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There are approximately 2 million species of animals on this planet.
16,306 are endangered and nearly extinct.

There are approximately 34,000 species of fish on this planet.
Almost 1,414 are close to extinction.

There are approximately 10,000 species of birds on this planet.
416 are endangered and nearly extinct.

America produced approximately 254 million tons of trash.
14 billion pounds of garbage is estimated to be dumped in the ocean each year.

There are approximately 7.53 billion people on this Earth . . .
And the universe is 9.3 billion light years.

Look out Universe cause here we come!
Wow. I am really shocked on how much we are destroying our beautiful planet.
On white walls
           with long halls
                          Hung pictures of nature that
You have
        never been.
                     To me that is just a reminder
That you will
     never travel again.
      When I reached your room and saw
Your corpse
           figure slowly
       Breathing to the rhythm of the
Goodbye Great Grandma. You were a great friend and you taught me so much.
Hello to all that write under the stone cold moon.
Hello to all of the broken hearts and the judged.
Hello to the chubby girls who stare at porcelain dolls.
Hello to the normal boys who dream of being important.


This may sound cliche but it is all about what is in inside that counts.
I am not usually the one to believe in fate our destiny but I do believe that
We are all special and that we should let it shine.

Please let your soul shine and never let anyone extinguish that light.
I saw no retribution, except for the outcasts and the coyotes.
I received retribution because I belong with them.
I am not an outcast.
So I must be a coyote.

I am not great like my relatives the wolves.
I am not feared because of my small size.
I am a symbol of selfishness, greed, and deceit.
I am small and cowardly because I fear the society we live in today.

Must I be a coyote and must I bear this retribution?

I just want to be wanted and
But I have a coyote soul . . .
Who decided that the rose should be picked and treasured
By mere human hearts?
Did the universe reach down from the stars and pluck
The fair rose and tear it to pieces?
Who decided that the rose was more beautiful than all the flowers
And that none shall be more beautiful?
Did the universe decide that they should place this flower on
Earth so that humans can destroy its beauty?

I believe that the rose should belong in the galaxy.
There it could be treasured by
Wanderer's eyes and will never be plucked by envied hands.

The rose of the universe.
I hate you.

I hate everything about you.

I hate how you think that you can knock me down and threaten me.
I hate how you think that I need you and that I am not resourceful.
I hate how you think that I will not make it on my own.

I am strong. I am smart. I will get through this. Even if I have to leave you and My loved ones behind.
My tar pit heart
Holds all of the souls of
my loved ones.
I watch them gasp for air
But they drown in my
Tar covered sorrow.

I am sorry . . .
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