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Fae tricksy games
Fantasy trip deadly
haiku inspiration, Japanese poetry
The Foody One Apr 2020
I guessed
it was harder
to Forget

And easier
to Forgive -

I guess
I’m not good
at guessing.
© 10/04/20
rgz Dec 2019
How can you believe my eyes?
magic seeks the commonplace
morning light has passed us by
bitten tongues will bleed disgrace

All this light is empty space
illumination at a price
I don't care to show my face
how can you believe my eyes?

Left your home seeking the light
tragic, gone without a trace
stars are wandering tonight
magic seeks the commonplace

Host of a forgotten place
lost the vision to your sight
new moon waxing as it wanes
morning light has passed us by

Angels mourn the devil's night
beauty lies in fallen grace
frozen flames are burning bright
bitten tongues will bleed disgrace

Look upon my hollowed face
anemic bones can bear no lies
torn by your spellbinding ways
show me your pale heart this night

Then, I might believe my eyes
very much inspired by Melanie Safka
Lucy Aug 2019
Losing a heart very quickly
could be joyful, could be tricky.

For all is fair in love and war
and beside every closed door
there’s a window opening
and an angel whispering.
R Arora Feb 2018
They were each other's apparently,
Shrouded by the words: "Till death do us part".
They actually meant: "Only until-
Someone new crosses our path."

What happened to honesty?
Where did loyalty disappear?
Replaced conveniently by deceit,
Morality sits in the rear.

With ulterior motives,
Promises are made; I've seen a million.
I'm not being cynical,
Just practical in opinion.

The heart, hence, is stupid.
Steered purely by dopamine;
And that's why we have a brain.
Do not dwell into the irrational,
Tread carefully,
Life is a tricky mind game.
Be sensible.
Do not trust your heart. It can be diabolical.
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Demons…by Jessie

Out amongst the unseen, there is a force that lurks

Attempting to disrupt my life and gum up all the works

Hiding underneath the rocks, in shadows cold and black

Waiting for the proper time to engage a sneak attach

These sneaky little demons, vile as they can be

Cut me off before I start, right below the knees

Just as I am lead to think, I’m going to get ahead

They change the course of fortune, and kick me in the head

I’m on to you Oh demon seeds; I know your tricky games

You’ll have me looking stupid, you’ll have me feeling shamed

I know just how to beat you; I’ll flank you from the side

I am after you now demon… run you demon, hide
BSeuss Jul 2017
Did you know you can trick the brain; even if there is no trick. Simply by tricking it into thinking that it's been tricked.

"I can't believe you drank it"
*spits out water
(Title edited)
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K Balachandran Aug 2016
A succulent fruit, I desire, yet strange,  never wish to eat,
my love, you've  ever been, breathtakingly bewitching!
How couldn't I wake  up to this truth sooner, I wonder,
being too aware, perhaps that this heart has no replacement.
Hannah Anderson Apr 2016
Tricky and sticky
hard to get out of
but easy to get ****** in

how do I tell the difference
are you love?

you are empty promises
you are the relationship with no labels
you are the late night getaways
the text messages I hide away

you are the heartbreak
you are what makes my knees shake
you make me tuck my morals away

as I dance among your lips
I feel the grip on my hip
my wrist held down tight
I blossom into the queen
of the night

Can't you see my body tremble?
Finding pleasure there
Finding love there
And my body
My heart remembers..
As I wait thirsty

Hungry for the next time
hungry for you

This is not love,
this is not what its like
this is not what I longed for every night
it's a trick but it feels right

It's a trick, right?
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