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This is a haiku.
They all are Five Seven Five.
You have just counted.
To those who are gone.
We’ll carry your legacy.
To honor your life.
How do you achieve greatness?
1. Accomplish great things.
2. How do you accomplish great things?
3. Acquire great skills.
4. How do you acquire great skills?
5. Take your first step.
6. Take that step until it’s easy.
7. Then take an additional step.
Repeat steps 6 and 7.
In your darkest times.
The light only emits from
your mind, heart and will.
Heroes are not determined by the skills they were born with, nor what they have gained.

They are determined by the will power they have to overcome unimaginable dire adversity, fear and pain.

In order to help others in this crucifying world
Brandon Amberger Sep 2018
You know you're like the sun.
Radiating beauty naturally
and everlasting.
Brandon Amberger Aug 2018
A daunting challenge.
After years Practicing.
For that one moment.
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