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Marisa Lu Makil Oct 2023
You may be beaten
But you can still heal
Your hands may hurt
But you can still provide relief
Your skin may be bruised
But you can still soothe others
You aren't weak just because you're broken
You can still make others whole.
You aren't limited by your own shattered flesh.
I'm still learning that even though I'm not doing well, I can still support the ones I love. You can still be a physician even with a broken leg.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
From the very start
Always been my best friend
I promise that you'll always be
Up to the very end

I will never be too busy to talk
You need an ear to listen
Wipe tears from your face
Your wet cheeks glisten

You will always be my number one
My top priority
You're more than just my lover
The other half of me

You can be rightfully aggravating
When I have had a ****** day
As fast as my bad mood sets in
Make it go away

We have had amazing times together
Much laughter through the years
We've seen our share of heartache
Our relationship still here

Meeting was a miracle
Know I am truly blessed
Have found my perfect soul mate
In midst of life's madness

You keep moving forward
Towards our goals
Understand progress means
Wearing down and pushing our soles

When an avalanche of remorse
Buries me regretfully alive
Rescue me from suffocation
Dig a hole
I can survive

You do much more than I deserve
Why? I will never know
A lifetime of pure happiness
To you I will forever owe

You miss me wholly in my absence
Selfishness and all
Take the stuff I hate about myself
Make those qualities seen small
You may only see flaws but someone else can only see your beauty
TEnocho Sep 2018
To hold your heart in the dark,
to admire you without eyes, to feel you from the tip of my toes to the apex of every hair on my body, this is to love.


— The End —