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Birds of Paradise Lost!
Cloacal kiss turns Glasgow.
Even when your heart is ghost toast,
collect £200 & pass go.

Buckle up tight!
Ostrich midnight
on an inept flight

Bubbawrap skintight,
ostrich midnight!
A blindman's kite
is my fuct flag.

Bats of Paradise Regained!
She's a joker & she's twofaced.
Passions that peng **** inflamed
occasioned smoker's toothpaste.

She's a kawaii harpy,
she's Azrael of Sunshine!
She's my Hawaii harpy,
she's Azrael of Sunshine!
K Balachandran May 2018
Placid water parts,
Up flies quick, a cormorant;
Epiphanous this!
John K Trainer Mar 2018
I am free to sway from my precarious perch
Outstretch my wings of sullen words
And soak up the shadow light
Of another winter’s night

Morning is nigh and blanketed
By dawns lethargic cotton-bally sky
Melodic chirping and the droning on
Of another winter’s morning

The Sun’s warmth has yet to reach my hollow bones
Motionless and afraid
My indignation is not yet complete, reticent
Of another winter’s afternoon

And the light that once illuminated my soul
Has dimmed on this weary day and
I take flight as the red dusk promises the hope
Of another winter’s evening
K Balachandran Aug 2017
avian music,
march past of herons follows,
sunset formalized!
Vexren4000 Apr 2017
Caged birds maneuver,
Through metallic bars,
Vying for seed,
Hidden in the owner's hand.
Do you think,
The caged bird dreams of flying high?
Of life and freedom,
The flow of wind.
From the dog trapped in the house,
To the man trapped in prison,
I think most dream of freedom,
From the bars and walls of the gilded cages,
Built by humanity, the race which impedes freedom.
For a creature's own apparent good.

Edna Sweetlove Sep 2015
Whilst walking down the street
I heard a thunderous tweet;
'Twas a straining little bird
Who couldn't pass a ****.

The little thing was constipated,
Its **** wide dilated;
Tweeting loudly in mid-bog,
Trying to eject a log.

I observed with sympathetic heart
As it trumpeted out a ****;
Straining, chirping loud and long,
Letting off a foul and noisome pong.

I watched for nigh an hour
Its display of **** power;
Then a final intestinal pump
Produced a huge great steaming lump:

A mighty ball of faeces
(a giant of its species,
and total bumhole splitter
which shattered its feathered *******).

— The End —