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Thorns Dec 2018
Long ago, once upon a time
On the first day of eighth grade
She walks in the band room
Trips over the tuba
Drops her drumsticks
Her sheet music goes flying
She looks up to see a tall stranger
He had shaggy brown hair
And disappointed look
He wasn't the teacher,
But the first chairmen
The best in percussion
His eyes were like sapphires
His voice was deep and musical
He held out a hand and helped her up
She said, "Thank you..."
"Jacob," he said.
He was her new life
It seems like it happened in another life, but it's only been a couple months...
Jayantee Khare Jun 2018
the day
when i was rejected
when i was wrongly judged
when i was deceived
when the hopes were killed
inside, something died
the death was painful yet i survived...

then one day
i chose to forgive
the people for whom i used to live
on whom i truly relied
for me, they died
the death was beautiful and i revived...
Sometimes cut off from toxic people is a beautiful death
Raquie Oct 2017
Your sun on my breast

2 glasses of tequila,
After we put him to bed...

Herbal wrapped in tobacco then tucked in paper.
Hits smoother than you in your prime.
I'm high in no time.

Tryna school the NWA on chakras, intimacy, & community.

I can tell you're fantasizing what you want to do to me.

I want to want you like you want me

I'm aware that it's unhealthy.

So I locked my womb & swallowed the key.

Blessed the bottle with my touch, glasses clank, & our fingers touch.

Grape seed Oil & Mango scent

Massaging you with great intent.

You love me now & I am content

Your phone rings & now I'm on *******.

Call me jealous, I call me hurt.

You massage my back & I can tell you feel lucky

I can tell you still love me

& I love me too

So ******* , like I once loved you.

Both wondering how we got back here, as we lay in each other's arms.

My intuition alarmed but I'm in control. I am forgiving , I am alive, sacredly living.

It's you who be haunted. It's you who try flaunting.

I see right through you like crystal waterfalls

I stand in the water , as you reach a hand through from the hidden cave

Around you, vast darkeness that can't be explained

You try to pull me in with your rage
But nevermore will I tolerate child's play
I walked away

These last shots we took,
Made me bulletproof.
MindsPalace Oct 2017
Now once revived in bed I lay to sleep,
Now once revived from bed to life so steep.
Then many changes found in like came seen,
Then many changes pierced my skin so keen.

To see the world in eyes of colored pen,
For blind are but the eyes of alien,
Do **** the future in reality,
And do not look on past as fallen tree.

Then magnet comes and mind goes through all hell,
And grasping then I feel my opposite:
My brain, my heart, not human I could tell.

Now calculation builds the blocks of mind,
And life and death consuming all I knew,
My world in this new body I must find.
Spike Harper Nov 2016
It happens.
Past any point that any would ever.
And bruised.
So broken.
But then.
One must break.
To find.
What fits.
In such a way.
In only one way.
Something that doesn't hold with tape.
Or glue.
Nor a day.
Or two.
And once together.
Regardless of the hardships felt.
There is only momentum to gain.
For when all the pain is in the past.
These eyes can finally open.
And these once twisted paths.
Have never been more clear.
Know which one I am destined to walk.
And I know.
With whom
I will walk it with.
No matter what it was that we thought.
We stand here now.
Atop the mountain.
To take this plunge.
And when I wake.
Will this dream.
Be the reality.
That I will forge.
With this hand.
And hammer.
You brought us back from the brink...
And I.
I will keep us from it.
Because we must always improve.
loveless Apr 2016
There is no hope, only despair
Revived by the star
The dark sun shines on the lands
And brings destruction of the world
The warriors , the guardians, the healers
Conspire for the morrow
Fifth part of poem angel
A poem with various interpretations.
Though I'm writing it as a story but still it have many meanings and it means what you understand out of it.

Other parts coming soon...
Arcassin B Sep 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

I forbid you not to say a thing,
Because every piece of your character
Comes right out,
Not showing affection to you would be a crime,
In my dispute,
Although we have several,
But if I get drunk,
And if you get drunk
With our halos over our heads,
We will live in great peril,
And when you cry,
I don't know what to do at times,
I just thought maybe if you'd soon realize,
That some people need forgiving,
Even for their Sanities,
And themselves,
To keep on living,
Don't say a thing,
Cause your silence is ever so divine,
I could make a poem with it,
Take it a step further,
And share all your dark secrets,
More like your nectar,
I need it more than the bees do,
To get my creative juices flowing,
Just enough to please you.
Don't cry
Zead Sep 2015
A time to break is a time to cry
A place to cry is a place to express
To whom you express is to whom you have a friend
The friend of mine is the home of mine
Where my home is found is where my way of escape is found
My escape is my new life
A new life is a new love
A new love is my God
My God gave me love in the time of need
My God has placed my new life in me
My God was to whom I escaped
My God is the home I seeked
My God is where my Friend is found
My God is the epitome of my expression
My God gave a new tear to share
My God broke me: Because He made me new
Goodbye TX
Emily Dolde Apr 2015
The bold hearth
In my chest
Only grows brighter
As his face becomes clear
The steady glow
Of his smile
Warms my cold black heart
My heart may open
Like the Grinch's
From a fairy tale long ago
It used to feel
Like a snow storm
Cold to the core
But now the sun shines
Through my lifeless body
But somehow
I am no longer dead
Resurrection occurs
My eyes are brightened
With joy
Have I finally found
My happy ending
Or is it just another
Gillian Drake Mar 2015
They made her a quaint painting,
well mannered,
she never spoke out of turn.
She granted herself a wish,
she only wanted to be picturesque
waning to the wayside of  mannerisms
she gave herself 'wiggle room'
she was a sight
not worth seeing.
Cracked porcelain faces,
she saw herself in them.
It took time to find her way to shore
but when she did
and stood on her own two feet,
she was more vivid and brilliant
than any quaint little painting.
Someone once told me that Christianity gave him the idea of restriction. Kinda wrote my thoughts on how being a poster child or a pinup girl isn't the point. Being and knowing who you are and knowing what you want is important. You can gain strength through obedience but also from being free as who you are rather than being made.
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