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mjad Jan 12
I'm staring at my ceiling
Overwhelmed with feeling
I know you'll text me tomorrow
And I'll respond
We'll talk far too long

Is it talking so long that makes it wrong?
Or is it how much it feels right?
Nyx Lilith Oct 2021
you told me to send a picture
i looked another way
you told me to send a picture
i laughed it away
you told me to send a picture
again and again and again

i cared too much not to cave

i wish my **** form could be sculpted like clay
i tuck my necklace away
i try lip-biting, play with lighting,
my tan line from last summer

you tell me to send a picture
i have it ready
quivering, quaky fingers
quickly, quietly,
hit send

you tell me i did a good job

when the chat reloads, its gone.

you reply for two more days.
you ghost me.
*******, *****.
noor Feb 2020
ive seen things through other peoples eyes
but now it is time
that i go out and venture into the world
with the two i have been gifted
i need to see this stuff on my own and have my own opinion on things
Poetic T Jan 2020
People always ask me
             how do I stay calm,

I tell them, that I send a snapchat
            of a shallow grave,


                          #Wish you were here,

And for some reason,
                 there not annoying anymore.
Madeysin Oct 2019
Hey guys I’m kind of struggling tonight, so if anyone would like to message me on here or on Snapchat, Madisonparis is my Snapchat username
alexa Oct 2019
i still check in on you after months of not having talked to you.

i'm still trying to break the habit of texting you after a really hard day.

people tell me about how you posted yourself crying on your story and i have to fight the urge to ask you if you need someone to rant to.

i miss talking to you and hearing about how your day was.

i miss you.

but i'm okay for now.
this was based off of lil skies song lmaoao. but i miss her a lot :/
Kiz Jul 2019
My face is perfectly symmetrical
My skin smooth. My smile perfect.
Life’s blemishes and frown lines instantly erased,
As if those life experiences that caused
my frown lines in the first place never happened.
Instead of frowns, I have bunny ears.
Cute, Childlike, Happy ears.
Because someone somewhere associated bunnies with ****
So I have **** bunny ears and a high pitched voice.
In my real voice you might be able to hear my pain
But the filtered voice only lets you hear the sunshine
All my flaws are airbrushed away
It’s like those extra pounds gained from stress eating never existed.
My hair is no longer messy from me pulling it in frustration,
With this filter not even one hair is out of place.
This filtered me is the only me I let you see
My tag line says “I woke up like this” smiley face.
Isn’t this the version of me that you prefer?
mjad May 2019
I've rebuilt walls so high
that the conversation scares me
why would he desire me
after years of not speaking
every opened message
is a bomb detonating
destroying the walls
of my brand new building
mjad Apr 2019
Of all the fun I've ever had
Almost all I've never told you
From hitting dab pens
To sneaking out with friends
Almost all I've never told you
Following the trends
Meeting random boys
Listening to the devils tempting voice
Crashing in hotel rooms for the night
To staying up with a boy till the sunlight
My phone holding all the photos I've taken I've never shown you
But you never knew, never found out about
The times I don't want to forget
You don't know about them yet
And my only regret out of all of it
Is that I can't tell you one bit
Part 3 to "Fun"
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