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There’s a mark on my back.
It’s a scar,
from days gone by.
A memory,
of long-lost faith.

I run my fingers over it,
slowly going up and down
in a pattern on my skin.
I count the ripples as I count my days,
silently waiting, hoping they will end.

Weeds grow out my body,
from seeds planted by destiny.
What created an upheaval to my skin,
will do the same for my mind.

Destiny will get us all in the end.
But all that they will remember,
are days gone by,
memories long gone,
and a back, torn apart.
Jon Thenes Sep 24
I have a fever dream

Blank skin
Blank skin, only a single layer thin
damply wrinkles and pocked puckers ;
I’m a delicate blister waterbed mattress
No rest when I set my head

The pain is a receiver in this dream

I feel I’ve a full body wound
The surface skim is a single reading of pain
Any contact pulls the pain to that site
A sudden breeze alone
would do the trick

The dream expresses vulnerability

One nick
One puncture on the opaque membrane
And my innards would flood out
I slip perilously on the tile floor
My printless feet wipe from under me and /

Woken up
burning fever
but go back to sleep
In urgency I must..

Form porousness
Found layers
Cultivate hairs
Bead natural oils
Reclaim my fingerprints
And get a grip
All this before I fully awake
I don’t want to suffer this state in the real world
Amanda Brown Sep 22
A new page has turned.
Your eyes are blinded by the bright shine of the clear page.
You’re not scared because you don’t know what your expecting.
You are scared because you’re leveling up.
With each level you move up in life, the more you develop yourself in your new skin.
Eventually, the right time will come.
You’ll look back at how much of the page you’ve covered.
Stories of happiness, hardships, lessons and much more.
When you look forward, you’ll keep putting your best foot forward.
Carmen Jane Sep 16
Rosy petals floating on mirrored forest
Is your skin reflection, fragmented by ripples.
Unseen creatures, had your name chorused
Erased is now your image, by the cruel drizzle.

Whispers echoed in forgotten swamps
Whilthed water lilies absorb the sounds
Hiccups of old promises and croaks,
Are now buried in the muddy grounds.
Julia Sep 15
Step toward me, love;
embrace the chills
that skip along our spines
as time ceases
around our existence.

I visualize your eyes -
how the ocean will envy
their beauty;
how easily I will swim
instead of drown.
Combined with my green,
we can create a paradise
that will never vanish,
but only remain within our view.

Our hands meet,
but on a surface of glass,
that only God Himself
can break apart.
We embrace the coolness
of each other’s presence,
before we feel
the warmth that burns.

Vision blind to
the physical features we adorn;
yet, not our souls —
they made love
in a previous life.
The only thing they see
are pastel colors of Heaven,
blooming beneath
our palms.

I can sense similar impatience
within your veins,
but also a love that
shall explode
across the universe,
so until then,
let us breathe,
and count the moments
for our hearts
to catch up on what
was whispered into the stars
that time around.
Ya Boi Sep 15
As though her skin was stained porcelain white
She slipped back down from the sky cracked and marred
Though every second of my gaze was wasted
As in her final instance; before departure
She was stained porcelain white
She is a dark skinned girl
With smile as bright as the sun,
With a tender heart that cries for the pain of her friend.

She is just an another girl whom you see in the neighbour,
And to fullfil her dreams she do all the labour.

She is a dark skinned girl
Who wears her confidence in the crowd,
She is intelligent but she
Doesn't cry out loud.

She is a girl who wears those normal spectacles,
And there is no problem that she can't tackle.

She has a lot of stories
That I like to here,
And maybe I would listen to her secrets that she doesn't even share.

She smiles her brightest when she teaches something or when she is telling a funny story.

She is a dark skinned girl
With a soul that I believe is pure,
Who never wish bad for anyone, that i am sure.

She is a girl,
Beautiful and sweet
And I am really happy
That destiny planned our meet.

She is a girl who do not blindly follow the trend
And that beautiful girl,
That girl is my friend.
She is my friend.
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