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Amy Childers Feb 2021
So yea it's been a while,
I guess I forgot all of the things that used to make me smile.
maybe that is destructive on my part but everything I loved will eventually break my heart.
so yea I gave up
because I rather have never loved at all and
forget this pain.
the pain that will not leave my heart or brain.
so yea
I give up.
Amy Childers Aug 2019
I tried to work on my depression, but no one will listen.
I sit down and try to piece things together but nothing is changing. Sometimes I wonder if I am wasting my time and should go back to lying. "Yeah I'm fine. Why?"
Calm down Amy or you are going to start crying
If you show vulnerability then you will never be able to look them in the eye.
Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to die.
Maybe then I will not be here trying to make you listen.
What about your stupid feelings, ha no one will miss them.
Oh! That is not a tear in my eye! Those are not my emotions that I hide.
No! I am not trying to hint at something.
I don't care if my dad thinks I am nothing.
I don't care if he hates me.
I don't care that everyone around me is changing.
And I don't care if you get up and leave me.
Because you are not the first ones, all of my family and friends are fading.
Amy Childers Aug 2019
I never wanted a castle made of gold.
                             .     .     .
I just wanted to live on a lone cloud.
                             .     .     .
                           With you
Amy Childers Jul 2019
The putrid flesh from its skin gleamed so brightly in the darkness.
Advancing, with the smell of barbarity on its tongue,
The creature stared with pearl eyes.
It seemed to grin at a thought in its head, almost like it had heard a joke,
Which revealed glass-like teeth with jagged edges.
The monster stood in silence.
It did not move for what seemed like an eternity.
It did nothing.


A horrid sound came from the creature.
It broke every single bone in its body and shaped into a
Crouching position.
The creature crawled under the bed and waited for me to look under.
I looked under the bed and saw its eyes looking straight into my soul.
It spoke finally and only repeated one word.

" homee..."
Amy Childers Jul 2019
I guess I made this false allusion that everyone i love was a part of me.
I feel like a puzzle that is losing pieces everyday. The cruel reality is
that there was never a puzzle to begin with.

There was just one lonely puzzle piece...
Amy Childers Jun 2019
" Hello.
I am your waiter today and let me tell you our specials!

1. Pla Sum and Mole
2. Lachanorizo and Dosa
3. Fugu and Gazpacho
4. Escargot and Dim Sum
5. Italian-style salami and a Cheeseburger. "
                                                               ­            The customer:
                                                       ­                 " Can we just throw all of
                                                                ­           that              
                                              ­                             together and see how it
                                                                ­           turns          
                                                                ­           out? "
" Why of course we can!"
Please think about it for a sec.
Amy Childers Jun 2019
I thought that I was original.
I thought that I was someone!
I thought that my words could touch
Lamenting souls and that we could rekindle
Our lives.

Oh, how I was wrong...

I am nothing special.
I am merely a slave repressed by society's
******* standards!
I am just a dried piece of clay
Thrown down by the hands of a wounded artist.

Why does my life matter if no one will even sit long enough to listen to it?
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