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Safana Jul 17
A man's pet
    is a female dog
Outing with others,
     is a specie of fox,
     Every day night.
A man is worrying,
     and, fumbling in the
     darkness of a night.
Looking for his cutest,
     is a beautiful *****

Jon Thenes Jun 2017
A toxic flush of inhumanity
a brush of the Polute
mirror marred
collective vanity

A blush of Deathlessness
puffs us featureless
and in our drunkeness
we paw clumsy

Playing caress and mattress
in our distress
we commune suckling
give or break
chill post-wake
north or west
in ghosts we invest
lina marie Sep 2014
I ***** apologies faster than the word **** can escape your lips after you stub your toes on the concrete ground / I jump to conclusions, or excuses, or explanations, or whatever, almost as quickly as you can sputter out your endless pathetic promises during those stupid walks on the beach / I can shut myself down emotionally in about as much time as it takes you to say that we're "just friends" after I throw my raw, pulsing heart onto the same **** cutting board we used to make sushi when I asked you if you liked me.

I don't hate you because you broke my heart not once, but twice, but because you lie straight to my face and tell me you don't get butterflies when we kiss at 3am too.
words subject to change.

— The End —