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It's been too long. I would write you a song or a sonnet but every-time I'm on it, I'm in it in a bad way. Like Eminem with nothing to say. I got low goals, but I'm not flying solo. Fry me up and serve me with some **-hoes. Wait a second... It's taking over me. The writers a hopped up and hyper playing with the paid piper. A cipher. A mockumentary life story. Never boring but never going for the glowing glory. That's the gory news. If I got to let loose, I got to refuse soon. So poetry it's been too long. I can see why you never call. I mangle these words on the cell. I'm trying to sell out with salad fingers for dinner I give myself the creeps. I take amazing leaps. I swing from tree to tree. If he sees you when you sleep does he get constantly bored, or does he dive in and engorge on the course of your dreams. Interesting it seems. Skin deep.
Abstract poem to poetry. Long time writer, first time writing to poetry.
In an instance,
I felt a calmness sweep across my body.
My body free of any restriction.
Her being my release.
Sweet liberties
Utilized by the touch of lips.
A period punctuated by perched lips.
Released in ounces of color.
The way she loved.
My tongue swirled around hers.
Fingers wrapped around her waist.
Brown peach flavored skin.
My addiction a place for her to stay,
Her bag broken down; piece by piece.
A home away from home.
Until the day she left.
I consulted family, I reached out to friends.
They say that she's no good
They say leave her be.
Truth be told
My vacancy left colorless.
My tree grown fruitless
Revealed to me in bitter hunger.
The realization of perception.
Nothing left to fill my hands.
This vacancy punishable by death.
A ****** filled by her alone.
My fingers around her waist.
Her love sticky, sweet.
Swirling around my tongue.
My eyes left low
Anticipating her return.
They say that she's no good
They say leave her be.
Truth be told
I haven't spoken to them since
CEFord Dec 5
This winter, I find myself raw,
chapped and tender like the skin
of my over-chewed bottom lip.

My mouth is always the one
that takes the most damage.
I catch myself on my front two teeth,
both with cracks on the side
from where my face kissed
the floors of roller skating rinks
and the frame of my grandparents' bed.

The help me bite my tongue
in moments of assurance
and bite my lip
when I falter under the weight
of my own name.

I am not a carnivore, nor someone
who wants to take you in,
and scrape the meat from your bones.

I'm a woman, with pink gums
and a sharp tongue that stabs me
in the roof of my mouth
and hurts me more than any of the hands
that have ever struck my face.

It's not because I'm weak or submissive,
I'm callow still,
constantly falling in love with
every person I touch,
not yet cultivated enough
to give them the words
I once promised.
Winters are always about peeling skin from your mouth and writing poetry.
Phoebe Hynes Dec 3
I don’t change my sheets for days
after you visit.
My squished hands guide a lazy version of my body to
the bed that invites me to crawl on top of your dry sweat.
My torso sprawls into the dream of ******* transpired.
I like the nest that we created, lounging
against a mattress I pushed in the corner.
Tee shirts slouched into the crevices against the wall,
And my five pillows circling
our old tangled limbs.
**** is a shield,
A disguise of telling your eyes where to look.
Eyelashes against eyelashes.
Your iris seized a blanket
And buried a dilated pupil underneath.
This is the facade of being *****.
You’re still wearing skin.
A mattress will not preserve sensuality,
But my quilt will hold my body together
Until I find the pants I threw across the carpet.
David Hutton Dec 2
The house I live in serves no purpose.
Dry, cracked and irritated surface.
Scratching and itching.
A liberating mission
to unpave the layers of burden.
It's seeping under my skin
Dancing in nothingness between
Irreplaceable beauty of harmony
Even with disgusting oily
Feels like a drunkard
Living the spring in fall
While it's falling flakes
Flakes of life, flakes of distress
Disappearance of a mandatoriness
It's seeping under my skin
The toxicity of uncertainty
Blindingly bright enlightening
Yet destructively disappointing
Like a cold shower of frustration
Like a suppressed determination
Fakely exhilarating
But depressing in practice
A resonating unreliability
They itch
Stalk you to death
Stuck in a death bed
Going eternally downhill
Still though they're
Still beautiful
Dancing among the flakes
Gianna Dec 2
your honey and milk skin
against my lips
wait, nevermind
i’m just daydreaming again
will i ever be able to call you mine?
Hope One Day Dec 1
Acceptance ,

To be accepted, we don't always have to be with a blonde and thin,
Or the one with perfect abs, well developed muscles and tendon,
Often such people hangout with you for their pleasure and fun
Usually, they'll influence and blind you with their sinful action


They don't care, for sure you aren't their next destination
They'll always be on a hunt for a validation or the next relation
Before you even realise, their nails will dig deep into your skin
Scarring your soul, leaving you in a pool of regrets and forever sin
They'll drag you to the steepest level you can't even imagin

Don't forget,

You have an identity, respect, cherish and stick to your origin
For you to be accepted,you don't have to give up your imperfection
Instead, display your best and influence them with your action
Always appreciate your existence as you'r a mighty fine creation
Sometimes, just to be a part of the society we make compromises to gain acceptance, validation and a relation. Relations formed on the basis of face value have apparent implications. Invest time in soul searching in order for you to be connected to your roots, because in the end you'll only be recognised by your origin.
sushii Dec 1
i recall the soft touch of your hand
on my infant cheek--

so delicate in the moment,
but so menacing later on.

i recall the warmth of your skin
as it comforted my shaking hand--

so calm in the moment,
but so frightening later on.

i recall the sweetness of your smile
as it had shone its luminescent glow upon me--

so beautiful in the moment,
but so unsettling later on.


i can't quite understand
why you no longer hold my hand.

see, you have a light touch so full of love,
that it could burst at any moment--
giving way to something sour.

i don't see the reason
for you to make my eyelids change color every season.

see, i have bruises like silk
and blood like milk--
your emotions could drink it all in one sitting.

i don't understand
why my heart still beats if the scale of my wrongdoing is so grand.

see, i have a droplet of hope,

but it falls into an ocean of fear
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