liquid sins
to build houses
of velvet in my head

i thought i could
make the little
fires of pain
just go away

i strolled down
the streets of memory
hoping i could find
solace before the daybreak

the adrenaline rush
seemed to be all i needed
just a little something
to feel nothing....

hannashe Nov 2018
I started from a small seed blown by the wind
Thrives in your rooms
That you should've killed me
Before i grew wild at your place
I'm beautiful behind a thicket
Which bloom of fragant
Because of a touch of tenderness
         I hope warmth
         And view all of kindness
         Cause of your soothing care,
         I grew wilder
Forgive me being a wild flower
I'm sorry to be bad sight at your place
Forgive me to be destroyer of your harmony
If you destroy me before i bloom, maybe i'm not going wild,
Cause i'm black behind of grayness
Stand across and see...
Always hope...
No more become tangledess
But become a part of happiness
mjad Oct 2018
Our song comes on as you hit the gas
75 on the freeway
You're going too fast
But today you don't care
You shout the lyrics
And play with my wind tangled hair
I never really had a dream
I always had a goal
Until I met her, it seems
I had one hidden in my soul
I wanted a lavish life
To make up for what I lack
To live out as someone else
Indulge and never look back
Then I met her
Who dreams more than she knows
She is lively, innocent and bright
Inspiring wherever she goes
Her dream is so pure
Nothing to really be gained
She only wanted to see and know
Why those floating stars came
I realized dreams could change
I have found a new dream
To be with her amongst the lanterns
Every year so it seems
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