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A train of thought
With its narrow windows.
Snapshots of the world.
Sit down next to each other
And see the world flying by.
dancingsky Mar 30
I fell in love
with you
the same way
I fell in love
with words:
Van Byrde Jan 9
I speak your name into the night
my hands crawl across your sheets
and your body isn't there
I wait
the chill in the air puckers my skin
you've got a steaming cup
in your hand, as you come
softly padding in
the nights blue light
and your warm honeyed eyes
"Come back to bed," I say
"My feet are cold."
"I'll be your heater. Am I hot enough for you to hold?"
you climb in and thump my head

We waited there
Till the rays of light
Shined on our forms
Tea forgotten
Sleeping like two children
In a storm
Clutched to one another tight
Dawn Jupiter Apr 2018
encased snapshots,
an edit.

a consumable fragment,
a glimpse,
Chris Neilson Mar 2018
When you write a poem
it's like a photograph of time
in prose, free verse and rhyme
a snapshot of your mindset
a pictorial record of a moment
encapsulating your thoughts
in a zone; a time zone of your own
arms length from harms strength
while the ink goes with the flow
of your innermost desires
and streams of dreams
that belong to you only
you own it; it's yours
your on the record offspring
to bring meaning to a reader
to take pleasure in its completion
you have something to say
your right of way
your DNA
thoughts that flowed earlier today
her hands

she wasn't thinking
she never

the picture will not

you will not be able to see
how broken my body lays
on the other side
that rail

below her hair

and white
Daniel Magner Jan 2018
Glass, shattered, scattered,
blasted over the concrete.
A forgotten ketchup packet,
never knowing the sweet release
of being squeezed over fresh fries.
Bricks printed with names, donors,
good deeds in memory.
A bustling street, not crowded,
but busy, whirling and rushing.
The occasional feet, sport-shoed
or slippered, or booted,
crunching past the shattered glass.
Daniel Magner 2018
blue mercury Mar 2017
my organs in a snapshot
i might rip my lungs out because you’ve become my every
breath, and i can hardly deal with ache in my chest. is it love?
everyone can tell that i am different. everyone can tell that i’m
glowing and maybe it’s because of you, maybe it’s because the
two of us make something like starlight. you are the very
creation of every single constellation, you are my inspiration,
my oxygen, the very consolidation of truth.

you rip my heart out and bring it back moments later. it’s laced
with fairie lights and twinkles, and somehow it’s still whole.
you are the only person that has not torn it apart.

god, babe. no one i’ve met has made me want to sing the way
you make me want to sing. i’m resting my head against your
chest as we dance to our favourite mixtape. slow and sweet,
like maple syrup. it’s been almost three weeks and i know
exactly what this means. the butterflies in my stomach turn into
fireflies and they love you.

and now you’re thinking,
baby, you’re golden,
baby, i’m holding
on to you.
baby you’re golden,
baby i’m holding
baby, you’re golden
baby, you are,
you are,
you are...
side b of the mixtape poem.
NeroameeAlucard May 2016
Losing Hope
Isn't freedom
It's just another bond
Placed onto the soul
It may seem easy
To wallow in deep dank sorrow
But that will only break you faster
Truly, the greatest in human history
Rested, breathed away from the situation
But then fought right back against their trials
Or as cave Johnson put it, they demanded
To not stay down because of life, but to see and speak to life's management

So like I said, losing Hope isn't freedom
Losing Hope is another whip to the back
Remaining steadfast is freedom
Though your nights may be dark and your days be black
Have you ever had
ocean waves splashing
on your toes?

(standing at the waters edge feeling the mighty pull)

Or stood on a porch and watched
the trees swaying
in the breeze before a storm?

(letting the wind blow freely through your hair)

How about watching
the busy bees collecting pollen?

(Standing in amazement of their diligence)

Have you ever been mesmerized
by carefree raindrops
dripping slowly on a window?

(Enjoying that serene hypnotizing moment)

Have you ever been witness to
tiny ants building
an entire underground kingdom?

(Realizing teamwork can carry you far)

Have you once stood at a riverbank
while the water flowed fiercely?

(Feeling the movement under your feet)

What about climbing
an emerald leaved tree in the summer wind?

(Reaching new heights without fear)

Have you ever had the chance
to stand at a roaring fire outside
on a cold winters nights?

(appreciating the warmth on your skin)

What about dancing in the rain
until your clothes stuck to your body?

(Tasting a bit of freedom)

Or maybe taken a walk in the woods
when the autumn leaves are falling?

(Becoming part of the natural process)

What about listening
to the pond frogs croak late at night
while sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea?

(Sharing memories with friends and family)

Or seen the sky magically light up
with a hundred fireflies?

(Learning there is always light in the darkest of times)

Have you ever seen an
early morning sunrise in the country?

(Appreciating life at its fullest)

Or a magnificent blazing sunset
across the mountains?

(Standing in awe of natures artistry)

These very simple life snapshots
happen every day
Never let ordinary life
Wash these gifts away

Pay attention to these moments
and treasure every one
Live your life to the fullest
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