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Annika Mar 9
I truly hope it was worth it
Another notch on your belt
While hurting someone else
Are you even honest with yourself?

You broke my heart
And I broke some glasses
It’s not the same
Marri Nov 2019
tiles feel cold against bare feet.
Tip   toeing into kitchen for water.
Find glass, reach up into cupboard.
Try not to shatter.
Reach in for i c e.
Still cold against bare feet.
Pour water, quiet, stealthy,
N i n ja l i ke.

Drink water,
Still cold against bare feet.
I c e still clinks.
Gulp  gu lp.
Down the hatch.

Put glass away.
Reach up into cupboard.
Slips cup out hand.
S h a t t e r e d.

Eyes wide.
Bare feet still cold.
Scattered i c e.

Mom wakes up.
Dad slides out too.
I hide in cup board.
Feet now warm
N i n ja l i ke.
Ivy Leigh Aug 2019
The need to breathe
and hold firm
in a room full of turds
over-weighs the hate
or the buzz in my mind.
Nevertheless I take that breath
and continue the journey
into my head
to find and lose
myself in others words.
I wont fall into rabbit holes
off of bar stools
that only lead to unhappy
upsets, shallow eyed
and deep tasting jacks
and cokes with drunken orders
of fries.
I can only imagine
the feeling of a piercing end
by bullet, knife, or choking line:
the sadness isn't as deep as alcohol runs
behind backs and under noses.
Merwin Nikad Oct 2018
To be something
Everything that was
Never could be
Doors dont always answer


Perchance you could
Open a door
Ear for an ear
Moss for moss
Sleep for sleep
Sneaky sneaky
LizO Mar 2018
It can pay to be obtuse when others are abstruse
It lets you break loose from having a use
Let them think you’re a goose
And your workload will reduce!
Samantha Jan 2018
Cowardly tiptoeing to the back door,
Ready to make her suffer more.
Inside the house, prepared for attack,
Meticulously sneaking in total pitch-black.
In her bedroom, see her asleep;
Not even worried that this is ***** and cheap.
Akin to his knife, always in dread-
Lest he never see her dead.
A different style of acrostic poem. This time it rhymes.
K Balachandran Oct 2017
sneaky rays of dawn,
pool of light in drawing room.
uninvited warmth!
BSeuss Jul 2017
Did you know you can trick the brain; even if there is no trick. Simply by tricking it into thinking that it's been tricked.

"I can't believe you drank it"
*spits out water
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