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fray narte Jul 26
I've spilled your name
and my feelings
on fallen lashes
and wishbones.
I've read 1950s
love letters and wondered
if we would've had
exchanged some
had we lived that time.
I've stayed up late
in air-conditioned rooms;
a ****** for midnight voice
between your broken smiles.

But boy, this isn't
a confession of how
enchanted I am of you.
This is just me realizing that
you can make a dismal world
look a little less messed up;
god, you're beautiful for it.

This is just me realizing that
I can stay with you
for all the reasons
they left you for.

This is just me realizing that
I can fall for you,
so, so deep,
if allow myself.
and feel like I was falling to the clouds.
Boy, this isn't love,
but somehow, it's so much more.

This is a saving grace
wrapped in chipped nails
and stories that make you feel
more human.
This is a silver lining.
This is chance.
This is light,
This is hope
for damaged people
like us.

This is us —
This is us —
They say that heartbreak is one of
the worst feelings you will experience
during your time in this world.
And I used to believe that,
until I was standing and looking at someone
that I wanted,
who wanted me too

but we couldn’t have each other.

Our hands longed to touch one another,
feel a sensation we felt once
and never again.
Run our fingertips over the surface
of each others skin,
and never wanting to stop
because in that moment,

we both felt whole.

And we both felt something
that we didn’t for a really long time,
and maybe we would be okay
because we were meant to feel each others
or maybe at the last second,
one of us would pull away

because there wasn’t enough time left for us to feel.

Because maybe it’s better to end things
short and move on,
instead of trailing along
for something we both knew
wouldn’t last much longer.
But something about knowing,
makes it hurt even more.

Because we both knew we were enough for one another.
Call me Oliver Dec 2018
Love me, when I don’t love myself

Your the best that ever happened

Your skin so deep, I can tell

On a winter day your warm as hell
I’ve only talked to him once today. I think he knows.
Blue Oct 2018
You are autumn.
Chilly outside, but inside, you are warm.
Being around you is like being curled up indoors with a book,
Wrapped in your own universe. Maybe some hot cocoa, a little sugar.
Maybe tea, bittersweet and rich with thought.
You are colours bursting with life,
Blazing reds and yellows against a brilliant blue sky.

You are serien.
You are the leaves that crunch,
when you step on them.
You are the smell on August chilly mornings
That melts into a sunshine filled paradise.

You are autumn.

You are also winter.
Frostbitten on the outside in a facade of cold,
Bitterness that has built up through the year.
But underneath all that you are clear, starry skies.
You illuminate things when it is least expected.

Underneath the cold you bring warmth
Comfort and shelter from the raging storms outside.

You are waking up curled in blankets on a bed
That calls for you as you try to wake.

You are a hug when it feels like nothing is going right.

You are winter
You are fall

I wish you were mine.
This is a poem I wrote about a crush I have on someone that will never know that I exist.
Nazrana Kalil May 2018
studies finds that a person can fall in love four times in a lifetime
and yes i agree...its possible
I've loved you for the first time when i was much younger
when your youth just began and mines still soft and tender

I've loved you for the second time.
I've loved you when you randomly spoke in low tones
when your voice deepened and mines high pitched with hormones

I've loved you for the third time.
I've loved you when you held my trust and smiled at another
when your mouth finally reached your cheeks and mines shudder

I've loved you for the fourth time.
I've loved you when you touched my lips and held my hand gently
when you whispered little secrets while i sang to the river intensely

I love you for the times you showed me the depths of my soul confusions.
i love you for the unknown steps you followed unknowingly conducting an intrusion.

i love you for so many reasons
but mostly, I love you for proving the studies wrong
as I've fallen in love with you everyday for the pass one thousand eight hundred and twenty five days
and i swear i will keep falling in love with you
Jaslin Goh Mar 2018
I had high hopes you’d make a sincere lover
I had high hopes despite your dark past
I had high hopes you were determined to change
I had high hopes you understood what I meant by change
I had high hopes despite our differences
I had high hopes we could work something out
I have high hopes now I was truly biased
Inspired by Kodaline’s High Hopes. Another song to suit the mood: Skinny Love by Birdy. Happened to look through journal entries and decided to post this as part of my moving on process
Katelyn Billat Sep 2017
For when he appears,
My lungs fill with flowers 
And for a moment I 
Forget to breathe.

The slumberling caterpillar 
In my stomach
Performs metamorphosis
And flutters around
Trying to break free.

The rivers named veins
Fill and rush to my chest,
To my head and
I forget to think.

For when he smiles,
His eyes come alive,
And I wonder
Does he thinks of me this way.
here we are, silent as a city burns between us
so, this is how it feels like to gaze upon the ruins of what once was and never will be again
so,this is the aftermath of an endless string of almost's and could-have-been's
look at this, look at what we have done
to the people we used to be, to the people we could have been
look at the crumbling walls, look at the ashes, look at this burning debris
this is all we will ever be until it claims us again
please remember this moment, the beat of my heart drowning out the sound of the chaos happening before us
remember this moment, them burning as bright as we had
remember how my name sounded like on your tongue, like it has been the one you have been calling out in all of your lifetimes
remember how we built this city for our empty souls only for us to be blinded by the lights
remember how I let you read all the tragedies my paper heart had bled
and you showed me all the oceans you had cried
please remember because I will remember you
I will remember you like how the books remembered all the kings and queens
I will remember you like how she never forgot all those that have wounded her deep
I will remember you like the way she has always remembered to forget how to forgive
this is how it ends, you with your temporary peace
me, envying the forgetful for remembering is my curse
lol I'm sorry I **** at this
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