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I wanna be all tangled in with you tonight.
All legs and arms and lips, tangled.
Heart strings, mirth and eyes locked.
Days unfolding and replayed in pillow talk.
Fingers into one another's,
in the hair,- hair tangled too, yet

In all these tangled knots
We twist and pull- tangled.
Gets tighter, closer and impossible.
We will never be undone.
Cass Mar 2013
my hair is tangled
too tangled for any brush
my thoughts are tangled
tangled over you, just you
and my words get tangled
over my thoughts
and now my tangled past
is mixing with my tangled present

everything keeps getting tangled
over the tangled mess
that is my life
what am i to do?
I stand above my bed
And examine the damage.
Blankets this way and that
Pillows all over
Sheets tangled up around themselves.
Proof of something that
Only hours ago
Left this place empty.
I take in the rubble
And breathe deeply.
I lower myself down to those
Tangled sheets
And backwards bedspreads
And fill my lungs with you.
I pull them up around me
And close my eyes
And wish for this place to be
The same kind of battleground
Again tomorrow.