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  Mar 21 Brandon Amberger
lydia p
If I was a ship on the violent sea
You would be my anchor

If I was lost in a dreamless sleep
You would be my savior

If I was the moon and you were the stars
We’d run away together
Do me a favor. Keep being you.
There is nothing left
You achieved the greatest theft
You took my body heart and soul
I plummet down the valley in a roll
Crashing into trees and rocks
Then strapped down with secure locks        
Thrown into the frigid abyss
With the emptiness of a cold kiss
I didn't think you were this cruel
I pity your enemies they're ******* fools
  Jan 11 Brandon Amberger
Once a doubt hits your mind
it spreads like wild fire
Staring at the clouds
I dream of flying through them
Unbound and care free

Sun now warms my cheek
Pearl pink castles made of clouds
How I miss my youth
One minute it's freezing, the next it's a lovely day. London!
Though I've got alot on my mind, I couldn't help but make shapes of the clouds and be truly immersed in it. It felt so real.
I really miss just being a kid...
Lyn ***
My heart beat races.
From pure excitement and joy.
Of the thought of us.
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