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Jeremy Betts Apr 13
Rivers of raging air and water
Coming together
To blaze their own trail almost without a care
Leaving the landscape in it's wake bare
Life's shatter
Right or fare, doesn't matter
The scare of it happening again is always right there
The horror of mother nature
Right around the corner
But truthfully,
I should finally be clear
It's the other type of mother,
And a lack of nurture,
That's the main factor
I've pretended,
Tried to blend in,
For many moons plus a year,
It's not a natural disaster
It's...'s tears
Ones that've carved ruts down my ****** veneer
As they veer through the unstable atmosphere
That I can't steer through,
Landing me here
On the shore
With only my pride and fear
And an SOS,
That I guess,
Doesn't come across as sincere

Jeremy Betts Mar 17
Inside this inconspicuous figure
Is a heart and mind that conspire together
To trigger my rage heavy splendor
That works out for me never
Too clueless to share how but somehow aware
Somewhere in there is fear
Even if just a sliver
So buyer beware
Locate the snare,
It's always there
A danger that's present but not clear
I sense it when giving and losing control,
Compassion and anger
I'm uncomfortable but familiar
With those two in particular

Jeremy Betts Mar 17
Just because you can
Maybe you have,
Danced with fire
That does not mean that same flame will not burn after expired
Leaving a new want to expire
Like desire
Or so I've heard from the choir
But then again most everyone I've met,
Myself included,
Is a lier
And yet,
For reasons unknown,
I'm still a buyer
Then shortly after,
A broken heart supplier

Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
A section of timeline is now over, feel free to adorn the black funeral attire
Enquire why consent is one thing a woman will never need to require
Ever ponder if Lilith and Eve ever wondered if they should conspire together?
Guess it depends on who you believe is the bigger monster, god or Lucifer?
Feel free to submit your answer

K Balachandran Feb 2019
Amidst ancient ruins,
A pair, fugitives from past,
Conspire against time!
the reason it is so hard for some to take conspiracy seriously
is because all they ever do
is conspire
they wouldn’t even know
where to begin
to relate to the oppressed
even though the conspirators
do not even care about race
and made it up on purpose
to replace origins and
create a new ending
in making slavery the beginning
of something
evolution is missed
an ending not confined by evolution
you got tricked
by the conspiracy of whiteness
that has been institutionalized;=elan%20gregory&qid;=1459178234&ref;_=sr_1_1&sr;=8-1
Melody Claire Jul 2015
It's all fun until you can't
And you have to watch your back before you
The lying gets old...
And adrenaline cold.
Like ice in your veins.
It's all fun and games
Until you've gone insane.
Cate Jan 2015
How strange is it that I forgot about you?
I used to write poetry about you-
you were my stand-in muse.
again and again
I replaced a strangely
unspecific space
somewhere I’m unsure of
somewhere a midst my center.
don’t exist.
you are the minutes,
and all the miles between wherever
I may happen to be
and whoever I currently need “you”
to be.
you’re fabricated, you see.
and only briefly appreciated
because you will never
blow my mind.
you’re only as large
and fantastical
as my imagination can stretch.
so you see?
you’re no great threat.
oldie from my old poetry site/blog

— The End —