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Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Snake in the Grass…by Jessie 6/06

Be weary of where you put your feet
There's  a snake hiding in the grass
Slithering in and out of holes
Waiting to attack
Although, unseen, his agenda sure
His plan set into motion
One false move, he will strike you
Without a trace of emotion
He has a way of getting close
Manipulating along the way
Just as you think all is safe
He’ll cut back the other way
Many are fearful, encountering the snake
It’s the position that he holds  
Using it to paralyze
And make your blood run cold
But he’s just a snake, like any snake
A tail and a head
Separate the two of them
You’ll find that he is dead
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
You See What I Let You See…by Jessie 1/05

What do u see when you look upon me…Do you see a rock in front of thee?

You see what I let you see …you know what I let you know.

I am not the rock you think me so, nor am I the hunter’s mighty bow.

The strength I have, you think you see is nothing more than fantasy.

There are days I can conquer the world and days I can’t face it.

I am a tragedy within a comedy, laughing to conceal the pain.

Lean on me and I will hold until the weight crushes us both

Ask and I shall give until I have given more than I had.

Put me on high and disappointment will inevitably be near by.

Outwardly I am as still as air in the eye of the storm, while inside
I shake uncontrollably.  

I can calm and steady the frailest of souls for I have the trust of all, yet none in myself.

I am the one that people depend on and I am weary of the burden it brings.

Like a raging fire I can consume all in my path…yet wet me and I am merely steam, dissipating within the air.

You see what you want to see…

Examine the rock, for it has faults and will one day crumble.

What do you see when you look upon me?

You see what I let you see.
One of the first poems I wrote.
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
With Thee… by Jessie 7/05

Close thy eyes and touch me with tender thoughts
Wrap thy mind around the visions
Hold close these translucent images to thy beating heart
Carry them into eternity, where they will settle firmly.
Cast across the land
Look back to where the seed was sewn
Where the fertile ground safely harbored
Now look at thee and question never
For in thy own eyes you will see the reflected truth
In thy own heart the temped beat will increase,
Until it roars with passion  
Trust thy senses for they are sharp
Feel my presents as the essence of my spirit penetrates your superfluous thoughts
I am with thee; I am with thee, now and forever
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Why…by Jessie 8/05

Why do happy things, always make you sad?
Why, no matter how good you are, things turn into bad?
Why when ever you want to picnic, does it always seem to rain?
Why, when you wash your car, it does the very same?
Why, when you plan a trip, everyone gets sick?
Why, when the wind is in your face, you feel the need to spit?
Why, when wearing your new shoes, you step where dogs have s**t?
Why, when you’re in a hurry, people, wont move along?
Why, when you see the Doctor, all the pain has gone?
Why, as soon as you butter your bread, that’s when the bread is dropped?
Why, whenever wearing white, you get a new grease spot?
Why, when you decide to take a nap, that’s when kids will yell?
Why, when you are put on hold, nature always calls?
Why, when skating, looking cool, that’s when you will fall?
Why, when I find the shortest line, it stops, before my turn?
Why, does every loan officer, always look so stern?  
Why, if I am in a crowd, the bird will **** on me
Why, don’t people just say no, instead of we will see?
Why, when I go to the movies, people kick my chair?
Why, is the standard answer, life is never fair?
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Who’s There …by Jessie 6/06

I hear a knock, knock, knocking at my door
But I don’t get up to look
I’m not too busy
I’m board in fact
I think it was the effort that it took
Complacent in my contemplation, of why the waters wet
Is what kept my **** tightly sealed to the chair where I now sit
There’s that knock, knock, knocking once again
Will you please just go away!!
I’m quite content doing nothing and here is where I’ll stay
No sooner than I yell these words
The knocking started up
Frustrated to the point of mad
I got off my lazy ****
Made a b-line to the door; anger on my face
Opened it up, looking out, a note the only trace
I opened the note, it read like this…
Hi, I knocked three times, no one answered
It was you I came to see…
No big deal, it was only me…OPPORTUNITY!
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Who would have known? …by Jessie 10./06

If I had not been born
Who would have known?
Would the sun still have set?
Would the moon still have shown?
Would anyone care, if I were not around?
Would music have had, a much a sweeter sound?
If my print was never laid upon the world
If all of my deeds were never unfurled
Would playgrounds be filled, with children at play?
Would war just simply go away?
Would a cry for help, finely be heard?
Would things like, hate and ****, even be words?
Would laughter have had a soothing effect?
Would all things I said, be even correct?
What if, I had never been born?
And every connection I made had been torn?
The one’s that have laughed
The one’s that have cried
The truths I have told and even the lies
The world has never hinged upon me
But, had I not been born
Would someone have seen?
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Who are you? …by Jessie 4/05

I met a man this morning I didn’t really like

I looked into his eyes and saw the darkness of night

The feeling I got was empty, I’m doubt we even spoke

The staring just continued, connection never broke

Some how he looked familiar, his face I could not place

The way he continued looking at me, the scowl upon his face

Then it’s as if a fog rolled in, the image began to fade

So I wiped the mirror one more time, exposing the reflection of my face
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